Hostgator India vs Bluehost India – Which One to Choose?

There are many reasons to choose hosting in India. And you have a choice between two well known companies – Hostgator India, and Bluehost India. They’re both big brand names with an established presence. This face off will compare:

  1. Prices of shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS, and Cloud hosting
  2. Customer service

Table of Contents:

Short Version – I Prefer Hostgator India

Hostgator India is simply the better choice. Click here for a list of their discount coupons. Also, here is a complete review of Hostgator India.

But first, the similarities between the two. Also keep in mind that this comparison only covers the India branches. If you want the global branch, that’s a different list of Hostgator coupon codes and discounts.

Now for the long version.

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Who Owns Bluehost India and Hostgator India?

Both Bluehost India as well as Hostgator India are affiliated to their primary US counterparts. The original companies don’t directly interfere in the Indian operations. The businesses are separate, the customer service is separate, and the hardware is separate.

On the larger scale, they’re both owned by EIG – Endurance International Group. This is a massive mega corporation that’s well known for its acquisitions of hosting companies including Hostgator and Bluehost. While there’s a lot of speculation about EIG’s business operations and how the quality of the hosting services goes down after they acquire an organization, there’s no concrete evidence of it. I do know however, that the management groups at these companies get “” e-mail IDs, so there’s no doubt as to who they work for.

Hostgator India and – more particularly – Bluehost India, have tieups with ResellerClub and use the same datacenters. So for India hosting, everything is on the same hardware. “Bluehost India” isn’t the same as the Bluehost brand in the US, and the same is true for Hostgator India. Keeping that in mind the differentiating factors between the two lies in price, and customer service. So let’s get right to it.

Server Locations for Bluehost India

I’m not sure why, but Bluehost India offers US based hosting as well as India locations. The prices are different too! If you’re looking at an Indian hosting company, I’m guessing that you will want datacenters located in India. So the price comparisons you see below are the ones for the India datacenters, not the US ones.

Exception: Bluehost India and Hostgator India WordPress servers are not located in India. See the WordPress comparison below for further information.

Hostgator India vs Bluehost India Overall Pricing

First off, Hostgator India has vastly better deals and discounts compared to Bluehost India. You can search here for a Hostgator India coupon code that gives the most savings. Bluehost India’s deals and discounts are pretty non-existent, and even the ones that are supposed to work are dysfunctional. So if you’re looking for a cheap way to get online, Hostgator India wins hands down.

However, keep in mind that these discounts are only for the first subscription period. After that ends, you pay the full cost for renewals. And it’s here that the prices between the two become much more comparable. In the tables below, I include the coupon code for Hostgator India that gives the best savings for that particular service.

Note: These prices have been standardized to a 1-year renewal period. Both Hostgator India and Bluehost India show prices on their website that are artificially reduced because they want to push 3-year renewals on you. For comparison purposes, I’ve extracted how much it’ll cost you for one year of hosting. You’re welcome!

Hostgator India vs Bluehost India – Shared Hosting Price Comparison

Basic Advanced Premium Super Premium
Hostgator India Shared Hosting ₹79/month
74% off coupon code: HGSHARED
With coupon code: SUNSHINE
With coupon code: SUNSHINE
Bluehost India Shared Hosting ₹169/month
₹279/month ₹279/month ₹909/month

As you can see, Hostgator India has some incredible deals. Once you renew however, the price difference between the two isn’t much.

Hostgator India vs Bluehost India Pricing for WordPress Hosting

Basic Advanced Premium
Hostgator India WordPress Hosting ₹199/month
With coupon code: WORDPRESS
With coupon code: WORDPRESS
With coupon code: WORDPRESS
Bluehost India WordPress Hosting ₹349/month ₹449/month ₹549/month

Since these prices are updated regularly, I’m not sure what the table shows as you’re reading this. However, I would say that Bluehost India’s WordPress hosting plans are actually cheaper than Hostgator India once the renewal period begins! This is surprising when you consider that the global Bluehost WordPress hosting prices are pretty darn high (and there’s a reason for that)!

There’s one problem though. Both their WordPress servers are located in the US! Here’s a screenshot:

No India Servers for Hostgator India WordPress

This is weird because their shared hosting plans have an option to choose the datacenter location between US and India. It’s ridiculous that this option doesn’t exist for WordPress hosting! To me, this removes the entire point of using Indian companies for WordPress hosting! You might as well use the regular WordPress discounts to get WordPress or WooCommerce hosting.

Hostgator India vs Bluehost India Pricing for VPS Plans

Basic VPS Advanced VPS Premium VPS Super Premium VPS
Hostgator India VPS ₹699.00/month
With coupon Code: SUNSHINE
With coupon Code: SUNSHINE
With coupon Code: SUNSHINE
With coupon Code: SUNSHINE
Bluehost India VPS ₹1399/month ₹3599/month ₹5199/month ₹6999/month

Here, Hostgator India beats Bluehost India on VPS prices. Even more so, if you consider the substantial discounts!

Hostgator India vs Bluehost India Pricing for Cloud Hosting

Basic Cloud Advanced Cloud Premium Cloud
Hostgator India Cloud Hosting ₹699.5/month
Coupon Code: CLOUD30
Coupon Code: CLOUD30
Coupon Code: CLOUD30
Bluehost India Cloud Hosting $749/month $909/month $1079/month

Not much difference between the two price wise. So all things being equal, the discounts offered by Hostgator India win out.

Hostgator India vs Bluehost India – Customer Service

I’ve covered this in more detail in my Hostgator India review, so I’ll just add the major differences here.

Long story short, I would recommend Hostgator India’s customer service over Bluehost India. It’s true that neither of them have excellent reviews as far as response times and expertise goes. But Hostgator India wins out for two big reasons.

First, Hostgator India provides a “chat” option on their contact page. For me, this is hugely important as I often prefer to resolve issues over chat rather than over the phone. I don’t like waiting for 20 minutes with the phone stuck to my ear, and hear the same messages over and over. Chat support is great, you can do other things while you connect, there’s no problem about miscommunication, and everything is recorded. Bluehost India doesn’t offer this option at all, so that’s a big thumbs down from me.

Second, Hostgator India provides a local Indian telephone number for contacting customer support. Bluehost India on the other hand, has a generic US based number. Whether or not this actually makes a difference is a secondary issue. Hostgator India just feels a lot more local and customer oriented for its Indian clients. Bluehost India looks like they just slapped on a generic interface, without actually bothering to customize the experience.


Taken as a whole, I prefer Hostgator India to Bluehost India. It might be different if we’re comparing the global brands, but as far as the Indian operations go, I will recommend Hostgator. Their customer service is what really gives it the leg up, and we can’t ignore the awesome Hostgator India discounts and promo codes either!

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