Hostgator Global or Indian Branch for India Web Hosting?

The global Hostgator brand is better for Indian customers than the local Indian brand! How can this be?

Hostgator has multiple branches all over the world. But even though they share the same brand name, they are separate companies. Not just subsidiaries, but entirely different corporations. I’m not sure about the contracts they have with each other, but I suspect that each branch is merely leasing the Hostgator name from the parent company – or something like that.

Everything is different – the support, the products, and the prices. Hostgator India allows you to host its servers in India or in the US. The India locations are as follows:

  • Mumbai
  • Maharashtra
  • Hyderabad
  • Bangalore

The Hostgator global data centers are in:

  • Texas
  • Utah

Given this, it’s obvious that the Indian branch is the best choice, right? Wrong! For several reasons shown below, it’s might be better for you to by web hosting on the global Hostgator servers instead. Here they are.

Reason 1: Hostgator India has Poor Discounts

You might think that Hostgator India is cheaper than the global counterpart. However, this simply isn’t true. This is the complete list of Hostgator coupons – and even customers in India can make use of them. As proof, here’s the cost for 3-years hosting with Hostgator India:

Hostgator India is More Expensive
Hostgator India is More Expensive than their Global Counterpart!

And here’s the price for the global branch:

Best Coupon Code for Hostgator Web Hosting
Hostgator global plans are much cheaper

Best Hostgator Discount – Even for Indians

The starting price is as low as $2.64 using the following coupon code:

Duration: 36 Months
Hostgator Coupon Code
(Click to copy):

It’s surprising how expensive the local Indian branch of Hostgator is. As Indians, we’re accustomed to things being cheaper here compared to the US, not costlier! So, if you’re looking for higher discounts, the Hostgator India branch is a bad choice.

Reason 2: Data Centers in India are Not Ready for Prime Time

A data center requires a lot of investment and the proper infrastructure for it to be reliable. Unfortunately, the facilities in India aren’t quite up to scratch yet. This is why if you’re searching for the closest server to your customers, I often recommend Singapore instead. However, Hostgator doesn’t have data centers in Singapore, so you’ll have to make do with the ones in the US.

But this isn’t as bad as it might seem. Even though it’s on the other end of the world, Hostgator’s servers are likely to be more reliable than the ones in India with less downtime. Moreover, they own their own data centers, unlike Hostgator India which leases them out from a colocation center.

This is Also True for Africa Web Hosting

India and some countries in Africa like Egypt and Morocco share the same problems. So businesses in Africa should also choose to host outside their home country. For example, Egypt is similar to India, and I recommend they use the global Hostgator branch as well.

Bottom line: Server location is is a bit overrated, especially when it comes to countries whose infrastructure isn’t well equipped for top quality data centers.

Reason 3: Better Support Staff with Hostgator Global

I’ve been an affiliate with Hostgator India for years, as well as for the international branch. The difference is like night and day. The entire Indian operation seems a bit too…disorganized. Your questions don’t get answered in a timely manner, and the support reps just want to get you off the line as soon as possible.

In general, the US operation of Hostgator is much smoother and more well-oiled. They deal with customers from all over the world, and I’ve found them professional and well equipped to handle queries. Keep in mind, that it’s still shared hosting, so there’s a limit to this. Amazing customer support isn’t cheap, but for the cost, I find it pretty good.

In conclusion, I recommend the global Hostgator branch compared to the local one in India. Both for reasons of price, and performance. It might seem weird to say that a server in the US is superior for Delhi customers compared to one hosted locally, but it’s true! At least if you want to remain with Hostgator. Other web hosts like SiteGround have servers in Singapore, but they’re not as cheap as the ones with Hostgator.

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