Cheap CDN Hosting: and Cloudflare

A CDN traditionally hosted only static files like images, JavaScript and CSS. But new technologies from and Cloudflare, allow for full site hosting on POPs around the world. Finally, cheap CDN hosting is within reach, and it'll change web hosting forever. Welcome to a new world, where … [Read more...]

The Best CDN in South Africa isn’t Good Enough!

Africa has a CDN problem. It's unique in that almost every CDN company has a server in Africa but using it will probably slow down your site! We're so used to the idea of "needing a CDN", that we never pause to consider the exceptions. And Africa is an exception. It doesn't matter if you have the … [Read more...]

Every CDN Ignores Your Cache Retention Preferences

After years of working with different CDN providers, I've reached a disturbing conclusion. All CDNs ignore your cache retention preferences. They flush your data long before you want them to. And I have the data to prove it. This drags down your cache hit ratio and slows down your site. Ideally, … [Read more...]

Why Cloudflare is the Best CDN (Even if it’s Free!)

I've been experimenting with a lot of different CDNs lately, and I've come to a realization. Cloudflare is the best CDN out of all the others in the market. It's easy to take it for granted. It's free, after all. All web hosts allow you to integrate directly with Cloudflare for free as part of their … [Read more...]