NameHero Black Friday 2020- Limited Coupons!

Update: As of today, the NameHero Black Friday deals for 2020 haven’t been released yet. But don’t worry! Bookmark this page so you can immediately see when they come out.

Unlike other web hosts, the best NameHero Black Friday 2019 coupon codes are limited to the first hour of sales. After that, the deals go down, but they’re still far better than anything else they have year-round. In addition, existing customers also get renewal discounts, which is a truly unique feature for NameHero.

Till that time, here’s the full range of discounts that NameHero has to offer.

NameHero Black Friday 2019 Dates and Times

There are two different days on which NameHero has deals for this year:

  1. Black Friday 29th December 2019 – 9:00 am to 11:55 pm (CST)
  2. Cyber Monday 2nd December 2019 – 10:00 am to 11:55 pm (CST)

As you can see, both deals are only available on one day each. When the time comes, click below to go to the live deal!

NameHero Coupons for Black Friday!

Why Not Start at Midnight?

Since you might not be living in the US, the CEO Ryan Gray decided to start the deal later in the day. That way if you work late, you’ll still have a chance to snap up the best deals! This is especially true now that NameHero has a data center in the Netherlands.

First 100 Customers Get the Best Savings

Other web hosting providers have blanket Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that anyone can take advantage of. Even though some like Hostgator, have “time-based deals”, they don’t actually limit the number of discounts that you can avail of. NameHero is unique in this regard.

For Black Friday, the first 100 customers will get the biggest discount of the year. After that, there’ll still be a big discount for the rest of the day, but not as large. Past experience suggests that that first 100 deals will be snapped up in under 20 minutes!

For Cyber Monday, only the first 50 customers will get the biggest discount. And because people are at work, and not paying as much attention, the deals will likely be exhausted after only about half an hour. But you can still get big discounts until the end of the day.

Existing Customers Can Get Renewal Discounts

Most web hosts never give existing customers any kind of discount. Those are reserved only for first-time customers. This is because they want to hook you in with savings, and then keep you for the long term because they know what a hassle it is to move from one web host to another.

However, as I’ve mentioned before, NameHero is unlike any other web host. They show more care for their existing customers than any other hosting provider. This takes the form of matching funds.

How Does Matching Funds Work?

NameHero customers can deposit money into their NameHero account for use with any paid service like domain renewal, a new VPS server, hosting renewal, or more. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, NameHero will match a certain percentage of your contributions to your account. So, if it’s a “100% match”, and you deposit $50 into your account, your total deposit will grow by $100 instead. That’s a pretty hefty deal!

The matching percentage for the weekend and following Monday hasn’t been determined yet. But if you’re already a NameHero customer, this is an excellent opportunity to top up your account balance and use it for renewals, or anything else. It’s the closest you’re going to get to a renewal discount on any web host, so make it count!

Bottom Line

NameHero’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in 2019 are limited, so take advantage of them while you can! In addition to new customers, existing customers also get massive savings, and that helps keep NameHero as one of the most personalized and customer-oriented web hosts on the market!

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