InMotion Coupon 2024: Discount Tables and Graphs

Here’s the complete InMotion coupon 2024 list.

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InMotion Coupon
(Click Below) ๐Ÿก‡
Shared Hosting:
72% off (36-months ONLY)
WordPress Hosting: 58% off
VPS Unmanaged $5/m
VPS Managed: 73% off
Dedicated Server: 57% off

These prices are for a 3-year billing cycle. If you choose a lower period like one year, the cost per month increases. You can even select monthly InMotion hosting with no coupon code or discount for the most advanced plan.

Summary of InMotion Coupons:

Total InMotion Coupons15
Max. Savings$216.00
Best Discount Code75% off
Cashback Duration90 days
Best Discount Deal$2.29/m

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Best InMotion Coupon for 1, 2, and 3 Years

Here’s how much money you save when you sign up for 1, 2, and 3 years of shared hosting with InMotion. These savings are for the basic “Lite” shared hosting, the cheapest plan, and the total savings go up with higher-tier plans.

“Lite” Shared HostingDiscount PriceOriginal PricePercent off (%)
Total InMotion Discounts

This table considers the InMotion renewal coupons for the various billing cycles and the free domain name for the first year of hosting.

Table of Contents:

How to Apply an InMotion Coupon 2024

Here’s how to redeem the discounts shown in the table above.

Step 1: Qualify for the Discount (Exclusive to WP-Tweaks)

First, click on one of the links – it’ll take you directly to the relevant product page. Then when you scroll down, you’ll see the following green bar over the InMotion web hosting discount plans:

Exclusive InMotion Hosting Coupons
InMotion Hosting Coupon

This indicates that an exclusive discount has been applied to your order. This notification will show only for users of WP Tweaks. You’re welcome!

Step 2: Choose the Renewal Period for InMotion Web Hosting

The In Motion web hosting plans (and the discounts) you see here are not necessarily for one year. Only the dedicated hosting and certain other expensive plans show the 1-year deals. To see the prices in the first table, you need to click the blue “Order Now” button, which will bring up a choice of the renewal period. Here, you can move your mouse pointer over the one you want and the prices in the box will change automatically:

InMotion Host Billing Cycle
InMotion Host Billing Cycle

On the next page, you might see a notice like this:

No Special Hosting Discount
No Special Hosting Discount

Despite what it says, no additional InMotion hosting coupon will be applied if you upgrade. Of course, the claims are valid, but you won’t save any extra money compared to what you’ve already seen.

Step 3: Choose your Datacenter

InMotion web hosting is unique in that they allow you to choose a data center depending on where your customers are located. You can select a location close to the East or West coast for US customers.

Choose Datacenter with InMotion Web Hosting
Choose Datacenter with InMotion Web Hosting

If your customers are not located in the US, you might consider a hosting provider with servers in your target country. For example, if you’re in India, you can look into Hostgator. Here’s a Hostgator India coupon list as a reference.

Step 4: Choose a Dedicated IP if you Want

You can purchase a dedicated IP in this step if you want:

InMotion Dedicated IP
InMotion Dedicated IP

It’s not cheap, though – which makes the fact that InMotion includes it free with certain plans, even more attractive!

Step 5: Choose your Free Domain Name

Both WordPress and business plans come with a free domain included with the InMotion hosting coupon code. You can redeem a new one here, or type in an existing domain name:

Free Domain InMotion Hosting Coupon
Free Domain InMotion Hosting Coupon

Once that’s over, complete the checkout process, and you’re done.

InMotion Shared Hosting Coupon: 72% off

By default, InMotion selects 2-years as the billing cycle. However, you get the best InMotion coupon when you sign up for three years. With three years, the hosting cost is $2.49/m Here’s a screenshot:

Lowest InMotion Price is for 3-years
Lowest InMotion Price is for 3-years

If you compare this to the 2-year hosting coupon, you’ll see that it’s cheaper. As shown in the table of total InMotion savings, you’re better off hosting for three years – not just because you keep the discounts for longer, but because the price itself is cheaper.

InMotion WordPress Coupon: 53% off

The highest InMotion WordPress coupon is 53%, and it applies to to the second tier WP-2000S plan. The WP-2000S WordPress plan at $6.99/m costs the same as the WP-1000S. The similar discounted price is part of the strategy to get people to sign up for the higher tier plan instead.

The InMotion WP-2000S WordPress plan costs the same as the WP-1000S plan.

Keep in mind though, that the renewal price of the WP-1000S is $10.99/m and that of the WP-2000S plan is $14.99/m. So after the discount period ends, you’ll be paying a lot more.

Unlike other web hosts, InMotion’s WordPress plan isn’t just ordinary shared hosting with WordPress pre-installed. Instead, it has its own optimizations, such as an NGINX reverse proxy, server caching, automatic backups, etc. This explains the price difference between the InMotion WordPress and shared hosting plans. One is almost three times as expensive as the other!

Here are the cheapest WordPress hosting prices for 2024, and most of them are from hosts who just treat it as an extension of shared hosting. InMotion doesn’t do this – its WordPress plans are genuinely optimized.

InMotion Managed VPS Coupon: 70% off

The InMotion hosting managed VPS coupon covers two types of VPS:

The 6-month InMotion VPS coupon has the best discount. But the 3-year plan has the best long-term price.

  1. Ordinary VPS without any specific software
  2. Managed WordPress VPS servers

The latter have WordPress-specific configurations. All the benefits of the regular WordPress plans, but with the power of a VPS behind them, which means you get dedicated RAM and CPU.

The thing to note is that you get the best InMotion VPS discount when signing up for the 6-month plan with a starting price of $17.99/m. However, the renewal price goes down the longer you host. So if you want long-term hosting, it’s better to sign up for the 3-year plan. You’ll get the best savings for short-term hosting when you host for 6-months. The renewal price difference between 3-year and 6-month hosting is vast. It’s deceptive of InMotion to do this, and it’s very easy to miss the tabbed “6-month” default choice.

On this list of VPS hosting coupons, you can see that the InMotion VPS plans are quite expensive. The renewal price gets better if you host for a longer time, but other web hosts are much cheaper. For example, renewal price for the Bluehost VPS plan starts at just $29.99/m for a server with a similar configuration. That’s for 3-years of hosting! On the other hand, InMotion’s VPS features are nice, especially the WordPress setup with the NGINX reverse proxy. But is it worth the huge cost?

InMotion Coupon 2024: The Good

Here’s what I like about InMotion coupons.

High Discounts for Web Hosting

InMotion has some of the highest discounts for web hosting compared to other hosts. At 72% off, it’s better than NameHero, GoDaddy, Bluehost, and even Hostgator. The remaining discounts aren’t that high – particularly the WordPress coupons are rather unattractive. But if you want to get started with ordinary web hosting, the prices are good.

The 3-year plan is exceptionally cheap, even though they don’t show it by default. The renewal price is lower as well. So the smart thing to do is to pay a higher initial cost and lock in your savings for the entire three years at $2.49/m.

Lower InMotion Renewal Coupons

If you’re looking for long-term hosting, InMotion has much better renewal prices when you host for 3-years as opposed to 12-months, as you can see from these screenshots.

But you reap the benefits when you buy the InMotion VPS packages for 12-months. For shared hosting, the change isn’t that great. But when you choose to host for 3-years on a VPS plan, the renewal price drops by around 30%. On the flip side, you get a lower discount – but the difference isn’t that much compared to the massive change in the renewal price.

Options for InMotion Monthly Hosting

Some providers like Bluehost don’t have options to host every month or in-between periods like 2-years. With InMotion, you can choose your hosting period from 1-month to 36-months. So you can be as flexible as you like with short-term or long-term hosting.

InMotion 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

InMotion has one of the largest money-back guarantees in the web hosting industry. At 90-days or 3-months, it’s more than double that of Hostgator and triple that of others like NameHero. Only DreamHost is higher. True, the 72% InMotion coupon discount might not be as high, but you’ll have plenty of time to reconsider with such a generous refund period. Here’s a table comparing the money-back times of InMotion with other web hosts:

Web HostMoney-Back Refund Period
InMotion Hosting90 days
Hostgator45 days
Bluehost30 days
KnownHost30 days
NameHero30 days
HostArmada45 days
A2 Hosting30 days
Comparison of InMotion Refund Policies

InMotion’s 90-day refund only applies to shared hosting since it’s not feasible to have such long money-back times for VPS or dedicated servers. Nonetheless, for the latter two, InMotion will give you a full refund if you cancel within 30-days. That’s as much as many hosts have for shared hosting!

InMotion Hosting Coupon 2024: The Bad

Here’s what I don’t like about InMotion coupons.

Limited Coupons for Hosting

While the highest InMotion discount of 72%, there aren’t many options to shop around for specific discounts that suit your needs.

For example, Hostgator has a coupon that allows you to test out the service for just 1c per month. InMotion doesn’t have anything like this. You’re stuck with the discounts that they have on their website without any chance to search for something better. With other web hosting coupons, you might get lucky and find an old coupon that gives a higher discount than what they show on the front page. But with InMotion coupons, you don’t have that option.

The InMotion Discount Varies with the Renewal Period

The InMotion coupon offer can vary depending on the billing cycle. For shared hosting, the discount gets deeper the longer you host. For VPS, the reverse is true. The 6-month InMotion VPS coupon gives a higher discount than the 3-year plan, even though the renewal price is lower.

Generally, web hosts reward you for choosing to host for a longer time. While InMotion does this with shared hosting, it doesn’t do it with VPS hosting.

No InMotion Flash Sales

InMotion Hosting’s coupons are steady throughout the year. Unlike other web hosts, there’s no point in waiting for a specific season for special sales that further reduce the price. Hostgator, for example, has constant flash sales every season. If you purchase hosting during this time, you get unavailable discounts. InMotion hosting isn’t like this. The discount is ongoing, and there aren’t any seasonal specials. Even the InMotion Black Friday deals are nothing out of the ordinary.

InMotion Hosting Coupon vs Other Web Hosts

Here’s a comparison of the best InMotion hosting coupons with those provided by other hosting providers.

Web HostHighest Discount CouponCoupon Rating
InMotion72% 4/5 โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜†
Hostgator68% 5/5 โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…Hostgator Coupon Code
KnownHost61% 4/5 โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜†KnownHost Promo Codes
Bluehost70% 2/5 โ˜…โ˜…โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†Bluehost Discount 2024
NameHero70% 4/5 โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜†Link to NameHero
HostArmada70% 3/5 โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜†โ˜†Link to HostArmada
A2 Hosting75% 2/5 โ˜…โ˜…โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†Link to A2 Hosting
InMotion Coupon Discounts vs Other Web Host Discounts

As you can see, InMotion has one of the highest discount coupons available. But that doesn’t always mean the lowest prices as shown below.

InMotion Coupon vs Hostgator Coupon

InMotion doesn’t have as many coupons as Hostgator, but the best one is very impressive at 72%, whereas the highest Hostgator discount is only 68%. However, there is a catch. The renewal price for InMotion hosting is consistently higher than that of Hostgator. This means you’ll end up paying more in the long run. InMotion seems to be following the strategy of SiteGround, where it lures you in with really low prices and then jacks up the renewals.

InMotion has higher discounts than Hostgator, but ultimately costs more.

Another difference is that InMotion’s discounts are applied automatically when you checkout. In contrast, you have an entire Hostgator coupon code page with different types of deals for each product and time. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on whether you enjoy spending time hunting down the best deals for your specific needs. If you like it, the Hostgator deals will appeal to you more. Otherwise, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of InMotion’s automatic discounts.

Both Hostgator and InMotion offer limited renewal discounts that scale with the length of the billing period. The longer you host with them, the lesser you pay in renewals. For shared hosting, InMotion doesn’t accept billing cycles for lesser than 1-year, whereas with Hostgator, you can get coupons for just one month.

InMotion Coupons vs Bluehost Deals

For shared hosting, InMotion and Bluehost pricing are virtually similar. The renewal prices for both starter plans are $8.99/m for InMotion and $9.99/m for Bluehost. However, InMotion’s initial discounts are slightly higher, which might give you the impression that it’s cheaper than Bluehost. And indeed, as the plans increase in strength, Bluehost steadily becomes more expensive, and the InMotion coupons offer much deeper discounts. Here’s the exclusive Bluehost discount 2024 list where you can see all the Bluehost deals.

Bluehost discounts decrease the longer you host, whereas InMotion discounts increase

Like InMotion, Bluehost applies its coupons automatically. However, a big difference between the coupons is that Bluehost offers lower discounts on its 36-month plan than InMotion, which increases them. This means that InMotion is much more affordable if you plan to host for more than 1-year. Bluehost prefers to maintain its profit margins and not allow people to continue their discounts deep into their hosting period. This is contrary to how virtually all other web hosting companies work.

Both InMotion and Bluehost don’t have coupons for less than 1-year, but Bluehost only has two hosting periods:

  • 12-months
  • 36-months

This means you can’t choose to host for 24-months on Bluehost. This means that InMotion is much more cost-effective than Bluehost and has better deals. Click here to see all the Bluehost discounts.

InMotion Coupons vs KnownHost Promo Codes

Even though InMotion has higher discounts than KnownHost, the renewal prices are higher. The InMotion plan renews at $8.99/m, and KnownHost at $8.95/m. So KnownHost is cheaper in the long run. Check out the KnownHost promo codes page to see all the coupons.

While KnownHost doesn’t offer a free domain like InMotion, it has free backups and malware protection. InMotion makes you pay extra for backups, so the total cost of ownership is higher. For testing purposes, InMotion has a money-back guarantee of 90-days, which is the longest in the industry. On the whole, though, KnownHost is a better deal because of the LiteSpeed webserver that enables inbuilt server-side caching on even the basic plans.

InMotion Hosting Coupons vs NameHero Coupons

NameHero doesn’t aim to be the cheapest web host. For this reason, it has neither the lowest prices nor the highest discounts. The lowest coupon offered by NameHero is for $2.69/m, whereas for InMotion it’s $2.49/m. But the difference isn’t that great. In return for the slightly higher prices, NameHero offers extra features like the LiteSpeed webserver. To see what I like and dislike about them, here’s a complete NameHero review.

NameHero is more expensive than InMotion – in return you get the LiteSpeed web server.

One big difference between the InMotion hosting coupons and the NameHero coupons is that NameHero doesn’t give you a free domain name unless you purchase at least the “Turbo Cloud” plan for 2-years or more. InMotion, on the other hand, gives you a free domain starting with the “Launch” package as long as you purchase hosting for a year or more. That’s a direct saving that they pass on to customers. Here’s the best NameHero coupon you can get.

One of the reasons for the increased costs of NameHero is the paid LiteSpeed webserver. Unlike Apache, it costs a license to use, which directly contributes to the additional price. In return, you get a faster hosting environment with in-built support for server caching – something InMotion doesn’t provide until you at least purchase their “Power Plan”. Only at this plan, InMotion uses the NGINX architecture to provide full dynamic caching.

InMotion Discount vs Kinsta Discount

InMotion is far cheaper than Kinsta, even on the highest-tier plans. The difference is that Kinsta charges you extra for each WordPress site, whereas with InMotion, you can have as many WordPress installations as you want. Check out this page for all the Kinsta deals.

Apart from pricing, Kinsta is better than InMotion Hosting in everything else. It has better backups, better security, and more features. Kinsta has data centers in over 200 countries, whereas InMotion has just two data centers in the United States. The one area where InMotion comes out on top is storage since it uses NVMe drives with unlimited storage, while Kinsta restricts you a lot more. Here’s my Kinsta vs InMotion comparison page for a more detailed look.

InMotion Coupon vs HostArmada Coupon

HostArmada is more expensive than InMotion, but unlike NameHero, it doesn’t quite have the features to match. With a starting price of $2.49/m, HostArmada is far from cheap. However, its infrastructure runs on the Google cloud computing platform, so it’s truly “cloud-based” and has 9 data centers around the globe, including two in Asia. In contrast, InMotion has just two on the east and west coasts of the United States.

HostArmada pricing only makes sense if you buy the expensive “Speed Reaper” plan.

Moreover, InMotion also has automatic backups and restores to match HostArmada, so InMotion has all of HostArmada’s features. The only real differentiating factor is that HostArmada offers LiteSpeed on its “Speed Reaper” plan. But this is the most expensive option for HostArmada, and it doesn’t explain why the lower plans don’t have it. HostArmada does have some excellent security features like a free WAF, so that’s a big plus point.

HostArmada’s architecture is a bit different in that it uses NGNIX for caching static content. But like InMotion, it doesn’t offer dynamic caching until you purchase the higher-tier plan. Finally, while InMotion offers a free domain, you don’t get it on their lowest plan, and you need to buy at least the “Launch” plan for that. HostArmada, on the other hand, gives you a free domain on all the plans.

In summary, InMotion has better pricing than HostArmada. Here’s the main HostArmada coupon page.

InMotion Coupons vs A2 Hosting Coupons

Like HostArmada, A2 Hosting offers the LiteSpeed web server, but only on the following two plans:

A2 Hosting is more expensive than InMotion without compensating features.

  • Turbo Boost
  • Turbo Max

Despite this, A2 Hosting is more expensive than InMotion hosting, starting at $2.99/m. And unlike InMotion, A2 doesn’t offer a free domain at all. To make matters worse, the basic A2 plan doesn’t even have free backups, unlike InMotion. So the A2 coupons pale in comparison with the InMotion discounts. Like Bluehost, you can choose a billing cycle of 12-months or 36-months with A2. Amongst the three, only InMotion lets you host for 24-months.

So, on the whole, A2 Hosting fails to match up to InMotion’s pricing because it doesn’t justify the higher prices in terms of features. On the contrary, InMotion has better features than A2 for the cheapest hosting plan.

Summary of InMotion Coupons vs Others

So comparing all the prices, InMotion is second only to Hostgator. The sole drawback is the lack of a free domain name on the cheapest plan and no dynamic caching. Of all the hosts renewed, only NameHero has each of these features, but it’s also somewhat more expensive – though not by much.

InMotion Hosting Black Friday Coupons are Unimpressive

InMotion hosting starts its Black Friday deals in the middle of January, and it continues till the end of the month. Unlike other hosting companies that have special coupons on all packages, InMotion gives you a higher-tier plan for the cost of a lower-tier one. They do this for shared hosting, WordPress, VPS, reseller, and dedicated hosting.

InMotion Black Friday coupons don’t give you anything special.

Unfortunately, InMotion’s Black Friday coupons aren’t very impressive. Many of these discounts are available during the regular year, so there’s nothing special about Black Friday. Other web hosts take this opportunity to bust out their most fantastic web hosting Black Friday deals, so InMotion’s strategy falls flat. There’s no reason to wait until the end of the year if you’re purchasing InMotion hosting – go for it at any time.

Unlike other hosts, InMotion doesn’t have seasonal sales either. For example, NameHero has special coupons for fall and summer. HostArmada has Halloween sales, and there are Hostgator flash sales throughout the year. But InMotion’s discounts are constant throughout the year.

InMotion Hosting Coupon 2024 Strategy

An InMotion hosting coupon is a special discount applied to your purchase. When you click one of the web hosting links in the table, it’ll open in a new window, and the “coupons” will automatically reduce your price.

InMotion hosting plans have a lot more tiers compared to other providers. While their shared hosting has three regular options, their WordPress and Dedicated servers have six different levels! They range from relatively cheap to the top tier.

Free Domain with an InMotion Hosting Coupon

InMotion gives you a free domain name when you host for one year or more. It’s built into the hosting pricing, and you get a chance to redeem your domain name during the checkout process. See above for screenshots.

The InMotion domain renewal price is $15.99, and you start paying it as soon as the first year is over. This is true regardless of how long your billing cycle is. Even if it’s three years, you’ll pay the domain renewal costs for the second and third years. This is because domain costs are a flat charge by ICANN that InMotion has no control over. By subsidizing the first year, they’re taking the hit directly to their bottom line. Many hosts like SiteGround don’t offer free domains. Even NameHero – my favorite host – offers a free domain only for two years or more of hosting on a higher tier plan.

Hostgator is the other cheap host that offers a free domain even for one year of hosting. I’m surprised that InMotion is matching this, given that they don’t go entirely down the path of lower costs like Hostgator does, though the free domain only comes with the “Launch” plan or higher.

InMotion Hosting Renewal Coupon

While there’s no direct InMotion hosting renewal coupon, InMotion has lower renewal prices for longer billing cycles. For example, compare these two screenshots showing renewal prices for 3-year and 1-year shared hosting:

InMotion Hosting Renewal Coupon for 3 Years
InMotion Hosting Renewal Coupon for 3 Years

And here’s the pricing for 12-months.

InMotion Renewal Coupon for 1 Year
InMotion Renewal Coupon for 1 Year

You can see above that the renewal coupon for 3-years costs you $7.49/m, whereas renewing for just one year is $8.99/m. It’s not too much, but it’s reasonably sizeable. Not all web hosts have these reduced discounts for higher billing cycles, and Hostgator is an example of a host with terrific renewable discounts.

InMotion Shared Web Hosting vs WordPress Hosting Price Graph

Nothing illustrates the difference between InMotion’s starter and advanced plans more than the following comparison showing the prices for standard Business hosting and their WordPress hosting solutions:

Shared vs WordPress Prices InMotion
Shared vs WordPress Prices InMotion

As you can see, while their basic WordPress starts at almost the same price as the regular InMotion web hosting plans, it quickly ramps up with the WP Pro package being nearly ten times as expensive as their “Pro” shared hosting! Though this pales compared to Bluehost’s WordPress deals, it has other benefits like SSD storage – something Bluehost does not have. It’s another matter that you might not need SSD hosting in the first place, however…

It’s also easy to be misled by the low prices shown on other sites. For example, Bluehost’s most expensive WordPress plan actually costs $28.99 compared to that of InMotion which costs $79.99. But Bluehost looks much cheaper since it has a massive discount on the first year of its WordPress hosting plan, making it just $13.95!

Bottom line: Top-tier InMotion web hosting might appear more expensive than other providers like Bluehost. But once you take away the discounts, they’re much more comparable.

Free Dedicated IP with InMotion WordPress Plans

The last three WordPress hosting plans come with a free dedicated IP. It’s a nice little bonus that provides an additional benefit if you want to host some high-security content on your WordPress site. You can get a special EV SSL – also known as a “green bar” SSL with a dedicated IP. This refers to how you see some secure sites on the Internet have their site name in green in the URL – like Paypal. To get that for your site, you need a static IP.

Other benefits are that your address won’t be banned because someone sharing your IP decided to misbehave.  Also, your customers on older operating systems like XP may not be able to see your site if you have SSL enabled with a shared IP address, and they don’t support something called SNI – Server Name Indication.

Despite what many hosting providers claim, SEO gets no benefit with a dedicated IP address. Google doesn’t “trust” your site more just because of that. You can’t buy authority.

So factor the dedicated IP into your InMotion pricing comparisons for WordPress.

InMotion VPS vs Dedicated Servers – Renewal Prices are Lowered!

Like WordPress, InMotion has a ton of dedicated server plans. Each tier gets progressively more powerful (and expensive). However, there’s not a massive leap between the lowest tier of dedicated servers and the highest tier of InMotion VPS hosting. Here’s a graph for comparison:

InMotion VPS vs Dedicated Price Discounts
InMotion VPS vs Dedicated Server Prices and Discount Comparison

There’s an ace up their sleeve, however. The InMotion hosting renewal coupon is permanent for the last four tiers of the dedicated server plans! That’s right – it means that whatever price reduction you get on the “CC” named plans is re-applied whenever you’re up for renewal. The discounts you see on this site, and their homepages are meant to entice you into making the first purchase. After that, you pay the entire amount.

InMotion hosting renewals prices follow this rule – with the above four exceptions. So the InMotion hosting discount that you receive when you purchase the four highest tiers of dedicated hosting keeps renewing. That’s a deal!

The top-of-the-line InMotion dedicated servers are potent, and the most powerful dedicated server has 64GB ECC DDR4 RAM to put this in perspective. By comparison, Bluehost gives you just 16GB. Of course, when you consider that the price is four times higher than Bluehost’s top-tier dedicated plan, it starts to make sense.

But the lowest tier dedicated servers are comparable to the top VPS tier. So there’s a gradual power curve that you can see in the graph above.

Final Thoughts

In short, there’s a lot to like about the InMotion hosting coupon deals. Just make sure that you choose a suitable renewal period, and don’t forget that the discounts only apply in the first year. That is, of course, unless you purchase one of the dedicated hosting options, in which case you’ll enjoy it for the lifetime of the hosting period!

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