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I’ve been hosting websites since 2006, ever since I moved my personal blog off Google’s Blogspot and bought my own domain name. Since then, I’ve changed hosts multiple times, been on different plans, and interacted with a lot of customer service reps. Good or bad, they are all without exception, faceless corporates. I have never seen a truly personalized web host, until I started interacting with NameHero, and the CEO Ryan Gray.

In my earlier NameHero review, I laid out their unique approach to hosting. LiteSpeed web servers, MariaDB databases, nightly backups, WordPress malware detection – and all for free. These are very good reasons to choose NameHero. But there is another benefit that’s “softer” – more personalized customer service.

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Roots in Reseller Hosting

NameHero started off with targeting resellers, who were looking for high-speed and affordable packages. And since then, they’ve lapped up the customers who spilled out of the arms of Hostgator, GoDaddy, and others. Their customers really love them!

NameHero Hosting is Not Faceless

A quick perusal of the NameHero website reveals that the CEO – Ryan Gray – is deeply, and directly involved with each aspect of the service. Whenever there’s a new announcement to be made, he puts out a video on Youtube, where he personally explains things.

Ryan also regularly posts on the NameHero blog about burning industry issues. For example, cPanel recently changed its licensing structure, which affected a lot of resellers. Ryan created a detailed blog post explaining how they’re handling modified cPanel licenses, and announcing integration with InterWorx.

Not just that, he regularly responds and comments on blog posts, and engages with his audience – something no CEO ever does. In fact, there are many comments on the site about customers who are floored that he’s taking the time to address their concerns directly.

How many times has the CEO of Hostgator, or Bluehost come to directly interact with customers? Answer: They don’t. There are several layers between the top guys and the users. With NameHero, that layer is non-existent. A lot of this of course, comes down to them being a smaller company. But that’s also what’s so great about NameHero. They’re small, and personalized.

They’re a “Nuts n Bolts” Hosting Provider

What this means is that NameHero hosting is not generic. So many providers out there simply offer replicas of existing hosting products and differentiate themselves only on price. If there’s one word that stands out with NameHero, it’s “thoughtfulness”.

Each aspect of NameHero’s infrastructure is there for a reason. And because of this, they’ve made some design choices that are unusual. Starting with the LiteSpeed webserver instead of Apache. This brings a bunch of benefits such as in-built server caching, for instance. In my article on server caching, I show how NameHero is the only one that has it with no strings attached.

The end result of all this optimization is extremely fast and reliable web hosting. In his comparison of 16 different web hosts, the Youtuber Darrel Wilson puts NameHero in his “top 3 list”. You can see that he evaluates NameHero at around the 18:30 mark.

Switch to NameHero if You Want Personalized Service

So if you’re tired of being treated as just another number by the big hosting providers, give NameHero a spin. It’s affordable, along with a free domain. The customer service is absolutely top-notch, and they don’t outsource their service either. So if you’re looking for something different, and a lovingly crafted web hosting experience with personalized service, NameHero is the web host for you!

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