List of Indian Web Hosts with Data Centers in India

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Here’s a list of web hosting companies in India with local data centers.

CompaniesServer Locations
Hostgator India Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Hyderabad, Bangalore
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Bluehost India Mumbai, Bangalore
DigitalOcean Bangalore
HostingRaja Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Noida, Chennai
LeapSwitch Pune
MilesWeb Mumbai, Nashik
Cloudflare Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi

When I say, “Indian web hosts”, I mean those companies that give you actual servers in India. Many sites on the Internet try and market SiteGround, InMotion etc as Indian web hosting companies, but this is false. Those firms might have multiple data centers around the world (especially SiteGround), but they don’t actually own Indian datacenters.

Indian Datacenters Are…Pretty Bad

There are many good reasons to choose an Indian web hosting provider. But you should also be aware of the downsides.

Datacenters require a lot of maintenance and care. They need a specific environment with state of the art systems for security, redundancy, cleanliness and operations. Dust free environments, regular checkups, audits, redundant network connections, maintenance of hardware, strict schedules and security.

In addition, they need to be built in such a way that natural events have zero impact on their operations. Many datacenters in the US for example are built to withstand a missile strike! The entire stack of operations from the building materials, the design, the HR etc are geared towards maximum protection and reliability. There need to be multiple incoming and outgoing network connections to ensure that if one goes down, the others can easily pick up this slack.

The Indian infrastructure simply cannot provide this level of quality.

Indian datacenters simply don’t have this level of preparedness. They’re a lot more fragile than their US and Europe counterparts. Even regular weather events like cyclones can make them fail. For example, DigitalOcean – one of the largest web hosting providers in the world – opened a datacenter in Bangalore. But cyclone Vardah damaged the undersea fiber optic cables for the Chennai region, causing huge latency and packet loss.

Here’s a statement from the official DigitalOcean account in their comments section:

Digital Ocean Datacenters Also Bad


This isn’t an isolated event. India simply doesn’t have the necessary infrastructure and dedication to have world class data centers on par with its US and European counterparts. And it doesn’t matter how good the intentions of the hosting company are – the external infrastructure like network cables and power systems are out of their control.

All Indian Web Hosts are Colocated – NOT Ideal!

There are plenty of data centers in India. But none of them are exclusively owned by a private web hosting company. I can only assume because there’s not enough business to justify an exclusive data center just for web hosting customers.

Instead, Indian datacenters are colocated. This means that a single company rents out server space to 3rd parties who then provide hosting services to their own clients. It allows cost savings for Indian web hosts who can’t afford the overhead of an entire data center on their own.

Basically, the chain goes something like this:

Customer (you) -> Indian web hosts -> Datacenter owner (actual servers)

So what?

It means that web hosting companies in India don’t have direct control over their servers. They have to rely on ticket support from the datacenter owners who may or may not respond efficiently. The difference is seen when you have an emergency, and your web hosting provider is unable to handle the problem immediately on their own.

Here’s an example of a UK based web hosting service called SkyNetHosting, which expanded to India with their servers in a colocated datacenter. One of their customers was hit with a massive 23Gbps DDoS attack, and SkyNetHosting was unable to resolve the problem because their colocation provider didn’t follow best practices:

Indian web hosts don't own their datacenters

In fact, they actively recommended the user to migrate to their US servers! That’s a wonderful vote of confidence!

My Recommendation? Choose Singapore Instead

Unless for legal reasons you absolutely need web hosting in India, I suggest you choose a hosting provider with Singapore datacenters. Singapore is much better suited for datacenters than India.

Here are two great web hosts with Singapore locations:

  1. SiteGround (click here for all SiteGround discount coupons)
  2. A2 Hosting (click here for A2 Hosting discount coupons)

And if you have to choose India, go with Hostgator India (click here for Hostgator India discount coupons).

Because EIG Has an Edge in Indian Web Hosting

EIG stands for “Endurance International Group”, and they’re a massive global conglomerate consisting of hundreds of web hosting companies. Their speed of acquisition is breathtaking. Many of the big hosting companies like Hostgator and Bluehost are under their umbrella.

In web hosting circles, you’ll often see advice like “Avoid EIG at all costs!” or “EIG ruins the companies that it takes over”. This mantra has become common wisdom, and it may or may not be true in developed countries like the US and in Europe. But it’s not true in India.

What makes India Different?

In other countries, there is no shortage of web hosting providers who own their own datacenters. SiteGround, DreamHost, InMotion, and A2 Hosting all operate privately owned datacenters. There’s no colocation, and these companies are large enough to be able to afford it. So EIG doesn’t have much of an edge in this regard.

But in India, I feel that EIG is the only company to have the resources to leverage its power and truly “own” its servers more than any other web hosting provider. Mind you, this doesn’t mean it has private datacenters. It uses GPX Global Systems datacenters in Mumbai –  a Tier IV provider. But EIG’s money power and size give it a huge advantage in the hardware space that other hosting providers simply cannot match.

So in the Indian context, my opinion is that Hostgator India (click here for a review) and to a lesser extent, Bluehost India are the best choices for hosting. Yes, they’re owned by EIG. But they also have the size and money to purchase the best datacenter locations and retain as much control over their servers as possible.

Given the bad quality of Indian colocated datacenters, I feel that Hostgator India is the best overall choice right now – at least until we have Indian web hosts who start owning and operating their own private data centers.

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  1. Imanuel Rajan says

    What about milesweb??? Is that good???


    • No idea. But unless you really need hosting in India, I suggest you try for Singapore instead. It’s almost as close, and the infrastructure is much better. Moreover, always choose a web host who owns their own datacenters instead of colocating. SiteGround has datacenters in Singapore that they own, so that’s my recommendation.

      Or if you really want India based hosting, then Hostgator India is your choice. They’re part of EIG, which some people say is a problem, but in my opinion, is a feature. They’re large enough to exert significant influence over their datacenters, so for me, it’s the only real choice for India based hosting.


      • Imanuel Rajan says

        I’m going to start an online store… But it seems national Ecommerce policy going to release in india… This policy also has data localisation as mandatory… So small online store or a big Ecommerce marketplace, they have to store their data in indian data centres… So thus i didn’t going to siteground


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