The Best Alternative to SiteGround: NameHero

I stumbled upon NameHero while I was searching for alternative web hosting, since SiteGround was becoming very expensive. At first, I couldn’t believe that they offer so many features for free. But after referring several customers to them, I’ve concluded that it’s the best alternative to SiteGround.

NameHero has many of the same features, an innovative architecture involving a LiteSpeed web server, MariaDB databases, and very personalized customer service. If you find one day that there are no more SiteGround renewal discounts, you’re probably looking for alternatives. If so, NameHero is what you should go for.


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Here’s a complete NameHero review with all its features and coupons. Also, here’s a more thorough comparison between SiteGround and NameHero.

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About NameHero

NameHero is a relatively new web hosting company started in 2015. It’s extremely unusual for a web hosting company to grow so fast. In fact their infrastructure is so good, that it has developed an extremely loyal reseller base.

The CEO Ryan Gray is super active in the community, personally responds to comments on the blog, and makes a ton of YouTube videos. One amazing thing about NameHero is that they’re constantly rolling out new features for free. Just recently, they added JetBackup to their lineup, which allows users to automatically create and restore account wide backups.

Their list of features is unusual for a small hosting company at such cheap prices. And that’s why I think it can replace SiteGround for most people.

Why Do We Need a SiteGround Alternative?

Many first time buyers are lured in by SiteGround’s heavy discounts. The problem is that once the first billing cycle is over, you start paying the full price of the hosting, and this often comes as a sticker shock. There’s no doubt that SiteGround is expensive. I often call it the “Apple” of web hosting, given that they’re open about the value of their service and its price.

But this leaves an opening for other web hosts to provide a similar level of service – only cheaper. After all, it’s a competitive marketplace and SiteGround can’t expect to justify its high prices to all and sundry.

Why Is NameHero a Worthy Replacement to SiteGround?

There are several features of NameHero that make it the best alternative to SiteGround. Here they are:

In-Built Server Caching for All Plans

SiteGround has a feature called SuperCacher, which creates static copies of dynamic pages. This is called server caching, and it’s superior to plugin-based caching. Here’s a list of web hosts that offer server caching.

NameHero is the cheapest web host to offer free server caching. This is because they use the LiteSpeed web server, and this allows them to implement server caching on even their cheapest plans. SiteGround extends the full SuperCacher functionality only to the GrowBig and GoGeek plans. The StartUp plan has very limited access where it only caches static files like JS and CSS. This isn’t very useful.

So this is why NameHero is the best alternative to SiteGround – it provides an extremely valuable feature to all its plans at a lower price!

Automatic Backups and Snapshots

NameHero has amazing backup functionality with JetBackup, that’s similar to what SiteGround has. It takes both daily and weekly backups, and you can restore these automatically from cPanel.

JetBackup from NameHero
JetBackup in NameHero’s cPanel

Most web hosts take automatic backups of their client’s accounts, but you normally need to contact customer service to restore it. Some of them even charge you a fee for restoration!

NameHero also allows you to take a snapshot of your account that lives for 7-days. It’s completely automated and free. It’s an amazing service that most web hosts simply don’t have.

SiteGround’s backup system however, is the most comprehensive I’ve ever seen – especially on the GrowBig and GoGeek plans. So while NameHero is a good alternative, it’s not quite as good as SiteGround, which saves your automatic backups for much longer periods of time.

Free Malware Protection

NameHero provides malware protection for free via its Imunify360 service withing cPanel as shown here:

NameHero's Imunify360 Service Makes it the Best Alternative to SiteGround
Imunify360 from NameHero Provides Free Malware Protection

SiteGround also provides malware protection, but for a fee. Its SG Site Scanner feature costs around $20 a year. So having the same thing provided by NameHero is a great bonus!

NameHero Provides a Free Domain

In addition to being cheaper than SiteGround, NameHero also provides a free domain name for all plans purchased for more than a year. SiteGround is one of the few providers that doesn’t do this, and the domain name represents an additional cost.

Amazing Customer Service

One area where NameHero rivals SiteGround is in its amazing customer service. It’s a small company, so it feels like a tiny community, with the CEO Ryan Gray constantly chipping in at blogs and Youtube videos. The customer service is very personalized and every bit as good as SiteGround’s (which itself is pretty amazing).

Bottom Line

I think NameHero is the web host that provides the best alternative to SiteGround. In-built server caching for free with all plans, a comprehensive backup system, and amazing customer service, all at a cheaper price make it almost irresistible!

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  1. NameHero (Shamehero) are the worst host providers. The support team in India are useless.

    If you like having your website down or messed up for days at a time, then go with NAMEHERO.

    Absolute tripe. They don’t care if your website is down. They take their time and break your website.

    99.99% uptime is a lie. If their servers are working but your website is trashed? What then?


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