NameHero WHMCS: Reseller Availability

NameHero provides WHMCS access to its resellers for free on its Gold, Platinum, and Diamond packages. For the Silver plan, it’s available with an additional purchase of $9.95.

I’ve often said that NameHero has the best reseller hosting, thanks to all the features they provide to their clients such as automatic backups and restoration, LiteSpeed server caching, automatic malware detection, and more. You can read my comprehensive NameHero review for more about why I think it’s so great.

NameHero WHMCS Availability

Since WHMCS is an automated solution for setting up and managing accounts, it’s only available with the NameHero reseller packages. Standard web hosting obviously won’t need WHMCS, and will have the regular cPanel instead.

NameHero has 4 reseller packages:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

All of these except for Silver have WHMCS included for free as part of the reseller package.

No Free WHMCS for NameHero’s Silver Package?

Customer’s don’t always use NameHero’s Silver reseller package for reselling. A lot of them simply use it to host multiple websites, and don’t need WHMCS to manage it for them. In fact, most Silver users already have an existing reseller package!

However, if you’re a Silver reseller and need WHMCS on your installation, you can purchase it for an additional $9.95 as shown here:

NameHero WHMCS - Silver Package is Extra
NameHero WHMCS Availability for the Silver Package

Free WHMCS Is Good Value for Money

By providing WHMCS for free, NameHero provides excellent value for money. For example, you can see below that purchasing WHMCS separately for your hosting business costs $15.95/m even for the cheapest plan!

Ordinary Pricing for WHMCS
Default WHMCS Pricing Outside NameHero

So getting this for free can take up the bulk of your reseller costs right off the bat.

How Does WHMCS Enhance NameHero?

If you’ve purchased a NameHero reseller package, you have to manually set up each account, assign it quotas for disk space, and perform a lot of other maintenance operations. This is not only slow, it will frustrate your customers – and the web hosting business is very unforgiving because of the competition.

WHMCS takes all the hassle out of account creating, termination, upgrading, and downgrading. It allows you to create order forms linking various plans with pre-defined packages that list all the features you offer. The NameHero reseller platform by itself offers you the features and capabilities to host multiple websites. WHMCS makes it all automatic.

This is why NameHero’s Silver plan doesn’t include WHMCS by default. Silver plan reseller packages are mostly used internally to host websites, and are not typically for the selling of commercial packages. You can technically do everything you want without WHMCS. But the expectations in the web hosting industry are so high, it’s impossible to take your customers for granted and give them anything less than instantaneous, perfect service.

How to Install WHMCS on NameHero

If you purchase a NameHero package that comes with WHMCS, installing it is easy. You can do it automatically from the Softaculous package installer. So basically just log into cPanel, click the Softaculous icon, choose the WHMCS script, and begin the installation!

The benefit of installing with Softaculous on NameHero is that it’s much faster than the regular WHMCS installation process. Otherwise, you would have had to download WHMCS on to your local computer, upload it again to your server via something like FTP, and then set it up manually via the command line. That’s too complicated!

NameHero has made WHMCS installation so easy with Softaculous, that it’s now just another script along with dozens of others like WordPress.

Bottom Line

NameHero offers WHMCS for free with most of its reseller packages – the exception being the Silver plan. By itself, WHMCS costs at least $15.95/m, so that is a tremendous amount of savings. Among many other reasons, it’s why I consider NameHero to be the best reseller on the market!

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