Kinsta vs InMotion: Kinsta is Better. However…

Even though both offer managed WordPress plans, Kinsta is better than InMotion Hosting in every way. However, Kinsta has one fatal flaw - you pay separately for each additional WordPress site, whereas with InMotion, you pay a single fee for unlimited sites. So if you have many smaller sites, Kinsta … [Read more...]

The Best Kinsta Alternative is..a VPS!

I like the idea of managed WordPress hosting with Kinsta, and have considered moving to them several times. I wrote a glowing review of Kinsta because I believe they really do try their best to make WordPress as painless as possible. However, I've always pulled back at the last minute. When I do the … [Read more...]

Kinsta Doubles Disk Space and Performance with C2 VMs

I already had a pretty high opinion of Kinsta. It's a "boutique-like" web host that specializes in one thing - and only that - WordPress hosting. In my previous Kinsta hosting review, I answered a question that many people were asking: Is it worth it? The answer was "Yes, if you really care about … [Read more...]

Kinsta Pricing: Too Expensive?

Kinsta is expensive because it's not shared hosting. Each website's resources are 100% private, and not shared with anyone else - not even your own separate installations. Your site also gets dedicated PHP workers. Because of this, the cost of hosting increases with each additional WordPress … [Read more...]