Kinsta vs InMotion: Kinsta is Better. However…

Even though both offer managed WordPress plans, Kinsta is better than InMotion Hosting in every way. However, Kinsta has one fatal flaw - you pay separately for each additional WordPress site, whereas with InMotion, you pay a single fee for unlimited sites. So if you have many smaller sites, Kinsta … [Read more...]

The Best Kinsta Alternative is..a VPS!

I like the idea of managed WordPress hosting with Kinsta, and have considered moving to them several times. I wrote a glowing Kinsta review because I believe they really do try their best to make WordPress as painless as possible. However, I've always pulled back at the last minute. When I do the … [Read more...]

Kinsta Pricing: Too Expensive?

Kinsta is premium because it's not shared hosting. Each WordPress installation's resources are 100% private with dedicated PHP workers. By contrast, ordinary shared hosting not only spreads the server's resources among your site, it also shares them with everyone else on the server. Here are the … [Read more...]