Hostgator Business Plan Review: Price, Features, and Comparison

The Hostgator Business plan review takes a deep look at the most advanced shared hosting offered by Hostgator. It’s also the one with the biggest discount. I’ll also quickly go over the differences between the business and baby plan below.

Best Hostgator Business Plan Coupon Code

Duration: 12 Months
Business Coupon Code (Click to copy):



Compared to the Hostgator Baby plan, this gives you a massive discount of 65%. That’s the highest discount of all three Hostgator shared hosting plans.

Note that the above discount is valid only for a 12-month billing cycle. You can see in the screenshot below, that the discount is only applied for that time period:

 Biggest Discount - Hostgator Business Hosting Plan

Here’s a complete list of Hostgator coupon codes in case you want something different like extra savings for 3-year hosting instead of just one year.

Hostgator Business Plan Review FAQs:

Hostgator Business Plan Review vs Baby Plan

Here’s a list of features that are included with the Hostgator Business hosting plan, but not with the Baby plan.

Business Plan Review: Extra Features:

Free Positive SSL

These days, no web host should ever charge for an SSL certificate. Except for GoDaddy, all major hosting providers offer free SSL. These are usually Let’s Encrypt certificates, or AutoSSL like with InMotion. Hostgator also offers free SSL with all its plans. However, the Business plan includes what is known as a positive SSL, over and above Let’s Encrypt.

This gives you the following:

  1. Option to extend SSL validity to 2 years, instead of 90 days as with Let’s Encrypt
  2. Warranty starting at $10,000 in case something goes wrong
  3. The TrustLogo® site seal

In short, the positive SSL might inspire a bit more trust from your customers if you accept payments online. The TrustLogo seal and warranty provide you with additional protection. With Let’s Encrypt certificates, your hosting provider probably takes care of automatically renewing it for you, so you don’t have to worry about the 90-day limit.

Personally, I don’t think having a positive SSL is such a big deal compared to Let’s Encrypt. But it’s nice to have, I suppose! It won’t make your entire address bar green like an Extended certificate. So be aware of that!

Free Dedicated IP Address

The Hostgator Business hosting plan provides you with a free dedicated IP address for your website. The Baby plan has this for an additional $4/month. That’s a huge amount compared to the cost of hosting! So if for some reason you need a dedicated IP address, you should go for the Business plan without a doubt.

Do you need a dedicated IP? Probably not. Unless you’re running some special service that you want to access directly via the IP address – maybe for performance reasons.

Anonymous FTP

If you need to have a publicly accessible folder where people can access, download, and upload files, then you require a Hostgator Business hosting plan. Again, this seems to be a pretty niche scenario, and I don’t think most websites will need it.

Hostgator Business Plan E-Mail Features

The Hostgator Business plan comes with the following e-mail facilities:

  1. Web Mail
  2. Email Aliases
  3. Auto Responders
  4. Spam Filtering
  5. Mail forwarding
  6. More Mailing Lists

All these features are available with the Hostgator Hatchling and Business plans as well. The only difference I can tell is in the “Mailing Lists” feature. The number of lists you can make depends on your plan according to the following rules:

Hostgator Hatchling: 20 e-mail lists max
Hostgator Baby: 25 e-mail lists max
Hostgator Business: 50 e-mail lists max

Hostgator Business Plan Login Details

You can log into your Hostgator Business plan pretty much the same way you log into any cPanel account. Using one of the following addresses in your browser:

Replace with the name of your own domain. The difference between and is that 2083 takes you to a secure login page, whereas 2082 can take you to an insecure page over plain HTTP. Always try and use 2083 to log into cPanel unless you have no choice. You can read more about the different ways to log into cPanel.

These methods for login apply to all shared hosting accounts, and not just to the Hostgator Business hosting plan.

Hostgator Business Plan Toll Free Number

Hostgator’s support staff are available to you at any time of the day. Here are their contact details via phone:

Toll Free Number: (866)964-2867
Local Number: (713) 574 – 5287
International: 00+1-713-574-5287

You can also contact them via live chat. They’re available 24/7!

What About Hostgator Business Plan Free SSL?

As mentioned above, all Hostgator plans come with free SSL via Let’s Encrypt. However, the Hostgator Business hosting plan in particular comes with a free positive SSL as well, which can inspire more trust, and can also be renewed for up to two years.

Useful Hostgator Links

Here’s a list of links you might find useful when shopping for Hostgator plans:

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