How to Get the InnoDB Buffer Pool Size via SSH

InnoDB is the default storage engine for MySQL databases - the same one that runs WordPress. To optimize speed, InnoDB stores frequently queries and indexes in cached memory. This way, we don't have to query the database from disk each and every time. The result is a massive speed boost for … [Read more...]

How to Use SSH from cPanel to Access your Site

Website admins cover a wide range of skill levels. For the absolute beginner, cPanel can get a bit overwhelming with all its complicated functions that they will likely never use. On the other end of the spectrum, there are those for whom cPanel is not enough. While it tries to encapsulate the most … [Read more...]

How to Access your Site over SFTP Using cPanel

If you want to access the files on your site, FTP is a great option. It's easy to use, fast, you can upload and download files with ease, and perform most file operations with the click of a button. However, your FTP passwords and all subsequent data are transferred over the Internet in plaintext. … [Read more...]

How to Find the Publisher of a Website – 4 Methods to Try

There could be many reasons why you'd want to find the name of the publisher in charge of a website. Perhaps the site has some copyrighted information and you need to send a formal takedown notice to the address. Or maybe your need is more benign - like you have an offer or a suggestion to make. … [Read more...]

Can you Use an SSL Certificate with Cloudflare?

Earlier, I'd written about how to install an SSL certificate in just a couple of clicks using cPanel's "Let's Encrypt" plugin. Most hosting providers now offer this functionality and you can transform your HTTP site into a secure HTTPS site in a few minutes without much hassle. However, if you're … [Read more...]

How to Install a Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate in cPanel

Now that Google's putting the pressure on moving everyone to SSL, it's time for you to do so as well. These days, most hosting providers are giving out free HTTPS certificates and have teamed up with "Let's Encrypt" so that all domains and subdomains can implement SSL. You can compare the latest … [Read more...]

Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting – Basic Explanation

No one is sure about how to use these terms anymore! Previously we had the following upgrade plan: Shared Hosting Virtual Private Server (VPS) Dedicated Hosting Now a fourth type of web hosting is on the market, and it's causing a great deal of confusion to everyone. This beginner's … [Read more...]