I Almost Fell for this Twitter Scam with a Fake ID!

Like most tech enthusiasts, I consider myself adept at spotting scams. But a few days back, I almost fell for a very dangerous Twitter scam, where a scammer impersonates someone and replies to you when you ask the original account a payment question. Asking a Payment Question on Twitter - Got a … [Read more...]

Android App Tracking: Reddit and Google News are HORRIBLE!

Earlier this week, I downloaded and installed the DuckDuckGo app with App Tracking Protection in public beta, and what I found blew my mind. I naively thought that installing uBlock Origin on my mobile Firefox browser was enough. But I found that even beloved apps like Reddit were executing hundreds … [Read more...]

How to Use Cloudflare Zero Trust For WordPress Login Pages

Cloudflare Zero Trust lets you protect WordPress login pages and firmly thwart hackers from trying to infiltrate your application. It also eliminates bot traffic that uses up server resources. Here are the steps to implement it. Related to Cloudflare Zero Trust: Cloudflare Firewall … [Read more...]

ONE Cloudflare Rule to Block All WordPress Comment Spam

Here's an easy way to block all WordPress comment spam using a single Cloudflare firewall rule. Related to Cloudflare and WordPress Comments: How to Implement Infinite Threaded Replies in WordPress How to Disable Links in WordPress Comments How to Fix Cloudflare Blocking REST API … [Read more...]

[Fix] Cloudflare Blocking REST API Requests

Sometimes, Cloudflare blocks REST API requests and prevents WordPress from working correctly. I most commonly encounter this problem when the WordPress Gutenberg editor throws the following message: Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response. Cloudflare Blocking REST API … [Read more...]

“HTTPS Not Evaluated” Error Can Fix Itself

After I published a post yesterday, I got the following error in the Google Search Console (GSC): "HTTPS not evaluated", under the "HTTPS is invalid and might prevent it from being indexed" link as shown here: HTTPS is Invalid and might prevent it from being indexed After clicking the … [Read more...]

4 Most Secure Web Hosting Providers

Here are the top 4 most secure web hosting providers. Most web hosts don't include free security. Disclaimer: I get a commission when you buy through my site, and your clicks let me buy solid gold thrones :) A2 Hosting 9.9 A2 Hosting is the most secure web hosting … [Read more...]

Hostgator Security: It’s Not Enough

Even though it provides basic security for its servers, Hostgator doesn't protect individual accounts from hacking attempts and malware. You must either purchase the SiteLock add-on or subscribe to a 3rd party security solution. These add to your hosting costs, cutting into the deep discounts … [Read more...]

How to Fix cPanel AutoSSL Errors Under a Cloudflare Proxy

One day, I woke up to find that all my Let's Encrypt SSL certificates had expired. How was this possible? I had been using AutoSSL or Let's Encrypt for years and they were renewing without any issues. So I went into my web hosting panel and tried to renew them manually, but they all failed. … [Read more...]

Convert WordPress to HTTPS with SSL for Free

Converting your WordPress site to use HTTPS is easy with Cloudflare. There are two ways of doing it. Generate a Cloudflare Origin certificate for 15-years Flexible SSL The first method is more thorough. The second one as shown below, is called "Flexible SSL", and only encrypts data … [Read more...]