Hostgator India Review 2019: Is it Worth it?

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Components of this Hostgator India Review 2019

Hostgator India is the most well known Indian hosting provider. In this review, I’ll also touch upon Bluehost India, and what you need to know about the differences between the two. If you’re looking for promo codes and discounts, then here’s where you can find the right Hostgator India coupon code for you. Keep in mind though, that these discounts are only for the first billing cycle. There are no hosting renewal coupons!

This review will focus on a quick overview of the prices of the various hosting plans. Below each pricing chart, you will find a link to the complete pricing comparisons between other hosting providers if you want to research further.

But first – pricing.

Hostgator India Pricing, Coupons, and Discounts

Here is the current complete list of hosting coupons from Hostgator India:

1. Hatchling Plan: ₹99/mo for 1 year tenure only
2. Hatchling Plan: 30% off on min. 2 years
3. Baby & Business Plan: 30% off on Baby & Business on min. 1 year
Domain, Hosting and Email at ₹199/month
1. Up to 50% off on Shared Hosting
2. 20% off on Reseller, & VPS Hosting min. 3 months
3. 30% off on Cloud min. 3 months
4. 30% off on WordPress on min. 1 year
50% off on WordPress Hosting on min. 12 months
1. 50% off on Shared, Reseller, Cloud & VPS Hosting on min. 3 months
2. 30% off on Dedicated Server for first month
3. 30% off on WordPress Hosting on min. term 1 year
1. up to 50% off on Shared Hosting.
2. 30% off on Reseller, Cloud & VPS Hosting on min. 3 months.
3. 30% off on Dedicated Server for first month.
3. 30% off on WordPress Hosting on min. term 1 year.
Buy 8 Months. Get 4 Months Free! Need to subscribe for at least 1 year

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This review is exclusively for the Indian branch of Hostgator. If you want, you can find all the Hostgator coupon codes for their global operations, here.

Table of Contents:

Note: These are yearly web hosting prices. The prices you see on the homepage of Hostgator India are all for 36-months, or even 5 years! I’ve extracted the price of 1-year billing cycles to give you an accurate picture of the real costs.

Web Hosting Prices

Hostgator Logo
Hostgator India Shared Hosting
50% off
With coupon code: HGDEAL
20% off
With coupon code: SUNSHINE
20% off
With coupon code: SUNSHINE
20% off
With coupon code: SUNSHINE

Here is a price comparison between Hostgator India’s shared hosting and other providers. As you can see, Hostgator India has some of the lowest shared hosting prices around. For just ₹99 a month!

You can also choose your server location – the choice is between the US and India. But if you’re looking at Hostgator India, chances are that you want a server in India!

WordPress Hosting Prices

Hostgator Logo
Hostgator India WordPress Hosting
20% off
With coupon code: SUNSHINE
20% off
With coupon code: SUNSHINE
20% off
With coupon code: SUNSHINE
20% off
With coupon code: SUNSHINE

One weird aspect of Hostgator India’s WordPress plan is that they don’t offer servers in India! To me, that undercuts the main benefit of having an India hosting provider. There are plenty of other companies that can provide you with US based WordPress hosting, and you should look at those as well.

Here’s a comparison of WordPress hosting prices across other providers, including Hostgator India.

VPS Hosting Prices

Snappy 2000Snappy 4000Snappy 6000Snappy 8000
Hostgator Logo
Hostgator India VPS
29% off
With coupon Code: SNAPPY30
30% off
With coupon Code: SNAPPY30
30% off
With coupon Code: SNAPPY30
30% off
With coupon Code: SNAPPY30

You can read my review of Hostgator India VPS hereCompare all VPS plans with Hostgator India’s. The main benefit is the choice of servers in India. Keep in mind that they don’t provide Windows VPS services unlike their shared hosting plans. They also give you full root access – which isn’t something everyone allows!

Here’s a full review of Hostgator India’s VPS plans.

Cloud Hosting Prices

Hatchling CloudBaby CloudBusiness Cloud
Hostgator Logo
Hostgator India Cloud Hosting
30% off
Coupon Code: CLOUD30
30% off
Coupon Code: CLOUD30
30% off
Coupon Code: CLOUD30

Though they say that they mirror your data across three different cloud servers, there’s no mention of which ones, which makes me think that they’re all located in India. So if you’re looking for cloud hosting in order to get your content closer to your customers, this won’t serve that purpose.

Here’s a price comparison of all cloud hosting plans with those of Hostgator India.

Hostgator India Customer Service

For purposes of this review, the biggest differentiator between identical offerings is customer service. Your site will go down sooner or later and you will need help. When that happens, what matters is whether or not the company reps address your problems quickly and efficiently.

I’ve had excellent results with Hostgator India customer service over chat. It’s usually a bit of a pain to get in touch with them over the phone, and of course you run into the usual problems of long wait times with annoying music. Chat on the other hand is more relaxed. You can take your time answering questions, and give them your account details without having to repeat yourself. Moreover, everything is documented and your issues get resolved much more efficiently.

Another great aspect of Hostgator India, is their fantastic support on Facebook. This is your “go to” secret weapon whenever something really pisses you off and regular customer support isn’t being helpful. Just visit their Facebook page and send a private message to the page admin. They have real power and can get your problems sorted out in a jiffy. I’ve always found them extremely courteous, and prompt in their replies.

It’s particularly convenient when you’re at a different time zone like in the US, and it’s difficult to get hold of traditional customer service because you need to wait late at night. But remember – only contact them on Facebook when your regular attempts to resolve the issue have failed!

Bluehost India vs Hostgator India – Which to Choose?

You can read my detailed comparison between these two. Basically, if you’re hosting in India, you’re going to go with one of them. One thing you need to know about most hosting companies like Hostgator India, Bluehost India, etc, is:

  1. They all belong to the same conglomerate – EIG (Endurance International Group)
  2. They’re all hosted on the same hardware from ResellerClub

ResellerClub is itself a subsidiary company of EIG, so everything here is under the same umbrella. The same hardware, and data centers. So the only differentiation between all of these is the software configurations and the customer service.

Based on my experience with both Hostgator India and Bluehost India, I’ll have to recommend the former over the latter. It’s true that there are lots of stories of poor customer service and I myself have seen some evidence of this. However, I’ve also see things get better over time for Hostgator India.

So if you’re looking for hosting services in India, I would recommend Hostgator India over the alternatives. They had a pretty rocky start, but are slowly shaping up to be much more professional and efficient.

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