InMotion Hosting Coupon Code 2021: Discount Tables and Graphs

Here’s a complete InMotion hosting coupon list.

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InMotion Coupon
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Basic Plan
(Yearly Renewal)
Advanced Plan
(Yearly Renewal)
Premium Plan
(Yearly Renewal)
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Shared Hosting
67% off
38% off
43% off
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WordPress Hosting
38% off
27% off
21% off
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VPS Hosting (Self-Managed)
$5.00/m $10.00/m $15.00/m
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VPS Hosting (Managed)
71% off
30% off
46% off
InMotion Logo
Dedicated Hosting
57% off
57% off
57% off

These prices are for a 3-year billing cycle. If you choose a lower time period like say one year, the cost per month increases. For the most advanced plan, you can even choose monthly InMotion hosting with no coupon code or discount.

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Total InMotions Discounts for 1, 2, and 3 Years

Here’s how much money you save when you sign up for 1, 2, and 3 years of shared hosting with InMotion. These savings are for the basic “Lite” shared hosting, which is the cheapest plan. The absolute savings will only go up with higher tier plans.

“Lite” Shared HostingDiscount PriceOriginal PricePercent off (%)Absolute Savings ($)
Total InMotion Discounts

This table takes into account the InMotion renewal coupons for the various billing cycles, as well as the free domain name for the first year of hosting.

Table of Contents:

InMotion Hosting Coupon 2021 Strategy

An InMotion hosting coupon is a special discount applied to your purchase. When you click one of the web hosting links in the table, it’ll open in a new window, and the “coupons” will automatically reduce your price.

InMotion hosting plans have a lot more tiers compared to other providers. While their shared hosting has the regular three options, their WordPress and Dedicated servers have six different levels! They range from quite cheap, to top tier.

Apply an InMotion Hosting Coupon

Here’s how to redeem the discounts shown in the table above.

Step 1: Qualify for the Discount (Exclusive to WP-Tweaks)

First, click on one of the links – it’ll take you directly to the relevant product page. Then when you scroll down, you’ll see the following green bar over the InMotion web hosting discount plans:

Exclusive InMotion Hosting Coupons
InMotion Hosting Coupon

This indicates that an exclusive discount has been applied to your order. This notification will show only for users of WP Tweaks. You’re welcome!

Step 2: Choose the Renewal Period for InMotion Web Hosting

Now the In Motion web hosting plans (and the discounts) you see here are not necessarily for one year. In fact, only the dedicated hosting and certain other expensive plans show the 1-year discounts. To see the prices in the first table, you need to click the blue “Order Now” button, which will bring up a choice of renewal period. Here, you can move your mouse pointer over the one you want and the prices in the box will change automatically:

InMotion Hosting Billing Cycle
InMotion Hosting Billing Cycle

At the next page, you might see a notice like this:

No Special Hosting Discount
No Special Hosting Discount

Despite what it says, no additional InMotion hosting coupon will be applied if you upgrade. The claims are true of course, but you won’t save any additional money compared to what you’ve already seen.

Step 3: Choose your Datacenter

InMotion web hosting is unique in that they allow you to choose a datacenter depending on where your customers are located. For US customers, you can choose a location close to the East or West coast.

Choose Datacenter with InMotion Web Hosting
Choose Datacenter with InMotion Web Hosting

If your customers are not located in the US, you might want to consider a hosting provider with servers in your target country. Like say for example if you’re in India, you can look into Hostgator. Here’s a list of Hostgator coupons for India as a reference.

Step 4: Choose a Dedicated IP if you Want

You can purchase a dedicated IP in this step if you want:

InMotion Dedicated IP
InMotion Dedicated IP

It’s not cheap though – which makes the fact that InMotion includes it free with certain plans, even more attractive!

Step 5: Choose your Free Domain Name

Both WordPress and business plans come with a free domain included with the InMotion hosting coupon code. You can redeem a new one here, or type in an existing domain name:

Free Domain InMotion Hosting Coupon
Free Domain InMotion Hosting Coupon

Once that’s over, complete the checkout process and you’re done.

Free Domain with an InMotion Hosting Coupon

InMotion gives you a free domain name when you host for one year or more. It’s built into the hosting pricing, and you get a chance to redeem your domain name during the checkout process. See above for screenshots.

The InMotion domain renewal price is $15.99, and you start paying it as soon as the first year is over. This is true regardless of how long your billing cycle is. Even if it’s three years, you’ll pay the domain renewal costs for the second and third year. The reason for this is that domain costs are a flat charge by ICANN that InMotion has no control over. By subsidizing the first year, they’re taking the hit directly to their bottom line. Many hosts like SiteGround don’t offer free domains. Even NameHero – my favorite host – offers a free domain only for 2 years or more of hosting on a higher tier plan.

Hostgator is the other cheap host that offers a free domain even for just one year of hosting. I’m actually surprised that InMotion is matching this, given that they don’t go fully down the path of lower costs like Hostgator does.

InMotion Hosting Renewal Coupon

While there’s no direct InMotion hosting renewal coupon, InMotion has cheaper renewal prices for longer billing cycles. For example, compare these two screenshots showing renewal prices for 3-year and 1-year shared hosting:

InMotion Hosting Renewal Coupon for 3 Years
InMotion Hosting Renewal Coupon for 3 Years
InMotion Renewal Coupon for 1 Year
InMotion Renewal Coupon for 1 Year

You can see above, that the renewal coupon for 3-years costs you $7.49/m, whereas renewing for just 1 year is $8.99/m. It’s not too much, but it’s reasonably sizeable. Not all web hosts have these reduced discounts for higher billing cycles. Hostgator stands out as an example of a host that has really good renewable discounts. Here’s a list of Hostgator coupons for comparison.

InMotion Shared Web Hosting vs WordPress Hosting Price Graph

Nothing illustrates the difference between InMotion’s starter and advanced plans more than the following comparison showing the prices for normal Business hosting and their WordPress hosting solutions:

Shared vs WordPress Prices InMotion
Shared vShared vs WordPress Prices InMotion

As you can see, while their basic WordPress starts off at almost the same price as the regular InMotion web hosting plans, it quickly ramps up with the WP-4000S package being almost 10 times as expensive as their “Pro” shared hosting! Though this pales in comparison to Bluehost’s WordPress deals, it has other benefits like SSD storage – something Bluehost does not have. It’s another matter that you might not need SSD hosting in the first place however…

It’s also easy to be misled by the low prices shown on other sites. For example, Bluehost’s most expensive WordPress plan actually costs $129.99 compared to that of InMotion which costs $142.99. But Bluehost looks much cheaper since it has a massive discount on the first year of its WordPress hosting plan, making it just $69.99!

Bottom line: Top tier InMotion web hosting might appear more expensive than other providers like Bluehost. But once you take away the discounts, they’re much more comparable.

Free Dedicated IP with InMotion WordPress Plans

The last three WordPress hosting plans come with a free dedicated IP. It’s a nice little bonus that provides an additional benefit if you want to host some high security content on your WordPress site. You can get a special EV SSL – also known as a “green bar” SSL with a dedicated IP. This refers to how you see some secure sites on the Internet have their site name in green in the URL – like Paypal for instance. Well, to get that for your site, you need a static IP.

Other benefits are that your address won’t be banned because someone else sharing your IP decided to misbehave.  Also, your customers on older operating systems like XP may not be able to see your site if you have SSL enabled with a shared IP address. This is because they don’t support something called SNI – Server Name Indication.

Remember though, that despite what many hosting providers claim, there is ZERO benefit to SEO with a dedicated IP address. Google doesn’t “trust” your site more just because of that fact. You can’t buy authority ๐Ÿ˜› .

So factor the dedicated IP into your InMotion pricing comparisons for WordPress.

InMotion VPS vs Dedicated Servers – Renewal Prices are Lowered!

Like with WordPress, InMotion has a ton of dedicated server plans. Each tier gets progressively more powerful (and expensive). However, there’s not a massive leap between the lowest tier of dedicated servers and the highest tier of InMotion VPS hosting. Here’s a graph for comparison:

InMotion VPS vs Dedicated Price Discounts
InMotion VPS vs Dedicated Server Prices and Discount Comparison

There’s an ace up their sleeve however. The InMotion hosting renewal coupon is permanent for the last four tiers of the dedicated server plans! That’s right – it means that whatever price reduction you get on the “CC” named plans is re-applied whenever you’re up for renewal.

To put that in perspective, no other hosting provider offers a discount on their renewal fees. The discounts you see on this site and on their homepages are meant to entice you into making the first purchase. After that, you pay the entire amount.

InMotion hosting renewals prices also follow this rule – with the above four exceptions. So the InMotion hosting discount that you receive when you purchase the four highest tier of dedicated hosting keeps renewing. That’s a deal!

The top of the line InMotion dedicated servers are truly powerful. To put this in perspective, the most powerful dedicated server has 64GB ECC DDR4 RAM. By comparison, Bluehost gives you just 16GB. Of course, when you consider that the price is four times higher than Bluehost’s top-tier dedicated plan, it starts to make sense ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

But the lowest tier dedicated servers are comparable to the top VPS tier. So there’s a gradual power curve that you can see in the graph above.

Bottom Line

In short, there’s a lot to like about the InMotion hosting coupon deals. Just make sure that you choose the right renewal period, and don’t forget that the discounts only apply on the first year. That is of course, unless you purchase one of the dedicated hosting options, in which case you’ll enjoy it for the lifetime of the hosting period!

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