Morocco Web Hosting – What Are Your Options?

If you live in Morocco and are looking for web hosting, you have 4 to 5 options. It’s hard to find a web host with servers in Morocco, so I’ll look at two of those as well.

What’s Special About Morocco Web Hosting?

Generally, when we talk about hosting in Morocco, we’re referring to two possible things:

  1. Servers located in Morocco
  2. Currency, language, and support geared towards Morocco

I’ll take a look at both of these types of hosting below.

Servers in Morocco – Faster Ping Times?

The single biggest benefit of having your servers based in Morocco is that your customers will find your website much faster, compared to elsewhere.

Particularly since the Internet coverage in Morocco can be spotty, this can make a huge difference. This is true even for large cities like Casablanca. Since Morocco isn’t a particularly large country, often your customers will be serviced from within their own city! It doesn’t get faster than that.

At least in theory. In reality, the infrastructure in Morocco doesn’t yet support a sophisticated data center setup. So it’s best to look outside.

The benefit of living in Morocco is that it’s so close to Europe. You don’t need to have a server in the same country, when you could get one in Europe just across the Strait of Gibraltar! So while it’s nice to have a Morocco based server, it’s not strictly necessary.

Morocco Based International Web Hosting: Hostgator

Unfortunately, most of the big hosting companies don’t cater to Morocco in any way. Bluehost and SiteGround don’t support the Moroccan Dirham. If you choose Hostgator VPS hosting however, you can choose the “ar_MA” locale with support for Arabic. But otherwise, you’ll see prices in USD.

Here’s the Hostgator coupon code list for Morocco based web companies. You can see that you can get started with a maximum discount of 78% for the Hatchling plan. But Hostgator’s servers are all based in the United States. Even though they have dozens of regional branches, they don’t have one in Morocco yet. The closest you can find is probably Turkey.

Web Hosts with an Address in Morocco

Here’s a look at web hosts that have an address in Morocco. The first two have their servers in Casablanca, but the last one services customers from Germany.

Naja7Host – Casablanca Servers

Naja7Host is probably the cheapest Morocco based hosting you can find. You can choose the language of support, with the option of:

  1. Arabic
  2. English
  3. French

Here’s a list of their prices:

Naja7Host Web Hosting Prices in Morocco
Naja7Host Prices

They have three types of hosting plans:

  1. Basic Hosting
  2. Hosting Pro
  3. Special Hosting

The last one is customized for enterprise clients only.

But no SSL

The problem with Naja7Hosting is that they don’t provide you with free SSL and charge 50.00 MAD extra for it. Here’s a screenshot:

Naja7Host no Free SSL
No Free SSL with Naja7Host

That’s a 50% increase in the cost of the basic plan! In today’s world, you can’t afford to ignore SSL. Most hosts these days provide it for free – you shouldn’t be paying for SSL. So even though they have the cheapest web hosting, make sure you factor in the cost of SSL along with the hosting price.

Here’s their contact address:

Av, Youssef IBN tachfine , IMM 6 Etage 1 , Tetouan 93000 , Maroc

And the telephone numbers:

+212539714232, +212665173448

Heberdomaine – Germany Servers

Next up is Heberdomaine. The big thing to note is that their servers are located in Germany, not Morocco. While this might seem like a bad thing, it’s not that serious a problem. The datacenters in Germany are likely much faster than what you can find in Morocco, and so you’ll probably experience the same speeds.

Their pricing is competitive and is about the same as what Hostgator offers as shown here:

Heberdomain Moroccan Hosting Prices
Heberdomaine Morocco Web Hosting Prices

Unlike Naja7Host, they have free SSL that’s included with the price. They have offices in two locations within Morocco:

  1. Casablanca
  2. Agadir

This implies a real commitment to Moroccan web hosting. They’re not doing it just as an extra. They have support in three languages as shown here:

Heberdomaine language support for Morocco - Arabic, French, and English
Heberdomaine Language Support – Three Choices

Here are their contact details:

Address 1:

Address 1: Av Hassan 1 Bloc F3 N° 3, Cité Dakhla Agadir Maroc

Address 2:

Angle Av. Lalla Yacout et Rhal Mskini Porte C étage 6 B24 Casablanca

Heberjahiz – Casablanca Servers

Finally, we have Heberjahiz with servers in Casablanca, Morocco. Their pricing is very similar to Heberdomaine as shown here:

Heberjahiz web hosting prices
Heberjahiz hosting prices in Morocco

Unfortunately, unlike the first two, Heberjahiz doesn’t provide support in Arabic – only French and English, which is strange considering that their servers are in Morocco! Here are their contact details:


11 BD Zerktouni, Imm. Tarfaya 9ème étage numéro 23, Casablanca 20150 Morocco


(212) 0522491944

Like Heberdomaine, web hosting with Heberjahiz comes with free SSL.

Bottom Line

If you want to host a website in Morocco, you have two choices – International or local. For international hosting, I suggest Hostgator since they have Arabic and French support on their VPS servers. For local web hosting, I suggest one of the three hosting companies shown above. Even if you can’t get a server in Morocco itself, you should have no problems as long as it’s located somewhere in Europe.

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