When to Upgrade Hostgator Hatchling?

The Hostgator Hatchling plan is the cheapest package available from Hostgator. It’s great value for money, especially considering that Hostgator doesn’t deceptively cut corners and impose absurd hosting limits like 1 database on its cheapest plans. However, there will come a time when you need to upgrade Hostgator Hatchling to the next tier. This article will explain when you need to do that.

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3 Major Limitations of Hostgator Hatchling

To understand when you need to upgrade from Hostgator Hatchling, you need to understand its 3 major limitations. Namely:

  1. Single website only
  2. Resource Restrictions
  3. No parked domains

Let’s examine each of these three in more detail. For a comprehensive treatment, you can read my complete review of Hostgator Hatchling.

1. Single Website Restriction on Hatchling

Probably the biggest restriction on Hatchling from a long-term hosting point of view is that you’re only restricted to one website on it. I can tell from experience that once you have a website, you tend to create another. And another! On Hostgator Hatchling, you can only host one of these.

As a personal example, I have three websites on my current hosting provider. This one – WP-Tweaks – my blog, and my professional website. If I were to use the Hatchling plan, I would have to find another place to host at least two of them. This is probably the biggest restriction for power users.

Given the low cost of Hatchling, it’s not surprising that Hostgator doesn’t allow you to host more than one website. All other hosts with low priced plans have the same policy. It’s meant for those who are just starting up with their first website and don’t have any other side businesses. If you’re a single website owner, this might indeed be all that you need.

2. Resource Restrictions

Being on the lowest tier plan, you’ll need to upgrade Hostgator Hatchling if you find that the number of visitors to your site are chewing up more resources than allowed. “Resources” typically mean:

  • CPU time
  • Input/Output (I/O) operations per second
  • RAM

As a general rule, Hostgator doesn’t allow a shared hosting accounts to use more than 25% of CPU time for more than 90 seconds. Since you’re sharing the server resources with a large number of other clients, it makes sense that there are some limits to how much you can use. There’s enough for “burst” usage for short periods of time, but anything more than that means you need to upgrade.

Naturally, since Hatchling is the cheapest package on Hostgator, you’ll be sharing your server with more accounts than on the other plans.

3. No Parked Domains

Parked domains are when you purchase additional domain names and attach them to your existing website. There are many uses for parked domains, notably for snapping up the “.net” and “.org” versions of your website so that other people can’t pretend to be you. Unfortunately, the Hostgator Hatchling plan doesn’t allow you to use parked domains at all, which is a major drawback.

The best host for parked domains is NameHero, thanks to its unlimited parking feature even for its lowest priced plan. But if you upgrade from Hostgator’s Hatchling plan, then you too can have an unlimited number of parked domains.

Keep in mind that parked domains have other uses as well – such as being able to hoard potentially useful names and then sell them to the highest bidder. Done right, it can be quite a lucrative side hustle! All you need is the right instincts to be able to spot good domain names when they expire, and an ear to the ground.

Disk Space Isn’t a Problem

One area where you won’t have an issue with Hostgator Hatchling is disk space. Unlike other web hosts, Hostgator has unlimited disk space for all its plans – even the cheapest ones. There are many reasons for this, one of them being that they use HDD drives for file hosting and save the high-speed SSDs only for their databases.

Lots of web hosts rely on restricting storage space either of the files or the website database to get you to upgrade. But you won’t have that problem with Hostgator Hatchling.

Bottom Line

You may never need to upgrade from the Hostgator Hatchling plan. If you just have a single website with not too many visitors, you can continue using it in perpetuity. But if you find yourself needing to host more than one website, or require a little more breathing room for your site to grow, then you should upgrade to at least the Baby plan.

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