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Hostgator Essentials is the basic SiteLock package that you purchase with a new web hosting account on Hostgator. It enhances your core hosting by scanning your website for malware, giving you a CDN to host your static files, blocking bot attacks and more.

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SiteLock Hostgator Essentials Pricing

The Hostgator Essentials plan from SiteLock costs $1.99/m. This is a special pricing for Hostgator customers only. You can’t get this directly from the SiteLock website. You can obtain this pricing by choosing the SiteLock add-on during the check out process. There are two good coupons to choose from:

12-month hosting:

36-month hosting:

Here’s a full list of Hostgator coupons for all their hosting plans.

This is a screenshot of the add-ons screen from which you need to choose the Hostgator Essentials plan with SiteLock while checking out:

Hostgator Essentials Plan from SiteLock
Hostgator Essentials Plan from SiteLock

You can also add this to your regular hosting at any time after you’ve already purchased web hosting from Hostgator. From there, you can also upgrade or downgrade your SiteLock package.

Hostgator Essentials Features

The Hostgator Essentials package from SiteLock comes with the following features. If you’re looking for something else, here are some free alternatives to SiteLock that can give you the same functionality.

Daily Malware Scanning

On the Essentials plan, SiteLock will scan your website once every day for malware. If it finds something, it will remove it immediately. It can scan an unlimited number of pages, so you can use it even for large sites.

Blocking Automated Bots

According to some estimates, bots account for 40% of all website traffic. Apart from the useful ones like search engines and a couple of others, this is detrimental to your site. It wastes your site’s resources, and many of them try and target vulnerabilities on your website. Blocking the majority of these bots that are trying to hammer your site should be a priority.

The Hostgator Essentials plan does just that. It maintains a constantly updated list of bots that it prevents from accessing your site and slowing it down. It’s quite a useful feature – especially on lower priced hosting plans that don’t have the CPU power to handle the attacks themselves.

SiteLock CDN – Content Delivery Network

Hostgator Essentials also comes with a CDN – a network that spreads your website files over servers located all around the globe. This way, whenever someone from a remote area accesses your site, the CDN can respond to them quickly – far faster than if your site had to serve the files on its own.

These days, a CDN is essential to compete with faster sites. However, this is one area where I’ll say that the free Cloudflare CDN is better. But the Hostgator Essentials CDN comes in-built, and you can monitor its performance right from your own dashboard.

Image Compression

The SiteLock Essentials plan also reduces the size of images served to your visitors. This is crucial for those locations where Internet speeds aren’t reliable, or people are accessing your website on mobile devices via data plans. Images make up a nice chunk of your traffic. Some websites more than others. They’re often unoptimized and detrimental to your site speed.

With image compression, Hostgator Essentials ensures that your visitors see the images quicker, and are thus less likely to leave your site out of frustration.

12-Hour SiteLock Ticket Response Time

Most people have no idea how to respond if their website is hacked. How do you find and clean it up? What tools to use? These are questions that can only be answered by someone who has been in the business for a long time. So if you choose the Hostgator Essentials plan, you can raise a ticket for a human being to come and help you.

The basic plan’s response time is fairly long at 12-hrs. But it’s still better than nothing! The more advanced SiteLock plans allow for response times for 6 hrs and 4 hrs respectively.

Missing Features from SiteLock Hostgator Essentials

Since it’s the most basic plan from SiteLock, there are quite a few features missing from the Essentials plan. Such as:

  1. A Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  2. Database Scanning
  3. PCI Compliance (for e-commerce)
  4. DDoS protection

You can subscribe to the higher priced “Prevent” and “Prevent Plus” plans from SiteLock to access these features. But as mentioned above, I would personally just use Cloudflare at this point, as I feel they have a better service altogether. Plus I like their domain nameserver speeds.

Bottom Line: Useful for Newbies

The Hostgator Essentials plan is targeted towards those who want a hands off approach to security. For the price, the features it provides are just “ok”. Regular malware scanning is something that’s missing from Hostgator’s plans, and the Essentials plan fills that gap. Though if you’re going to spend the extra money, you might as well purchase better hosting like NameHero, that not only includes free malware scanning, but also has free offsite backups and more.

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