How to Remove Structured Data Errors for Reviews

Here on WP-Tweaks, I personally review a lot of web hosting products, but recently I decided to accept user reviews as well. This required a new kind of structured data - "aggregateRating" field, and so I needed a plugin to do this for me automatically. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to remove … [Read more...]

How to Fix “Headers Already Sent” Errors in WordPress

Sometimes WordPress outputs a strange error message called "Cannot modify header information - headers already sent." Your blog crashes and displays nothing other than the error message. How do we fix this? While the exact cause can vary, the underlying problem is the same. Let's say you're … [Read more...]

Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death in Seconds

This tutorial shows you how to recover from a WordPress white screen of death in the future. If you're looking at one right now, there's no shortcut. You need to manually reset your theme, disable your plugins, or both. But if you want to be prepared for next time, and want to recover instantly from … [Read more...]