Hostgator is Quite Reliable, Don’t Worry!

These days, it’s fashionable to bash big name web hosting brands like Hostgator simply because they’re a part of a conglomerate – like EIG. But the criticism is baseless. Hostgator is a reliable web host – in fact, more so than others for reasons I’ll explain below.

1. Hostgator Isn’t THAT Cheap

Normally, we associate unreliability and poor quality hosting with ridiculously cheap prices. But while Hostgator is pretty cheap, there are plenty of other web hosts that are suicidally cheaper. Here’s the main Hostgator coupon code list. We have two main coupons to consider:

12-month Hosting:

3-year Hosting:

Given Hostgator’s features, I don’t think there’s anything cheaper on the market. But there are plenty of providers – Hostinger is one example – that will host your site for literal pennies every month. Sometimes even for free! However, all these dirt cheap plans have serious flaws like ridiculously low storage and bandwidth quotas, restrictions on the number of MySQL databases, and more.

Those are the hosts you need to be wary of. But at its price point, Hostgator’s is very reliable. It’s not a scam and is completely legit. You don’t need to worry about your site going down as long as you adhere to their terms of service.

2. Acceptable Customer Service

Again, for this price point, Hostgator’s customer service is normal. It’s what you would expect to get when you sign up. Nothing special like NameHero, but not bad either.

I’ve personally had experience with Hostgator’s reps for several years now. I can confirm that they’re adequately managed and staffed. They’re available over phone, live chat, and e-mail. I prefer live chat because I don’t like to talk over the phone, plus there’s a written record of the conversation with no scope for misunderstanding.

So Hostgator has its bases covered as far as customer support goes. Yes, there are plenty of horror stories floating around, but when you consider that satisfied customers rarely leave reviews as often as dissatisfied ones, the trend begins to make sense. And when you have as many customers as Hostgator does, the effect is multiplied.

So go into it with your eyes open – the customer service is satisfactory for this price point.

3. They Own Their Data Centers

It helps that Hostgator has their own data centers in Texas and Utah. That’s something most web hosts can’t claim. The majority of them lease their servers from either a primary host or a colocation center, which means they have less control over their servers.

Hostgator however, appears to have pooled its resources with other EIG owned companies and maintains its data centers in two locations in the US. In addition, they have branches all around the world with their own localized data centers such as India. It’s worth mentioning though, that the India web service is actually more expensive than the US one!

Here’s a list of Hostgator locations around the globle:

  1. Toronto
  2. Brazil
  3. Mexico
  4. India
  5. Turkey

4. They’ve Been Around for a While

The web hosting industry is unforgiving. If a host doesn’t compete, it’s not sustainable. Hostgator has been around since October 2002 – that’s a long time for any business, never mind web hosting. If Hostgator wasn’t reliable, it wouldn’t exist anymore, it’s as simple as that.

Some say that ever since EIG bought them out in 2012, it has lost some of the characteristics that made it special. While I’m sure there were some initial kinks to be worked out in operations, it hasn’t made a huge impact so far and the doomsday predictions haven’t come through.

Bottom Line

The takeaway here is that Hostgator is pretty reliable. More so than many other unscrupulous web hosts who massively oversell their servers. Yes, Hostgator oversells too (as does everyone), but they have the experience to know when to stop. Given their massive operations, well staffed customer support teams and longevity, you needn’t worry about them shanking your site!

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