[Fix] Cloudflare Blocking REST API Requests

Sometimes, Cloudflare blocks REST API requests and prevents WordPress from working correctly. I most commonly encounter this problem when the WordPress Gutenberg editor throws the following message: Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response. Cloudflare Blocking REST API … [Read more...]

How to Inline Above the Fold CSS

Inlining your CSS is especially important if you have low-cost web hosting, like Hostgator for example. Here are the steps to identify and inline above-the-fold CSS for your WordPress site. Related to Inlining CSS: Best TTFB HostingCDN Web Hosting for Low-Cost ProvidersServer-Side Caching: … [Read more...]

3 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Blazing Fast Speed

Now that search engines like Google have started considering the page experience for rankings, your site needs to load quickly. WordPress by default is pretty slow. It wasn't built with loading speed in mind and as a result, there are lots of JavaScript, CSS, and page generation inefficiencies. It … [Read more...]

How to Track URL Clicks with Google Tag Manager (GA4)

For this tutorial, you should already have set up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on Google Tag Manager. Once you've done that, here's how to track URL clicks. Related to Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics: Exclude Logged in WordPress Users with Google Tag ManagerCloudflare Analytics vs … [Read more...]

How to Add a Table of Contents in WordPress via Shortcode

With more and more SEOs advocating "long form content", it's becoming increasingly difficult to navigate articles. Especially since so many articles just don't get to the point! In their drive to achieve a set number of words to qualify for "long form" articles, people have started to ignore the … [Read more...]

How to Remove the Footer Link for Verbosa Theme in WordPress

Normally, removing the footer credits in a theme is easy. We can use an action hook, modify the child theme to just rewrite the relevant page. However, Cryout Creations makes it very difficult to remove the footer link for Verbosa and their other themes. For example, the Verbosa theme has the … [Read more...]

How to Implement a “Top Bar” in WordPress for Special Offers

A top bar is a great way to display persistent ads or special offers on your site without annoying your readers. Unlike regular advertisements which are lost when your user scrolls past them, the top bar "sticks" to the top (or bottom) of your site and is always present so it doesn't get lost. This … [Read more...]

How to Use the SiteGround WordPress Migrator

Yesterday on July 19th, 2018, SiteGround released a new tool that allows you to easily transfer a WordPress site from any other hosting provider to SiteGround. While this was possible previously, it required downloading a copy of your site and databases onto your PC, and then uploading that … [Read more...]

How to Install WordPress After Purchasing Web Hosting

Now that you've purchased web hosting, it's time to build your site! For this, we're going to use "WordPress". It's an application that powers more than 30% of all websites. WordPress allows you to create web pages, navigation menus, and a blog. This tutorial will explain how to install it … [Read more...]

How to Calculate Values in WordPress Posts and Pages

Let's say you store some data in MySQL database that you retrieve via a shortcode. This shortcode returns a dynamic value that's updated in real time. Great! Now what if you need to perform some calculation on that value? Let's say it's as simple as multiplying it by 2. Now you're stuck! Short of … [Read more...]