3 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Blazing Fast Speed

Now that search engines like Google have started considering the page experience for rankings, your site needs to load quickly. WordPress by default is pretty slow. It wasn't built with loading speed in mind and as a result, there are lots of JavaScript, CSS, and page generation inefficiencies. It … [Read more...]

Lightsail AWS vs Shared Hosting: Bad for Beginners

The biggest difference between Lightsail AWS and shared hosting, is that Lightsail is like a managed VPS that comes installed with WordPress, but without customer support. With traditional shared hosting, on the other hand, everything is automatically configured. Lightsail AWS isn't for beginners, … [Read more...]

How to Remove Structured Data Errors for Reviews

Here on WP-Tweaks, I personally review a lot of web hosting products, but recently I decided to accept user reviews as well. This required a new kind of structured data - "aggregateRating" field, and so I needed a plugin to do this for me automatically. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to remove … [Read more...]

How to Show a Different Table for Mobile Devices

Even responsive design isn't enough for some tables. You can shrink the number of columns, and try all kinds of tricks to show them on mobile devices, but sometimes you just need to show a different table entirely. Perhaps one with a little more streamlined data that's specifically been optimized … [Read more...]

5 Things I REMOVED From my Site: via Negativa

I'm a big fan of Nassim Nicholas Taleb's views on fragility and antifragility. As a result of his thoughts, my approach to web design is via negativa. That is, we often feel that we need to do something to improve our site. Add new features. A new sidebar. Something extra. However in real life, … [Read more...]

How to Track Clicks on a Link with Google Tag Manager

How many times have you wanted to track clicks on a link in your WordPress sidebar? Perhaps you're debating the value of even having a sidebar in the first place. But to decide, you need data. How many times did people click on a sidebar link? What was the link? On which page was the link? The … [Read more...]

How to Add a Table of Contents in WordPress via Shortcode

With more and more SEOs advocating "long form content", it's becoming increasingly difficult to navigate articles. Especially since so many articles just don't get to the point! In their drive to achieve a set number of words to qualify for "long form" articles, people have started to ignore the … [Read more...]

How to Remove the Footer Link for Verbosa Theme in WordPress

Normally, removing the footer credits in a theme is easy. We can use an action hook, modify the child theme to just rewrite the relevant page. However, Cryout Creations makes it very difficult to remove the footer link for Verbosa and their other themes. For example, the Verbosa theme has the … [Read more...]

InMotion WordPress Hosting Review: Good or Bad?

InMotion WordPress hosting isn't cheap. But in return, you get a WordPress-optimized platform with an NGINX reverse proxy, dynamic server caching, and automated off-site backups. This architecture is the biggest difference compared to the competition. Here's a complete review of whether or not the … [Read more...]

Best WordPress Hosting in 2022

Here are the cheapest WordPress hosting plans for : InMotion WordPress 9.9 InMotion Hosting WordPress plans come with inbuilt NGINX caching, NVMe drives, backup management and dedicated PHP workers. Starting at just $/m, it goes all the way up to VPS WordPress … [Read more...]