Web Hosting Discounts and Coupons

This is a list of web hosting companies with their coupons and discounts. Each coupon page consists of a full price chart with comparisons of the various hosting plans including:

Shared Hosting
WordPress Hosting
Cloud Hosting
Dedicated Servers

In addition, each page includes a tutorial on how to apply the various hosting coupon codes, with screenshots, and a summary of that web host's discount strategies.

I hope you find this list useful!

RoseHosting Coupon Code 2021 List: Prices and Review

Here's the RoseHosting coupon code 2021 list. Only one of these can be applied at any given time. Choose wisely! Get the Biggest RoseHosting Discount! If you're in a hurry, here's the best discount you can get on RoseHosting today: A Favor: Leave a RoseHosting Review It’s … [Read more...]

A2 Hosting Review 2021: Features and Alternatives

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GoDaddy Promo Code 2021 List

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Hostgator Coupon Code 2021 List

Here is the Hostgator coupon code for Disclaimer: Your clicks supply me with a steady stream of hookers and beer :) All the above coupons are 100% valid and verified. Many of these discounts are not available on the official pricing charts, so finding the right Hostgator coupon code … [Read more...]

InMotion Hosting Coupon Code 2021: Discount Tables and Graphs

Here's a complete InMotion hosting coupon list. Disclaimer: Your clicks keep alive the dream of my private space station :) These prices are for a 3-year billing cycle. If you choose a lower time period like say one year, the cost per month increases. For the most advanced plan, you can … [Read more...]

DreamHost Coupon Code 2021 List

Here's a 42% off coupon code for DreamHost web hosting in 2021 that's guaranteed to work. No need to manually enter anything. Just click the link and you're good to go! You won't get this code if you visit the DreamHost page directly. Disclaimer: Your clicks pay for my private island in … [Read more...]

SiteGround Discount 2021 List and Pricing

NOTE: I have officially switched my recommendation from SiteGround to NameHero Hosting. It wasn't popular, but I stand by my choice. Among other reasons, SiteGround renewal costs were simply too high. Here's why I no longer recommend SiteGround. Here's the complete SiteGround discount 2021 list. … [Read more...]

Why is Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting So Expensive?

Update: For the longest time, there was no regular Bluehost WordPress hosting plan on their front page. It was only "managed" WordPress hosting. Now however, they also show normal WordPress hosting just like everyone else. However, these "normal WordPress plans" from Bluehost are just ordinary … [Read more...]

Cheapest WordPress Hosting Prices and Discounts in 2021

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Bluehost Coupon Code 2021 List

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