DreamHost Coupon 2018: 42% Discount Code that Actually Works!

Updated: 17th May 2018

Here’s a 42% off promo code for DreamHost web hosting that’s guaranteed to work. No need to manually enter anything. Just click the link and you’re good to go! You won’t get this code if you visit the DreamHost page directly. See below for screenshots and on how to apply it.

DreamHost Coupon 2018 – Before/After Coupon Code

Here are the all the prices for DreamHost’s hosting plans both before, and after applying the web hosting coupon code discount:

Note: These are “per year” hosting prices! Normally, comparing prices across hosting providers is difficult because they all use different billing cycles to calculate the prices and discounts. On this site, I only show the yearly hosting prices when making comparisons between providers. So you’re always comparing apples to apples!

Basic Advanced Premium Super Premium
Dreamhost Shared Hosting $5.95/month
With 40% off Coupon code: Click link to apply coupon code automatically
Dreamhost WordPress Hosting $9.95/month $16.95/month $24.95/month $35.95/month
Dreamhost VPS Hosting $13.75/month $27.50/month $55/month $110/month
Dreamhost Dedicated Servers $149/month

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Misleading Coupon Codes for DreamHost

Most DreamHost promo codes simply don’t work. The search results are littered with false promises, making outrageous claims of savings that are blatantly wrong. These companies just want you to click their links and get credit for any purchase you make even if the savings they promise never materialize.

Look at this result promising an unrealistic 70% savings:

Wrong DreamHost Coupon Code

I can guarantee you that if you click this link, you will see no such savings. First they will trick you into clicking a hidden coupon box like this:

Trick you into clicking a DreamHost coupon code

And once you click their link, you’ll just be taken to a generic hosting page where you’ll end up paying the full price. But their job is done – they would have installed a cookie on your computer and will get a commission if you make a purchase. Such is the murky world of web hosting coupons!

Below, I will show you how to get a guaranteed discount for DreamHost web hosting. No tricks. No hidden coupons. Just a straightforward discount that applies to all shared hosting plans.

How to Get the Genuine DreamHost Coupon Deal

I too get affiliate commissions from purchases you make through my links. However, unlike other sites, I don’t try and deceive you with unrealistic expectations. Clicking this link will apply the coupon to your purchases automatically. You’ll be taken to a screen like this:

Click to apply the promo code

When you click the link, you’ll be taken to the services section and you can choose what kind of plan you want, for how long you want to subscribe etc. Finally, when it comes to checkout time, you will see the coupon code applied to your purchase automatically:

DreamHost Promo Code Applied Automatically

As you can see, it applies the discount to the chosen plan as expected. Don’t be fooled by fake promises of huge DreamHost deals. This is the only code that actually works! Just a straight up discount on the chosen service. No tricks, no clickbait, no tracking, and no hidden coupon codes.

My Link Guarantee

All the codes and links on this site are reliable to the best of my knowledge. At the top of every page, you will an “Updated” text and the discounts are valid as of that date. Here are top web hosting deals from the major hosting providers so far:

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Not only are these deals 100% genuine and scam free, they are also standardized to one year each. Different hosting providers try and confuse you by printing prices on their websites that are applicable to different time periods. Some like SiteGround show prices for 1-year renewal periods. Others like Hostgator and Bluehost show prices for 36-months. That’s why the hosting prices are misleading when you see them on the front pages of the companies.

Often, you don’t get the real prices until you’re already deep into the checkout process. So I do the difficult work for you and give you the standardized comparisons for 1-year. This way, you can compare apples to apples and make a truly informed decision.

So my link for DreamHost discount coupons will always work. I hope I have enabled you to find the services that suit you. Happy shopping!