Cheap Web Hosting is Sufficient with New CDN Caching!

Welcome to a new world, where cheap, low-cost web hosting is sufficient for most sites. Sounds too good to be true? It's not. Technology is changing the web hosting game in ways that are shaking up the industry. Cheap Web Hosting - A Bad Idea? For years, you may have heard that cheap web … [Read more...]

Why You SHOULD Pay For Your Website

Last week, I was helping a friend start their own website - a simple affair with an "About" page, a contact form, and a blog. They were signing up for a free service from But my advice to them was to upgrade to paid hosting. Perhaps even within WordPress itself. But upgrading to a … [Read more...]

First-Time Web Hosting Pitfalls and Suggestions

If you've never hosted a website before, you need to go slowly and not get carried away with big promises. You're going to make mistakes, and sometimes start over. So here are the criteria for a web host if this is your first rodeo: Needs to be cheapHave a short billing cycleMust be … [Read more...]

Types of Web Hosting Discounts

Searching for the best web hosting deal can be confusing, because each host has a slightly different spin on the way they offer discounts. If you're not careful, you can find yourself hit with a surprise bill at the end of the year. This is one of the reasons why hosting prices are misleading. So … [Read more...]

$3/m is the MINIMUM to Pay for Discount Web Hosting

If you're looking for the cheapest web hosting, there's a certain price point below which you shouldn't go. Below that, web hosts start compromising on basic features that you'll need to run even a small website. Here are the limits I've found in my research: MINIMUM Price for 3-years: $2.64/m … [Read more...]

3 Expensive Web Hosting Services That Are Worth it

I spend a lot of time talking about the most affordable web hosting packages, figuring out the fine line between features, and cost. But sometimes, price isn't a concern. What you're looking for is rock-solid stability, excellent customer service, and features that make your life easier. So here … [Read more...]

5 Different Ways to Use Your Web Hosting Space

So you've just purchased a web hosting plan, and have set up your website. Great! But did you know that you can do a lot more with your service than just host websites? You probably haven't thought of it before, simply because you purchased your plan with a single goal in mind. But a piece of a … [Read more...]

Paid Links Can Help your SERPS with rel=”sponsored”!

For years, Google's advice for paid links has been the same. You must "nofollow" them. This meant that Google wouldn't take these links into consideration for ranking. The idea was simple of course - if a website doesn't want to "endorse" a particular site, but still needs to link to it, then should … [Read more...]

Website Hosting for WordPress with WPMU DEV

Today on 17th September 2019, WPMU DEV is releasing its hosting plans as part of the existing subscription model. This is amazing news for customers, as it's a free addition to the lost list of features that WPMU DEV already provides for its standard $49/m. In this review, I'll explain the features … [Read more...]

Why Shared Hosting Will NEVER Go Away

The web hosting world has seen a lot of changes in the past decade. We've seen the introduction of cloud hosting, VPS containers, Amazon AWS, and other cloud computing technologies like Google Cloud Compute. In addition, new products have popped up that allow users to create websites without … [Read more...]