RoseHosting Odoo Review: What to Expect

You can set up Odoo by yourself on any VPS server. But the process can be challenging for someone new. When you buy a RoseHosting Odoo package, their team configures and optimizes it for you, so you can hit the road running.

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RoseHosting Has Eight Different Odoo VPS Configurations

For Odoo hosting, RoseHosting offers servers starting from 2 GB to 64 GB. This range is wide enough to accommodate just about any server load. If you still find yourself thirsting for more performance, you can buy dedicated Odoo servers with up to 80 cores and 200 GB RAM. All of RoseHosting’s servers come with NVMe drives unmetered data transfer, and a free LiteSpeed server.

How RoseHosting is Superior for Odoo Hosting

RoseHosting provides managed Odoo hosting. What this means is that, unlike vendors like DigitalOcean, where you have to configure the server yourself, RoseHosting installs and optimizes the installation for you.

1. Manual Odoo Installation is Complicated

Installing Odoo by yourself requires the following components:

  • Install PostgreSQL
  • Remove other databases if necessary
  • Configure the Linux repositories
  • Configure PostgreSQL
  • Download and install Odoo
  • Configure Odoo
  • Make all kinds of tweaks to ensure that it’s set up properly

As you can see, none of this is trivial. Even if you have experience running your own VPS, there’s a steep learning curve to getting started with Odoo.

RoseHosting Installs and Configures Odoo for You

If you purchase Odoo-managed hosting through RoseHosting, their team takes care of the hard work for you. Once you place your order, you can get in touch with their tech support and they’ll have it up and running for you in no time.

But managing Odoo isn’t just about the initial installation. There’s a lot that can be done to optimize it. For example:

  • Enabling multi-processing
  • Optimizing PostgreSQL
  • Configuring the number of worker processes

…and much more. In fact, you can even install multiple instances of Odoo on a single server. RoseHosting does all this for you. That’s a huge benefit when running your own server.

2. Root Access to Odoo Servers

Even though the RoseHosting team sets up and maintains your Odoo server, you always have root access so you can log in and customize your installation yourself. Unlike some other hosting providers, like SiteGround, you don’t need to explicitly request SSH root access. This provides the best of both worlds – full management of Odoo, along with unlimited customization.

3. RoseHosting Installs Odoo Community or the Enterprise Edition

RoseHosting comes in two flavors – Enterprise and Community. The former is the paid version, is easier to use, and has official support. The Community edition is free to use, is 100% open-source, and you have access to a large, active community. Moreover, you can develop your own Odoo modules in-house and use them on your RoseHosting server. As long as it’s supported by Odoo, RoseHosting will support it as well.

4. Professional Odoo Support with RoseHosting

RoseHosting is on my list of top three hosts with great customer support. I’ve personally used both their live chat options, as well as their ticketing system. In all situations, the team responded almost immediately, and thoroughly. In fact, they promise a 5-minute ticket response time, which is pretty amazing, and matches up to my experience.

In addition, RoseHosting ensures that all its customer support representatives are based in the US. This has implications for availability, as well as ease of access.

Any Combination of Odoo Version, Operating System, and Modules

You can ask the RoseHosting team to install any supported version of Odoo on any compatible operating system, and use any modules – either custom designed or off-the-shelf.

Customized Fine-Tuning of Odoo

After installation, the RoseHosting team goes further and optimized Odoo to fit your installation. Two examples of this kind of customization are workers and multiprocessing, as both of these can have a major impact on Odoo’s performance. Through optimizing multiprocessing, Odoo can service a larger number of users at the same time without slowing down by utilizing all the CPU cores. The same is true for workers.

Settings like multi-processing and workers require constant maintenance – you can’t just “set it and forget it”. RoseHosting handles the monitoring of these services so you can focus on your business.

Low-Density Odoo Servers

Right from its inception in 2001, RoseHosting has never had more than 15 VPS servers on a single machine. And the higher your VPS plan, the lower the density. I’ve personally tested out RoseHosting’s VPS servers and can confirm that they run smoothly, and with no problems.

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What is Odoo?

Odoo is a one-stop web application ERP for your enterprise. It’s 100% open source, and the company generates revenue by selling extra modules and professional customer support.

It integrates your marketing, inventory, e-mail and communications, document management system, and much, much more. Here’s a screenshot of the Odoo home screen:

Odoo Dashboard
Odoo Home Screen

It’s a particularly impressive piece of software because it’s free. ERP products are not known for being cheap, but since this is open-source, it’s hard to argue with the price point!

If you don’t want RoseHosting to set up Odoo for your automatically, there are many tutorials on their website, that show you how to do it along with tips on optimization, and much more.

Bottom Line

The RoseHosting Odoo package is a completely managed solution that doesn’t require you to have any prior knowledge of how to run a VPS or install Odoo yourself. The team takes care of the heavy lifting, and you can be up and running in no time!

Of all the web hosts, RoseHosting specializes in VPS management. They’ve been in the business since 2001, so they’re not going anywhere!

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