The 3 Best LiteSpeed Web Hosts

NameHero offers LiteSpeed web servers in the US and Europe. In addition, they use MariaDB databases, provide offsite backups, free malware scanning, and extremely personalized customer service.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • MariaDB Databases
  • Free Daily and Weekly Backups
  • Free Malware Scanning
  • Free Domain Name
  • SSD 10 RAID Storage
  • Free SSL
SSD Drives
Offsite Backups
Server Caching
cPanel Dashboard
HostArmada is a new web host that combines some of the best features of other providers. But what really stands out is their security infrastructure.
  • LiteSpeed on “Speed Reaper” Plan
  • Free WAF (Web Application Firewall)
  • 9 Datacenters Across the Globe
  • Free Malware Scanning
  • User Account Isolation
  • Free Private DNS
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A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting offers LiteSpeed as part of its “Turbo” plan. With NVMe drives and data centers in Singapore, you get blazing fast load times. With Server Rewind, your data is always kept safe.
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  • LiteSpeed on Turbo Plans Only
  • Data Centers in Singapore
  • NVMe SSD Drives
  • Server Rewind
  • Free Malware Scanning
  • Baked in SSL
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GreenGeeks specializes in environment friendly hosting. But they’re one of the few hosting providers to also offer LiteSpeed. They purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to offset their carbon emissions.
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  • LiteSpeed Servers on All Plans
  • Data Centers in Europe and US
  • Green Web Hosting via RECs
  • Server Caching via In-House Plugin
  • Account Isolation for Shared Hosting
  • Free SSL
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1. NameHero LiteSpeed Hosting (Recommended)

I recommend NameHero because they offer features that others don’t have. Like:


  1. LiteSpeed (Obviously)
  2. MariaDB instead of MySQL
  3. Offsite backups – read more about NameHero backups
  4. Free malware scanning
  5. The most personalized customer service I’ve ever seen
  6. SSD 10 RAID storage

Servers in:

  • Michigan, US
  • Arizona, US
  • Amsterdam, EU

NameHero is one of the most feature rich web hosts. In addition to LiteSpeed, they have free malware scanning, backups, MariaDB instead of MySQL and renewable discounts. In November 2019, they added a European server in the Netherlands. This makes it one of the few providers to have a LiteSpeed server in Europe. Here’s a complete NameHero review, with a full list of all their features.

Another reason why I recommend NameHero is their customer service. It’s personal. They don’t outsource their help center, and the CEO Ryan Gray constantly interacts with customers directly on his blog, and YouTube videos.

2. A2 Hosting with LiteSpeed (Turbo Plan Only)

A2 Hosting Features:

  1. LiteSpeed with Turbo plans
  2. Data centers in Singapore in addition to US/EU
  3. NVMe Drives for faster SSD performance
  4. Server rewind backups (“Drive” plan and above)
  5. Free malware scanning and hacking prevention

Here’s a complete A2 Hosting review.

Servers in:

  • Michigan, USA
  • Arizona, USA
  • Amsterdam, EU
  • Singapore, Asia

A2 Hosting is the only “big” brand I’m aware of that offers LiteSpeed web hosting. However, it’s only available for the highest tier “Turbo” plan as shown here:

European LiteSpeed Hosting Options
A2 Hosting with LiteSpeed on “Turbo” Plan

Like NameHero and GreenGeeks, A2 also has a European data center in the Netherlands. For what it’s worth, A2 Hosting even has a data center in Asia, located in Singapore – the only one of the three on this list to have such a presence.

But unlike these two, it doesn’t offer a free domain when you sign up for a period of one year or more. A2 Hosting isn’t cheap, and it isn’t trying to be.

3. GreenGeeks LiteSpeed Hosting

Server Locations:

  • Illinois, US
  • Arizona, US
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Amsterdam, EU

Another unique web host with servers in the Netherlands. GreenGeeks runs the LiteSpeed web server just like NameHero. It also has the added feature of compensating for its carbon emissions by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Here’s the complete GreenGeeks coupon list, as well as a thorough review.

Click here to get 70% off GreenGeeks hosting, starting at $2.95/m:

There has been some discussion of how meaningful RECs are in compensating for carbon emissions, specially since the money goes into constructing renewable energy infrastructure, and not actually offsetting carbon. However, there’s no doubt that GreenGeeks is trying to distinguish itself by doing the responsible thing, and it surely gets credit for that!

4. HostArmada (Speed Reaper Plan)

HostArmada is a relatively new web hosting company that’s packed with features. One of them is a LiteSpeed web server for their “Speed Reaper” plan. Here’s a comprehensive HostArmada review to help you choose.

Why European LiteSpeed Hosting?

The biggest reason to host your Europe based site on a LiteSpeed server, is caching. Unlike 3rd party plugins that slow your site LiteSpeed does it directly on the server, making it much faster and more efficient. There are LiteSpeed caching plugins for all major software platforms, so you’ll surely find something to match your architecture.

Unlike traditional caches, LiteSpeed also caches parts of dynamic pages like those found on eCommerce sites, significantly speeding up even dynamic content. The technology is called “Edge Side Includes” or “ESI”.

Another amazing potential feature is the beta When it finally rolls out to everyone, it will provide a global CDN to all LiteSpeed enabled servers – but with a difference. will also cache dynamic pages, making it the only CDN to do so. What this essentially means is that your site will run globally, everywhere at once.

Whether or not this technology lives up to its promise, is yet to be seen. But it’s a fantastic idea, and one that will truly change the nature of web hosting if it pans out.

Bottom Line

These are three European LiteSpeed hosting providers. Only the first two – NameHero and GreenGeeks – provide LiteSpeed out of the box. The third (A2), requires the Turbo plan. My personal recommendation is NameHero since I like the team and have personal experience with them. But any one of them should get the job done with the amazing LiteSpeed web server features!

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