DreamHost Coupon Code 2023 List

Here’s the complete DreamHost coupon list for 2024

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Basic Advanced Premium Super Premium
Dreamhost Shared Hosting

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Discount: 40% off
Discount: 56% off
DreamPress WordPress Hosting

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$16.95/month $24.95/month $71.95/month
Dreamhost VPS Hosting

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$10.00/month $20.00/month $40.00/month $80.00/month
Dreamhost Dedicated Servers $149/month
Discount: 12% off
Discount: 7% off
Discount: 6% off
Discount: 5% off

As you can see, DreamHost has both cheap and expensive plans. The shared hosting packages cost very little, but the advanced DreamPress WordPress package can get very pricey!

The Best DreamHost Coupon in 2024

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How to Apply a DreamHost Coupon Code

I too get affiliate commissions from purchases you make through my links. However, unlike other sites, I don’t try and deceive you with unrealistic expectations. When you click one of the above DreamHost coupons, you’ll be taken to a screen like this:

Click to apply the DreamHost promo code
Click to apply the DreamHost promo code

In the cart, you can choose what kind of plan you want, for how long you want to subscribe, etc. Finally, when it comes to checkout time, you will see the coupon code applied to your purchase automatically:

DreamHost Coupon Code Applied Automatically
DreamHost Coupon Code Applied Automatically

As you can see, it applies the discount to the chosen plan as expected. Don’t be fooled by fake promises of huge DreamHost deals. This is the only code that works! Just a straight-up discount on the chosen service. No tricks, no clickbait, no tracking, and no hidden coupon codes.

The DreamHost Monthly Plan is Super Expensive

Instead of choosing a long billing cycle like 1-year or 3-years, you can opt for the DreamHost monthly plan instead. The benefit to this is a low initial payment. However, the renewal price when you make the DreamHost monthly payment is huge – far higher than what you would be paying if you chose a longer billing cycle. So I don’t recommend the DreamHost monthly plan at all. It’s simply not worth it.

If you want to try out the service, then you can just make use of the DreamHost’s generous 97-day money-back guarantee, which is the largest in the business.

Note: The DreamHost coupon discount they mention on their page is in comparison to the monthly plan, which makes it look like a better deal than it is.

DreamHost Pricing vs Other Web Hosts in 2024

Here’s how DreamHost coupons compare to the pricing from other web hosts.

Web HostHighest Discount CouponCoupon Rating
DreamHost 40% 4/5 โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜†
InMotion72% 4/5 โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜†
Hostgator68% 5/5 โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…
Bluehost70% 2/5 โ˜…โ˜…โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†
NameHero60% 4/5 โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜†
HostArmada70% 3/5 โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜†โ˜†
A2 Hosting75% 2/5 โ˜…โ˜…โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†
DreamHost Coupon Discounts vs Other Web Host Discounts

You can choose to host with DreamHost on a monthly, instead of a yearly basis. However, the price of “per-month” hosting is significantly higher than choosing a regular billing cycle.

DreamHost Discounts vs Hostgator Coupon Codes in 2024

Despite starting at a slightly lower price than Hostgator, DreamHost is actually a bit more expensive, thanks to the aggressive 40% discount, compared to 68% for Hostgator in 2024. So in the long term, Hostgator is very slightly cheaper than DreamHost, though the difference between the two isn’t that great.

Hostgator has many more coupon codes than DreamHost – and is slightly cheaper

Compared to Hostgator, DreamHost doesn’t offer as many deals. The discounts are applied automatically, whereas you need to manually apply the offers after finding the right one on the Hostgator coupon code 2024 page.

Unlike Hostgator, DreamHost doesn’t have special discounts for 12-month hosting that are separate from what you see on the main site. Since all DreamHost plans come with integrated backup and restore, they don’t need to sell you add-ons in the same way that Hostgator does. You can, however, choose to purchase the DreamShield protection plan. For a few bucks a month, it scans your site for malware, much like Hostgator’s SiteLock plan.

DreamHost Coupons vs Bluehost Coupons

DreamHost is cheaper than Bluehost for shared hosting. The “Starter” plan priced at $2.95/m , in particular, is much more cost-effective and matches Bluehost’s “Basic” plan in features. It’s better because the Bluehost Basic plan doesn’t offer backups.

DreamHost is cheaper than Bluehost for basic shared hosting.

However, Bluehost has many more options for advanced shared hosting than DreamHost. DreamHost just has one additional plan for $3.95/m and your only upgrade path is DreamPress, VPS hosting, or Dedicated hosting. So for starter shared hosting, DreamHost is a better and cheaper choice than Bluehost, whereas Bluehost is better for advanced hosting with shared hosting that goes all the way up to $13.95/m. Here’s a complete list of all Bluehost deals.

If you’re running WordPress however, then DreamHost has special managed WordPress plans that are more feature-rich than Bluehost’s managed WordPress packages. So while Bluehost is a better option for pure shared hosting, DreamHost is superior for specialized WordPress. However, DreamPress also starts as more expensive than Bluehost’s managed WordPress plan, so it’s not necessarily the most budget-friendly option.

DreamHost Coupons vs InMotion Coupons

For shared hosting, DreamHost is cheaper than InMotion, whose plans go all the way up to $Array/m after discounts. The difference isn’t much, however.

InMotion plans can get much more expensive than DreamHost’s plans.

For serious shared hosting, however, InMotion is much better than DreamHost. When it comes to WordPress, the contest is closer, though InMotion’s plans are still a lot more expensive, with the top-tier managed WordPress VPS plans capping out at $72.99/m after discounts, whereas DreamHost’s managed WordPress package is just $71.95/m without discounts. The reason for this price discrepancy is that the high-end InMotion WordPress plans are customized VPS packages with dedicated resources meant to run WordPress.

One difference is that the DreamHost packages use a customized dashboard, whereas those from InMotion run on cPanel/WHM. This can be good or bad depending on your preferences. But cPanel adds to the cost of InMotion due to the expensive licenses. Here’s the complete InMotion coupon page with all the various deals.

DreamHost WordPress Coupon: $16.95/m

The DreamHost WordPress package is called “DreamPress” and is separate from their shared hosting plans. DreamPress is a lot more expensive as well. It comes with a host of WordPress specific features such as:

The DreamPress coupons are unattractive compared to InMotion or Kinsta.

  1. Backup and Restore with JetPack Professional
  2. SFTP and Shell Access
  3. Server caching

All these features mean that WordPress hosting is much more expensive than shared hosting. While the DreamHost shared hosting plans start at $2.95/m, the cheapest DreamPress package is for $16.95/m. The different tiers of WordPress scale with the number of visitors for your site and the DreamPress coupon caps out at $71.95/m. That’s quite expensive for ordinary managed WordPress hosting.

If you have just one or two websites to host, I would suggest you choose something like Kinsta instead – Kinsta’s pricing for two websites is around the same. But if you have multiple sites, DreamPress can be a cheaper option. Though for the price, I would still prefer to go with InMotion and dedicated resources with an NGINX reverse-proxy.

DreamHost VPS Coupon: Up to 33% Off

DreamHost doesn’t list its VPS coupon discounts directly on their website. The 33% discount comes from comparing their 3-year hosting plan with the monthly hosting cost. The biggest difference between their four VPS plans is the amount of RAM – ranging from 1 GB to 8 GB.

DreamHost VPS coupons don’t expire. They’re also the cheapest of all managed VPS providers.

Interestingly, DreamHost doesn’t mention how many cores they use for their VPS packages. NameHero for example, clearly shows that their package CPU cores range from 1 to 8. I don’t know what this means, and why DreamHost chooses to hide this information. Surely it can’t mean that all their servers are single-core? That would be quite weird. On my page that lists the cheapest VPS hosting coupons, DreamHost ranks very high in terms of price. Could this be because they run just single cores on all their VPS plans?

By contrast, Bluehost VPS plans are more cost-effective, even though they only start at 2 GB RAM. The cheapest Bluehost VPS starts at $18.99/m with a solid 2 cores, but is still more expensive than DreamHost. This makes the DreamHost VPS a cheap upgrade path from shared hosting. The service is completely managed, which makes for an easier transition. However, it’s not easy to move from shared hosting to a VPS! So make sure you know what you’re getting into before making the jump.

Finally, DreamHost doesn’t have a money-back guarantee for its VPS servers, which is pretty disappointing, considering that it’s a standard feature for all other VPS providers.

DreamHost Dedicated Servers Coupon: Starts at $149/m

In contrast to their VPS plans, the DreamHost dedicated server coupons are pretty disappointing. The starting price of $149/m is barely an improvement over the full price at $169/m.

DreamHost dedicated server coupons are very disappointing. And they don’t use SSD drives for the Standard server either.

On the bright side, the DreamHost dedicated server discounts last forever, unlike the coupons for shared hosting which last only for a few months and then renew at full price. So you get the maximum savings with DreamHost dedicated servers if you choose to host for a long time. Unfortunately, DreamHost doesn’t have a money-back guarantee for its dedicated servers, unlike that for shared hosting, so there’s no way to try it before you commit. This is in contrast to Bluehost, for example, whose dedicated servers come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

A huge disappointment for DreamHost dedicated server plans is the lack of SSD storage for the starter server. You can choose SSD drives for the “Enhanced” server for significantly reduced storage capacity. Given how expensive DreamHost’s dedicated servers are, it’s shocking that they don’t have SSDs for all their plans.

Misleading Coupon Codes for DreamHost

Most DreamHost promo codes simply don’t work. The search results are littered with false promises, making outrageous claims of savings that are blatantly wrong. These companies just want you to click their links and get credit for any purchase you make even if the savings they promise never materialize.

Look at this result promising an unrealistic 70% savings on DreamHost:

Wrong DreamHost Coupon Code
Wrong DreamHost Coupon Code

I can guarantee you that if you click this link, you will see no such savings for DreamHost. First, they will trick you into clicking a hidden coupon box like this:

Trick you into clicking a DreamHost coupon code
Trick you into clicking a DreamHost coupon code

And once you click their link, you’ll just be taken to a generic hosting page where you’ll end up paying the full price. But their job is done – they would have installed a cookie on your computer and will get a commission if you make a purchase. Such is the murky world of web hosting coupons!

No DreamHost Renewal Coupon – However…

If you use a DreamHost coupon, you get a special promotional offer lower than the standard price like this:

DreamHost Renewal Coupon
DreamHost Renewal Coupon

Unfortunately, there’s no way to apply this discount when your hosting renews. But you retain the DreamHost discount you get for your billing cycle. For example, monthly hosting is more expensive than yearly hosting, which in turn is more costly than a 3-year billing cycle.

When your hosting is renewed, you retain the discount for the next billing cycle. So it’s a kind of “limited” renewal coupon. You don’t get the full discount on renewal, but retain a part of it.

DreamHost’s 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee

DreamHost shared hosting has an industry-leading 97-day money-back guarantee. Other web hosts rarely go above 30-days and in some instances 45-days. But DreamHost’s refund period lasts for a full three months. That’s huge and is more than enough time to fully test out your shared hosting plan before you commit to a longer renewal period.

For the DreamPress managed hosting service, the money-back period is 30-day. Unfortunately, there’s no money-back guarantee for VPS and dedicated server plans, which is hugely disappointing. All other web hosts have a cash-back period for VPS plans, if not for dedicated servers as well.

When you cancel a DreamHost plan, an appropriate number of credits are added to your account. The money is finally refunded only when you close the account and can’t use the credits for anything else. By default, the refunded credits can be used to purchase other DreamHost services. So don’t forget to close your account to receive the refund.

Free DreamHost SSL with Let’s Encrypt

DreamHost allows you to automatically add SSL to your site using Let’s Encrypt via the custom dashboard. You can also purchase a positive SSL for around $15 per year, but why bother with it when the Let’s Encrypt certificate is perfectly good enough? This allows you to save on the cost of HTTPS. Most hosts offer free SSL these days with the notable exception of GoDaddy.

If you use the Cloudflare DNS servers with the “orange cloud” proxy, validating and refreshing the SSL every three months could be a problem since Cloudflare hides your originating IP. To solve this, I recommend using the Cloudflare generated SSL with a certificate validity of 15-years. This is completely free and means you don’t have to bother with short-term Let’s Encrypt certificates.

DreamHost Shared Starter Plan Coupon

Starting a few years back, DreamHost introduced a new “Shared Starter” plan with prices as low as $2.59/month .

Two DreamHost Shared Hosting Plans
Two DreamHost Shared Hosting Plans

Compared to the previous shared hosting plan, the new low price starter package has the following limitations:

  1. Only 1 website allowed as opposed to unlimited previously
  2. No E-mail hosting

However, it still retains the fast SSD storage that DreamHost has had since 2015. Everything else remains the same like free SSL. So if you don’t need the free domain and host just one site, the starter plan might be right for you! You can always purchase e-mail hosting separately.

Free Domain with DreamHost Shared Hosting

Initially, the DreamHost starter plan didn’t have this, but now you get a free domain if you sign up for 1-year or 3-years. That’s a direct savings of the domain registration fee for the first year – around $14. After the first year, you’ll have to pay the domain renewal fee as usual.

There’s a DreamHost Coupon for Everyone

DreamHost’s coupons target a wide range of customers. For cost-conscious buyers, there’s the starter shared hosting plan that only costs a couple of bucks a month. For those looking for a powerful WordPress setup, there are the WordPress optimized VPS plans that are as expensive as anything on the market. So look carefully – you’re sure to find a DreamHost deal that’s right for you!

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