Wix Holds Your Website Hostage – a Bad Idea

If you’re starting a website for the first time, you might be considering Wix – a website builder that allows you to create a new site in just a few clicks. The main features are ease of use, as you can start building website components without any coding knowledge and can implement functionality like scheduling with ease. However, all these benefits come with a serious downside – namely flexibility. Once your website is hosting with Wix, there’s no way to migrate out of it.

In addition, it’s not future proof. In this article, I’ll show you why Wix is a bad idea to host your site compared to solutions like WordPress.

1. Wix is Not Future Proof or Open Source

One of the biggest worries with a platform like Wix is that you don’t know if they’re going to be around 20 years later. A business is a long-term project, and as time goes by, your website becomes more and more entrenched. So you need to base it on technologies that will remain with you forever.

Wix is a private company, and its code is not open source. What this means is that if they go out of business one day, your website is done for. You can’t migrate it to any other platform because their code isn’t open source, and no one can develop migration tools. Open source platforms like WordPress don’t have this problem, because even if the parent company – Automattic – goes under, the project will be picked up by someone else.

In general, always be wary of closed source technologies. If you want to build your business on a solid base, ensure continuity.

2. Hostage to Price Increases

Once you build your website and host it on Wix, you’re stuck there. When they decide to increase their prices, you can’t migrate out of the platform due to its proprietary nature. Websites tend to have a lot of inertia. You tend to remain on the same web hosting platform for a long time. There are high switching costs in terms of effort.

But at least with something like WordPress, you have the option to switch. If need be, you can move your website to another hosting provider. With Wix, you can’t do either of these things. You’re stuck on their hosting service, using their software. So you can be squeezed any which way at the whim of the company. You’re locked in – and that’s never a good long-term strategy for a business website.

There are plenty of affordable web hosting options – cost shouldn’t be a reason to choose Wix over normal web hosting.

3. No Security Audits due to Closed Source

Another disadvantage of a closed source software model is that no one really knows about how secure it is. The code isn’t available for auditing, so we can’t tell if it uses best practices, or whether it’s vulnerable to certain attacks. One might argue that this hinders attackers as well, but that’s a very flimsy kind of security. Worst case scenario, it means that insiders will be able to exploit vulnerabilities without consequences.

Something like WordPress on the other hand, is always under the microscope. Its code is checked and rechecked with every update. Large companies rely on WordPress for their backend, and they conduct their own audits. Every line is debated, discussed, and thought about by the global developer community. As a result, it’s rock-solid, and if you follow best practices, you can be more or less assured of a vulnerability free installation.

4. Limited Plugins and Flexibility

While Wix comes with its own easy functionality, it simply can’t match up to the tens of thousands of plugins developed for an open-source project like WordPress. And you can’t develop your own plugins either if the in-built ones don’t give you what you want. Neither can you hire someone to build it.

So you’re pretty much stuck with what they give you out of the box. End result – it’s difficult to build a website that’s unusual, or has special requirements. As your site grows, you’ll come to appreciate all the little things that help it stand out. With Wix, it’s going to be more or less cookie cutter.

Bottom Line

Website builders like Wix have a clear benefit – they allow a complete novice to set up a professional-looking site with in-built functionality out of the box. And that’s useful. However, it’s not a solution that you can depend on for years. And if you’re thinking of starting a website or a blog that you intend to run for years, don’t choose Wix. Stick with something that’s future proof instead.

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