Why NameHero Reseller Hosting is So Good

NameHero isn’t a big-name brand like Hostgator or Bluehost. But they’ve carved out a niche for themselves in the crowded web hosting space thanks to their customer service and specialized cloud architecture. Here’s a detailed review of NameHero’s hosting services. However, they got their start in the reseller space, and in this, they’ve created quite a name for themselves in the community. This article is an explanation of what makes NameHero reseller hosting so good, and what they do differently.

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Resellers are Ignored by Large Hosting Companies

Over the past few years, companies have started to de-emphasize or abandon their reseller services altogether. For example, Hostgator no longer shows reseller services on their main menu as shown here:

Hostgator Reseller Plans Are Buried
Hostgator Reseller Plans Are Buried

Instead, the option is found way down at the bottom of the page. The service still exists, but it’s an indication of how important reselling is to them. Particularly after the acquisition of Hostgator by EIG in 2012, their service has had increased outages and security issues.

Other companies like Bluehost have dropped reseller hosting altogether, choosing to outsource it to ResellerClub instead. Here’s a screenshot of Bluehost’s reseller page redirecting you:

Bluehost has Outsourced its Reseller Hosting
Bluehost has Outsourced its Reseller Hosting

The trend is clear. The big names don’t focus on resellers much anymore, which led the CEO of NameHero – Ryan Gray – to hone in on the opportunity to fill the gap. As a result, it’s the most personalized web host I know. Unlike the above two big web hosts, NameHero places reselling front and center:

NameHero Reseller Hosting is Front and Center
NameHero Reseller Hosting is Front and Center

Here’s what makes NameHero reseller hosting special.

Free WHMCS License for Resellers with NameHero

Most reseller web hosts charge extra for WHMCS licenses. This is the standardized software that makes it easy to automate client management. So resellers can use this to invoice their customers based on their plans and resources used, implement a support and ticketing system, put together promotions, and a lot more.

A WHMCS starter license is included free with the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond plans at NameHero. By itself, the WHMCS license costs $15.95/m, so this is a tremendous value boost.

Free Backups and Restores for NameHero Clients

With NameHero, you can offer sophisticated backup and restore functionality to your customers – for free! Here’s a complete explanation of the NameHero backups system in cPanel with JetBackup. With this, you can:

  • Provide automatic nightly and weekly backups
  • Offer free restoration without manual intervention
  • Allow customers to take snapshots of their account on demand
  • Backup and restore cron jobs
  • And a lot more…

No other reseller offers this level of functionality that you can pass on to your customers for free. It’s an incredible value addition!

NameHero’s Customized Cloud Architecture

Most web hosts have a standardized setup that is in no way different from the hundreds of other hosting companies on the Internet. They all run the same stack – Apache, MySQL, etc. The ordinary LAMP architecture. What differentiates them? Nothing.

LiteSpeed Servers

NameHero on the other hand has made some deliberate decisions that set them apart from everyone else. For example, they run the LiteSpeed webserver instead of Apache. This allows them to implement server-level features like caching that Apache users can only access via third-party plugins or through reverse proxy setups.

MariaDB Databases

Another difference is that NameHero uses MariaDB databases instead of MySQL. Ever since Oracle took over the reins of MySQL, the project has lost that “community vibe” that initially made it the most accessible RDBMS on Linux. The original creator of MySQL forked the project and MariaDB is the result. The performance is the same, and in some cases, MariaDB outpaces MySQL significantly.

Free Value-Added Features

NameHero offers services for free that other web hosts either charge for or don’t provide at all. Scripts that scan your software for vulnerabilities in real-time are one example. Another is nightly backups. Their dashboard is filled with thoughtful little features that make a big difference to resellers.

InterWorx as an Option Instead of cPanel

cPanel’s massive licensing changes have hit resellers hard. Especially those with a large number of customers, since they stopped allowing unlimited domains with a single license. To maintain margins, other reseller web hosts are going to be raising prices that resellers will either be forced to absorb or pass on to their customers – neither of which is a good option.

To help them out, NameHero now offers InterWorx – a control panel that’s an alternative to cPanel. Ryan has a personal relationship with the folks at InterWorx, and believes that they’re in this for the long-term, and have solid development values. As usual, this decision was made keeping the best interests of resellers in mind. And while cPanel will continue to be available on NameHero for the foreseeable future, InterWorx is also an option. And it’ll soon roll out to shared hosting services as well!

Vast Knowledge Base

NameHero takes reseller hosting very seriously. They have a huge knowledge base for new resellers that covers everything from installing SSL certificates, to WHMCS. What’s more, Ryan Gray has a horde of video tutorials on Youtube that provide in-depth guides on various reseller activities.

This, along with solid advice on how to grow a reseller hosting business, puts NameHero head and shoulders above the competition. You can ask for help at any time, and be assured of a response!

Customer Service is the True Differentiator

Every web host claims that their customer service is amazing. However, here is why NameHero is different.

No Outsourcing Support

Unlike other companies, NameHero maintains its support in-house and doesn’t contract with 3rd parties for its customer support.

No IVRs for Phone Support

When you place a call for support, you expect to get a human being immediately. IVRs, while originally supposed to make things more efficient, have only led to a feeling of depersonalization. NameHero avoids this and puts you in touch with a real human being immediately.

Fast Response Times

NameHero sets the following targets for customer service response times:

  1. Live Chats: 60 seconds
  2. Tickets: 15 minutes
  3. Phone support: No IVR

This is faster than a lot of web hosts I’ve contacted over the past 10 years. Customer support is the “make or break” feature of a web host. Often it is the single most important reason for someone to stay with a web host. It’s one of those things that can’t be “optimized” too much. Like I said before, NameHero has a very “personal” feel to it, that can’t be replicated by bigger brand names.

Affordable Startup Reseller Plans

NameHero has plans that start smaller than those offered by big-name brands like Hostgator but scale up to anything you require. For example, the “Startup” reseller plan is half the price of the basic Hostgator plan, and gives you:

1. Space: 100 GB – SSD
2. Bandwidth: 2000 GB
3. Free Dedicated IP
4. Cloudflare with Railgun

How many web hosts will give you a free dedicated IP address on their starter plans? The higher plans give you a free WHMCS license to manage your server, but as mentioned above, InterWorx is now also an option for resellers and VPS servers.

So give it a whirl and see how it performs!

How Reselling with NameHero Can Grow Your Existing Business

NameHero reselling isn’t just about starting your business from scratch. It can also help you expand a developer or SEO business you already have. With value-added services, you can become more of a “one-stop-shop” for your clients.

Start with your Own Customers

You must have figured out by now that the web hosting market is ridiculously competitive. There’s no way you’re going to carve out a chunk of the hosting market when every previous company, big and small, has “SEO’d” itself to death. You’ll be buried in the rankings, will get disappointed, and most likely give up.

But this isn’t the right way to go about it. What you need to do is to leverage your customers, friends, and businesses first. Only when you already have a solid base, should you think about spreading your wings and branching out.

Expand your Existing Client Services

If you’ve just purchased NameHero reseller hosting, chances are that this isn’t your very first rodeo into the digital world. You’re probably already either a graphic designer, or a writer, a developer, or something in a similar line of work. You most likely have an existing set of clients who use your services for aspects related to web hosting. One sure-shot way to get started is to leverage your current clients and offer to package their website into their services.

Take this for example. Let’s say you’re a photographer for weddings. You can start pitching an offering where you create a website for your clients and host their photographs for them in an attractive package. People can then visit that site – not just for wedding photos, but also for itineraries, dress codes, contact information, and of course, pictures. You can package all this into a single fee for web hosting and grow your customer base in that way.

Or maybe you’re a writer. Instead of just providing content, why not offer to take care of your client’s entire website? For a single monthly fee, you maintain their blog by writing content, but also host their website and take that hassle away from them. In addition to building a new revenue stream, it ties your customers even more tightly to you, cementing their relationship with you beyond that of a mere contractor.

You Never Know Which Niches Work Out

As you start growing your reseller business with NameHero, you’re sure to find weird niches that you never imagined when you first started. It happens to everyone in ways you can’t predict. For some reason or the other, you’ll find that some particular subsection of your audience prefers your hosting. When you see that happening, you need to capitalize on it quickly and adjust your marketing strategy in real-time.

NameHero itself when it was young, started by catering to affiliate marketers in the VPS niche and got its head start in that way. What will it be for you? No one knows…

NameHero Helps Resellers with Client Retention

One solid reason to choose NameHero is that your clients will have full access to all the cool features that you yourself can use. For example, NameHero’s backup systems are very sophisticated, even for the smallest plans. There’s nothing else like it on the market. As a reseller, your customers will have access to JetBackup as well – or you’ll have access to it for them.

Other features like LiteSpeed server caching, ensure that your customer’s websites are faster than with any other reseller. With free WordPress scanning and personalized customer service, you can fix your client’s problems extremely fast. Who else can offer a similar experience? Other web hosts like Bluehost care so little about reseller hosting, that they simply divested their reseller brand to another company! And Hostgator simply doesn’t bother highlighting reseller hosting.

Only NameHero puts it front and center. As a reseller, you want to know that your business is important and that you’re not just an afterthought. And with NameHero, that’s exactly what you get. So get started with NameHero reseller hosting now!

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