How to Show a Different Table for Mobile Devices

Even responsive design isn't enough for some tables. You can shrink the number of columns, and try all kinds of tricks to show them on mobile devices, but sometimes you just need to show a different table entirely. Perhaps one with a little more streamlined data that's specifically been optimized … [Read more...]

How to Remove the Footer Link for Verbosa Theme in WordPress

Normally, removing the footer credits in a theme is easy. We can use an action hook, modify the child theme to just rewrite the relevant page. However, Cryout Creations makes it very difficult to remove the footer link for Verbosa and their other themes. For example, the Verbosa theme has the … [Read more...]

Change the Header Image Per Page in WordPress

Many WordPress themes allow you to set a header image to display on top of the page. This is done via the GUI in the theme customization options like this: But , this applies to ALL pages of the site. By default, there's no way to choose which image displays on a "per page" basis. The … [Read more...]

How to Manually Switch a WordPress Theme via FTP

If you're staring at a broken WordPress theme and can't even access your administration dashboard, don't panic! This step by step tutorial will show you how to switch to another theme manually using FTP. But first, let me break my theme: Breaking WordPress - it's Easy! WordPress can be … [Read more...]

How to Remove “Comments are Closed” From WordPress Pages

When you create a static landing page in WordPress, you'll probably want to remove "comments are closed" from showing up underneath your content. Since version 4.3, comments have been disabled by default for pages. But why then, do we continue to have that ugly message underneath our page content? … [Read more...]

Remove Author Information from Twenty Sixteen Theme

Even though the default WordPress theme is highly customizable, there are many things which you cannot directly change. For example, every post will show the author name and gravatar next to it on the left hand side as shown here: Solutions on the net for removing this only focus on hiding it … [Read more...]

Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death in Seconds

This tutorial shows you how to recover from a WordPress white screen of death in the future. If you're looking at one right now, there's no shortcut. You need to manually reset your theme, or disable your plugins, or both. But if you want to be prepared for next time, and want to recover … [Read more...]

WordPress Code Snippets Tutorial

Often when you try and solve a problem with WordPress, you'll come across sites giving you snippets of code to insert into your website. But if you're new to the platform, you'll have no idea where to paste this code. This quick WordPress code snippets tutorial will show you the right … [Read more...]

WordPress Child Theme Tutorial – With Pictures

If you're going to make changes to your theme, the accepted practice is to create a child theme. The reason is that when the designer releases a newer version of the theme, all the files in the directory are replaced - including those you've customized. So your changes are lost, … [Read more...]