HostArmada vs NameHero: Withholding LiteSpeed

The biggest difference between HostArmada and NameHero is that HostArmada offers the LiteSpeed web server only on its most expensive “Speed Reaper” plan, whereas NameHero allows LiteSpeed on all its web hosting packages. Both are featured on the list of best LiteSpeed web hosts, but you need to keep in mind this limitation.

A secondary difference is that NameHero doesn’t have a WAF, but HostArmada does. So the latter has slightly higher security, and the former has better performance.

HostArmada vs NameHero Pricing

Since HostArmada is such a new web host, they currently have very attractive pricing to lure in new customers. So if the price is a major concern for you, it’s a good time to purchase HostArmada while they’re still in the honeymoon phase! Here’s the HostArmada coupon list. This is the highest one from WP-Tweaks:

They have seasonal offers that lower the prices even more from time to time.

HostArmada's Seasonal Deals
HostArmada’s Seasonal Deals

NameHero on the other hand is a well-established presence, so their prices have stabilized. Here’s the best NameHero coupon with a 55% discount:

Also, HostArmada has lower prices on its starting plans because of the lack of LiteSpeed. More on that below. But right now, HostArmada wins on pure pricing:

Winner: HostArmada – but with caveats

Performance: No LiteSpeed on Lower HostArmada Plans

The biggest drawback with HostArmada is that they don’t offer the LiteSpeed server on their starting plans. You can read more about this to determine whether HostArmada is good or bad. It means that the greatest performance gains won’t be available until you purchase the highest tier “Speed Reaper” plan.

By contrast, NameHero has LiteSpeed deeply baked into everything. Right from the “Starter Cloud” package, to the very highest levels, it’s all LiteSpeed. And this brings the expected performance benefits. Here’s an explanation of what LiteSpeed is, and why it’s so good. This is the reason why NameHero is more expensive than HostArmada for the lower level plans. Unlike Apache, LiteSpeed is a paid product, so web hosts have to raise their prices to cover their margins.

So as far as performance goes, it’s no contest.

Winner: NameHero

Security: NameHero Doesn’t Have a WAF

NameHero is no slouch in the security department. They have some of the best security provisions I’ve ever seen. Not only do they regularly scan your website for vulnerabilities, but they also store their backups in an offsite facility, and regularly scan your website for malware via the cool Imunify360 plugin on cPanel.

However, HostArmada brings something new to the table – namely a WAF, or a “Web Application Firewall”. I’ve written a more in-depth article on HostArmada’s security features. It competes with Cloudflare in providing advanced WAF protection for your site at no cost. This is the most unique HostArmada feature, and I’ve never seen another web host that does this.

Winner: HostArmada

Customer Support: NameHero has US Based Reps

NameHero has built itself a solid name in the web hosting industry for having top-notch customer support with US-based customer service reps. But more than that, NameHero’s customer service is highly personalized, unlike anything I’ve ever encountered. The CEO himself is super involved in conversations around the brand, in the blog comments, on Youtube, and social media.

By contrast, HostArmada is very depersonalized. I was able to find out a little bit about the ownership, but I couldn’t get any actual names. Unlike NameHero, HostArmada appears to be run by a bunch of executives, rather than the “in-the-weeds” personality of Ryan Gray. So while I have nothing bad to say about HostArmada’s customer service, it can’t compare to NameHero’s efforts in this regard.

Winner: NameHero

Data Centers: HostArmada Has a LOT

This one is easy. NameHero has data centers in two continents – the US and the EU. HostArmada on the other hand has 9 data centers scattered around the globe in places like India and Singapore! So if you have a majority of customers on that side of the planet, the HostArmada is probably the best bet for you.

Winner: HostArmada

Bottom Line

Choose NameHero if you want superior performance on even the basic starter plans. HostArmada is a lot cheaper (for now), with an amazing security service that’s unparalleled in the industry. But don’t forget about customer service and data center placement as well! They’re both great web hosts. Which one you choose will depend on how highly you value their respective strengths.

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