NameHero vs SiteGround: A Difficult Choice

While SiteGround has amazing features, NameHero has far lower prices, a unique architecture, and cool functionality. These two web hosts are not easy to compare because they’re both unique and try different things. However, the choice has gotten a lot easier in recent times. Here’s a detailed comparison between the two.

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NameHero vs SiteGround: Pricing

The biggest difference between SiteGround and NameHero pricing is that SiteGround’s costs a lot more, whereas NameHero has similar features at a lower price. It used to be a closer race, but then SiteGround updated their prices with a 50% hike, and now it’s no contest at all.

Here’s the complete list of NameHero coupons, and this is the best one:

Best NameHero Coupon at 60% off:

The table below shows the discounted prices of NameHero and SiteGround:

Basic Hosting$3.58/m$6.99/m
Advanced Hosting$5.18/m$9.99/m
Premium Hosting$7.98/m$14.99/m

The recent increases in SiteGround’s prices have caused a lot of dispute in the web hosting community. Particularly when customers experience sticker shock when given a SiteGround bill. GrowBig customers now have to pay $300 on a renewal!

NameHero on the other hand, not only has lower prices, their holiday discounts are pretty amazing!

Free Domain with NameHero

To make matters even clearer, NameHero provides a free domain with Turbo and business plans for two years or more, whereas SiteGround does not. This, coupled with the lower prices, makes NameHero a much more attractive option if price is your primary concern between the two

Winner: NameHero by a long shot

NO cPanel with SiteGround

Ever since SiteGround announced their new interface, they no longer support cPanel on their hosting plans. To me this is a huge disadvantage, and is one of the reasons why I no longer recommend SiteGround. Their prices are high enough that they can afford to keep cPanel for their users, and yet they chose to abandon it.

NameHero on the other hand retains cPanel even after the licensing changes. For VPS users, it also offers the free InterWorx – a cPanel competitor. But users at least have the option to use cPanel.

Features Comparison

SiteGround has a bunch of cool features that aren’t available on other hosts such as:

  • One-click staging
  • 30 days worth of backups (starting from the GrowBig plan)
  • White label access to the dashboard for your clients
  • Collaboration access to the dashboard

NameHero on the other hand, has its own unique features like:

  • LiteSpeed web server
  • Automatic malware scanning and removal with Immunify360
  • Automatic patching of applications once vulnerabilities are exposed
  • Leech protection for additional security
  • NVMe Drives
  • One-click staging

On the whole however, SiteGround has more features than NameHero. This is an advantage, and its biggest selling point.

Winner: Used to be SiteGround, but now a tie

NameHero JetBackup vs SiteGround Backups

The basic NameHero plan “Starter Cloud” has better backup functionality than the SiteGround StartUp plan. This is because NameHero allows all its users to take “snapshots” of their entire website on demand, whereas SiteGround restricts this functionality to only their GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

Ryan Gray recently upgraded NameHero’s backups with JetBackup. This means that the whole process is now automatic. You don’t have to manually request backups. This, along with offsite backups is why NameHero’s backups are so awesome. The only disadvantage compared to SiteGround, is that on higher-tier plans, you can access the last 30 SiteGround daily backups. NameHero only has daily and weekly restores.

NameHero Has Offsite Backups

One massive benefit of NameHero, is that their backups are stored offsite. This isn’t mentioned on their site, but I contacted the CEO Ryan Gray, and he assured me that they’re maintained on a separate network in a different data center. This means that what happened in 2019 with A2 Hosting can’t happen to NameHero.

SiteGround on the other hand, keeps its backups on the same network. In fact, they make you pay through the nose for their “VaultPress” service that takes automatic backups and stores them offsite.

NameHero also has a tie-up with DropMySite, which allows you to get cheap backup services from a 3rd party if you need it. Here’s why I think DropMySite is superior to CodeGuard and Jetpack. SiteGround’s VaultPress integration is super expensive by comparison.

Winner: NameHero if choosing the basic plan. SiteGround, if choosing a higher tier package. Though offsite backups from NameHero evens the odds.

Security – NameHero is Better

Thanks to Imunify360 integration, NameHero has better security features compared to SiteGround. While with SiteGround you have to pay extra to obtain these features, NameHero customers get them for free on all plans, including:

  • Free malware scanning and removal
  • Intrusion detection
  • Blacklist scanning
  • Firewall protection

Here’s a complete breakdown of all NameHero security features and what they mean. SiteGround has its own firewall and a system for preventing bad bots from hitting your site. But the really good stuff is locked behind an additional fee. Combined with SiteGround’s high rates, this extra cost really hurts.

And for many people, offsite backups are an integral part of security. As mentioned above, SiteGround charges yet another fee for this, while NameHero gives it out for free.

Winner: NameHero

Architecture Comparison

Both SiteGround and NameHero have customized architectures instead of just the raw LAMP stack found on most web hosts. SiteGround uses a tuned CentOS installation with a NGINX reverse proxy and Linux containers.

NameHero on the other hand, differs more dramatically. It uses the LiteSpeed web server instead of Apache, which really shakes things up. LiteSpeed outperforms Apache in a number of ways, and provides features out of the box that Apache does not – like server level caching.

Here’s a more thorough explanation of LiteSpeed, and what makes it special.

Winner: NameHero

Server Caching

This feature is so important, that I’ve dedicated a separate section to it. Both NameHero and SiteGround offer server level caching of pages which drastically improves performance. SitGround’s caching service is called “SuperCacher”, and NameHero offers it out of the box because of LiteSpeed.

The difference however, is that SiteGround offers caching starting only with its GrowBig plan. The basic “StartUp” plan only caches static files on the NGINX reverse proxy. NameHero on the other hand, offers server caching on all its plans. Both hosts require you to install a plugin on something like WordPress, but the heavy lifting is done by the server.

Without server caching, you’ll need to install a plugin like W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, or WP Rocket Cache, which slows down your site since its not a native solution. You can read more on my detailed article on server caching.

Integration with

A very exciting development on NameHero, is their integration with It’s kind of like Cloudflare, but also caches your entire site including static HTML! It’s a very big deal. Personally, my prediction is that these CDNs will make shared hosting even stronger. Full site caching is the future for most small to medium sites that don’t have a lot of e-commerce requirements.

SiteGround offers nothing of the sort. So NameHero clearly comes out on top.

Winner: NameHero

Data Center Locations

SiteGround wins this round easily due to the presence of its Singapore data center. There are currently four:

  • Chicago, US
  • Amsterdam, NL
  • London, UK
  • Singapore

NameHero has the following datacenters on two continents:

  1. Lansing, Michigan
  2. Phoenix, Arizona
  3. Amsterdam, EU

In fact, NameHero only recently opened a new data center in Europe, which means they’re growing fast. Here’s hoping they add a new one in Asia soon!

Winner: SiteGround


Ever since cPanel changed its licensing structure, SiteGround has been slowly moving away from cPanel and started leaning on its own custom solution. You can see my review of the new SiteGround interface. It’s pretty good and much snappier than cPanel.

However, if you’re used to cPanel, it’s obviously a disadvantage. But I don’t think you should base your purchase decision off of it. NameHero continues to offer cPanel, and they’re even branching out and offering interfaces like InterWorx.

Winner: Tie

Customer Service

This one is tough. SiteGround puts a lot of effort into its customer service, and trains its reps thoroughly. Whenever I’ve contacted them, I’ve always received excellent service. It gets even better on the GoGeek plan where you receive the highest level of service and access to Tier IV technicians.

NameHero’s approach to customer service is different. As a smaller web host, they don’t have to deal with the volumes that SiteGround contends with. As a result, their interactions are a lot more personal. The CEO Ryan Gray often responds to blog post comments, and on Youtube videos. You’ll see that NameHero’s customer service is a lot more intimate.

If you read forum reviews, a lot of customers say they stick with NameHero because of the customer service. This results in them having a lot of long term customers who are almost like family. As NameHero grows in size, I don’t know how much longer this can last, but right now, that’s what it’s like!

Winner: Tie

Bottom Line

Both NameHero and SiteGround are amazing web hosts that approach their services differently. NameHero is cheaper, and focuses on its unique LiteSpeed architecture and personalized customer service. SiteGround is the “Apple” of the web hosting world, and has an array of features that “just work” – albeit at a price.

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  1. Appreciate this review. I was trying to find a reason to stick with Siteground. There new Cpanel is a big reason for me leaving. I don’t like it at all. I hear somethings about Name Hero but they are not that popular which is why I have been scared to transfer my websites to them.


    • Sometimes a smaller provider will outperform because they can’t rely on their name and need to offer the best customer service to maximize customer retention. I find NameHero is one such example.

      And their list of features is really rather impressive…


  2. As a longtime Siteground user and fan, this was incredibly good information. Very much appreciated! Siteground service is second to none. I actually liked their new admin backend after adjusting to the change. The platform itself is not as robust in terms of RAM and SSD. Also, the PHP variable lockdowns are sometimes problematic with WP demo imports. Costly in terms of time.

    Thanks again, Bhagwad, and thanks for the coupon also. Again, one of the best write-ups and recommendations that solves the problem of trying to compare and contrast the never-ending number of host offerings out there. You get 5 stars!


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