Why I Don’t Use Managed WordPress Hosting

I love the idea of managed WordPress hosting, and have considered moving to it myself several times. I've written a glowing review of Kinsta, because I believe they really do try their best to make WordPress as painless as possible. However, I've always pulled back at the last minute. There are … [Read more...]

5 Things I REMOVED From my Site: via Negativa

I'm a big fan of Nassim Nicholas Taleb's views on fragility and antifragility. As a result of his thoughts, my approach to web design is via negativa. That is, we often feel that we need to do something to improve our site. Add new features. A new sidebar. Something extra. However in real life, … [Read more...]

Bluehost Managed WordPress vs “Regular” WordPress

The ordinary Bluehost WordPress plan is just regular shared hosting with a few WordPress specific features like automatic installation and updates. No big deal. By contrast, the Bluehost managed WordPress package is a lot more powerful and provides a more advanced experience for WordPress users. … [Read more...]

The Bluehost WordPress Plan is Just Shared Hosting!

Until sometime in early 2018, the Bluehost WordPress plan was special. It stood out from regular shared hosting by being far more capable and could handle a huge number of visitors without stuttering. It also had a price to match. For marketing reasons, they were forced to add "ordinary" WordPress … [Read more...]

Free WordPress Hosting: What Do You Lose?

Does free web hosting exist? Yes, it does. Does free GOOD hosting exist? Well, that depends on what you mean by "good", but in general - no. With each type of free hosting service, you lose different things. Whether you're looking to host free HTML pages or WordPress, here's a list of what you don't … [Read more...]

7 Reasons to Not Switch to the Gutenberg WordPress Editor

I've been using WordPress since 2010. Ten years of blogging on my personal blog, and hundreds upon hundreds of freelance articles on dozens of others. I've been doing this a long time. So when I heard that the new Gutenberg WordPress editor was close to completion, I was itching to try it out. I … [Read more...]