SiteGround Data Center Locations

SiteGround has data centers all around the world. Since they switched to the Google Cloud Compute network, they've rapidly expanded their list of data centers and CDNs. The most recent is the location in Madrid, which they added in June 2022, and doubles as a CDN. This brings the total number of … [Read more...]

HostArmada vs SiteGround: Not Worth the Extra Cost

Because of the extremely high prices, HostArmada is better than SiteGround for shared hosting. SiteGround's main benefit comes from its excellent backup systems and NGINX reverse-proxy architecture. However, HostArmada backups are almost as good with the NGINX architecture but cost less than half of … [Read more...]

KnownHost vs SiteGround: Tough to Choose

SiteGround has many unique features, but KnownHost matches each and adds even more. But the biggest difference between KnownHost and SiteGround is the price. SiteGround is twice as expensive as KnownHost, even though the discounted prices are similar. I hosted on SiteGround for seven years, so I … [Read more...]

SiteGround Tried to Take Down my GoGeek Review

I've been a fan of SiteGround for years. In fact, I hosted my sites with them for 7 years. In my reviews, I have consistently labeled them as a "premium" service, going so far as to call them "The Apple of shared hosting". I'm no longer an affiliate, however. They didn't want any affiliates to refer … [Read more...]

Huge SiteGround Price Increase – The Last Straw!

Here is the latest SiteGround price increase data from June 2020: SiteGround PlanOld PriceOld Renewal PriceNew PriceNew Renewal PriceStartUp$3.95$11.95$$GrowBig$5.95$19.95$$GoGeek$11.95$34.95$$Massive SiteGround Price Increase I had already stopped recommending SiteGround because of their … [Read more...]

Why I No Longer Recommend SiteGround

Update: To prove my point, SiteGround increased its prices again. I now recommend NameHero instead, but this further proves that SiteGround is out of touch with customers. SiteGround was my favorite web host for a long time. I used to call it the "Apple" of the hosting world due to its focus on … [Read more...]

Best SiteGround Alternative: NameHero

After the massive SiteGround price increase, I decided it was time to switch web hosts even though I loved the features. I'd been using SiteGround's GoGeek hosting plan for seven years, so this wasn't an easy decision. After doing a lot of research, I finally settled on NameHero hosting. At first, … [Read more...]

NameHero vs SiteGround: A Difficult Choice

While SiteGround has impressive features, NameHero has far lower prices, a unique architecture, and excellent functionality. These web hosts are not easy to compare because they're both fantastic and try different things. However, the choice has gotten a lot easier recently, and I think NameHero is … [Read more...]

SiteGround Renewal Discount: Too Expensive @ $300!

I'll be blunt. There is no SiteGround renewal discount after your first billing cycle is over. However, I'll give you a few tips that might allow you to continue paying a lower price even after the renewal period. Note: After many years, I now recommend NameHero instead of SiteGround for web … [Read more...]

SiteGround Interface Review: First Impressions

NOTE: I no longer recommend SiteGround. Instead, I choose NameHero Hosting. It wasn't an easy decision, but I stand by it. The loss of cPanel is a big deal, and SiteGround renewal costs are now simply too high to ignore after their deceptively deep discounts for the first year. At the end of July … [Read more...]