Why You Can’t Get a “Morocco CDN”

Morocco-based websites face unique challenges when it comes to finding a CDN. This is because of the location - it's far closer to Europe than it is to the traditional "big" cities in Africa like Johannesburg. So all traditional CDN advice fails. Instead, it would be best if you connected to a data … [Read more...]

The Best CDN in South Africa isn’t Good Enough!

Africa has a CDN problem. It's unique in that almost every CDN company has a server in Africa but using it will probably slow down your site! We're so used to the idea of "needing a CDN", that we never pause to consider the exceptions. And Africa is an exception. It doesn't matter if you have the … [Read more...]

Hostgator Web Hosting in Egypt – Is it a Good Idea?

If you're looking for web hosting in Egypt, should you go with an International brand like Hostgator, or find a local hosting service? In this article, I'll look at several factors to help you decide. Such as reliability, availability of data centers, CDNs, and pricing. Egyptian businesses are … [Read more...]

Web Hosting in Morocco: What Are Your Options?

If you live in Morocco and are looking for web hosting, you have several options. For many of the same reasons that finding a CDN in Morocco is hard, it's not always best to choose a server located in Morocco itself. What's Special About Morocco Web Hosting? Generally, when we talk about … [Read more...]