3 Best Hosts with NVMe Web Hosting

Here are the three best hosts for NVMe web hosting, with special considerations for WordPress plans that use NVMe drives.

NameHero 9.9

NameHero transitioned to NVMe drives a while back, and you get them on the “Turbo Cloud” plan. With unlimited storage, it’s great for NVMe hosting. Comes with free backups and restore.

  • LiteSpeed webserver
  • Server side caching
  • Free firewall
  • Free malware scanning
  • Free backups
  • NVMe drives

More About NameHero

SSD Drives

Offsite Backups

Server-Side Caching

cPanel Dashboard


InMotion offers NVMe drives on the “Launch” plan, making it the most affordable NVMe hosting solution. The NGINX reverse-proxy protects your website from traffic surges.



  • Unlimited NVMe storage
  • NGINX reverse proxy
  • Free security suite
  • UltraStack architecture
  • Free domain name
  • Inbuilt server caching

InMotion Coupon List

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting starts using NVMe drives only with the “Turbo Boost” plan. Also comes with Memcached and OPcache to further improve speeds.



  • LiteSpeed web server
  • Free “Server Rewind”
  • Free malware scanning and removal
  • Data centers in Asia
  • Memcached and OPcache
  • Inbuilt server caching

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Table of Contents

1. NameHero NVMe Hosting

NameHero was one of the first web hosts to introduce NVMe web hosting for its Turbo and Business cloud hosting plans. This is a massive upgrade and allows NameHero to utilize the full power of SSD, rather than relying on the older SATA protocols, which were initially designed for spinning disks. Here’s a complete NameHero review.

Best NameHero Coupon for NVMe Web Hosting

Here’s the best NameHero coupon you’ll get for up to a 45% discount:

You can find the rest of the deals on my NameHero coupon page.

Unfortunately, NameHero doesn’t have any special WordPress plans that use NVMe drives. The reason is that all their special features are already baked into their regular shared hosting plans like the LiteSpeed web server and website backups. So the only special thing would be the addition of NVMe disks.

2. InMotion NVMe Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers NVMe SSDs starting from its “Launch” plan. That’s one tier lower than when NameHero started using them. Along with that, they upgrade to unlimited storage space. Here’s a complete InMotion Hosting review if you want to see what makes them special.

InMotion offers NVMe drives on ALL its WordPress plans

If you want something other than shared hosting, however, InMotion gives you NVMe drives on all its WordPress plans – even the low-tier ones. So if you’re thinking of upgrading your shared hosting plan to get NVMe drives, and have a WordPress website, I suggest you choose their managed WordPress package instead. It’s cheaper and gives you NVMe drives.

As a bonus, you also get advanced caching and an NGINX reverse proxy server with InMotion’s WordPress plans. So you get a lot more benefits when compared to ordinary shared hosting.

Here’s the complete InMotion coupon page, where you can see all their latest deals.

3. A2 NVMe Hosting

Like the other two providers on this list, A2 Hosting also provides NVMe drives on their higher-tier plan when it comes to shared hosting. This is because these drives are expensive, and the web hosts can’t have them on cheaper plans.

Like InMotion, A2 Hosting has NVMe drives on all its managed WordPress plans. But A2 Hosting managed WordPress is a lot more expensive compared to InMotion. So it’s not a great idea to choose A2 Hosting just for NVMe drives. InMotion is a better deal.

Here’s the complete list of A2 Hosting coupons.

Pricing Comparison for NVMe WordPress Hosting

Since NVMe drives are more expensive than SSDs, no host offers them on their basic plans. Here’s my list of web hosting providers with unlimited storage, and InMotion Hosting’s plan has the cheapest unlimited NVMe storage. Here’s how the pricing and features of these web hosts compare with each other:

FeatureNameHeroInMotion HostingA2 Hosting
Pricing for NVMe Drives$10.97/m$4.99/m$6.99/m
NVMe Drive AvailabilityTurbo Cloud (3rd Tier)Launch (2nd Tier)Turbo Boost (3rd Tier)
Cheapest WordPress Plan with NVMe Drives$10.97/m$6.99/m$28.03/m
Price and NVMe Web Hosting Feature Comparison

Out of the three, InMotion hosting is where you can get NVMe web hosting for the cheapest price.

What are NVMe SSDs?

Before SSD drives, we had spinning HDDs that used to communicate with the computer over something called SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment). SATA III is the latest iteration, and it’s been around for years. So much so, that even non-tech people can recognize it. The protocol used to communicate with SATA was called AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface). So the connection between the computer and the actual HDD drive went something like this:

Computer -> SATA -> AHCI -> HDD

Now as mentioned earlier, SATA with AHCI was designed with spinning disks in mind. When SSDs came, they continued to connect over SATA because it was easiest. Even with the older protocols, SSDs were much, much faster than HDDs. But these connections weren’t maximizing the potential of SSDs. We needed to find a way to make them use the PCIe bus standard.

Connecting an SSD Drive Like a Graphics Card

Computers communicated with HDDs differently from how they connected with other internal components.  For things like graphics cards and Ethernet connections that live inside the computer, we used the PCIe interface. It’s very fast and efficient. But for HDDs, we used SATA instead.

Now the NVMe standard allows us to finally connect SSD drives the way we connect all other internal components. And that’s how the magic happens. So we have the following instead:

Computer -> PCIe -> NVMe -> SSD

You can see that the PCIe interface can communicate with the SSD drive through the NVMe protocol.

NVMe WordPress Hosting Advantages

NVMe SSDs have numerous advantages over the older AHCI protocol used with SATA drives, especially for WordPress. Here are a few.

NVMe Drives Improve WordPress Performance

Like all CMSs, WordPress is highly reliant on database operations. The single biggest hurdle for a database is input/output speeds. With NVMe SSDs, all your heavy-duty CMS software like WordPress will run like a beast, even without caching.

In addition, NVMe drives will improve your WordPress backend dashboard speeds, which is a real quality of life improvement for content creators – myself included! The dashboard is an area of a CMS that doesn’t typically benefit from caching, so the increased boost is very welcome.

NVMe Drives Improve Backup Efficiency

Local website backups are one of the most resource-intensive operations that your server can perform. In a short period of time, your server needs to compress probably thousands of files into a single one.

NVMe backups are much faster because of improved I/O speeds and data transfer rates.

If you run on shared hosting, this can be a dangerously long operation. And your host might throttle you entirely. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t recommend UpDraft Plus on shared hosting. Web hosts strictly restrict I/O operations on shared hosting, and your entire website can slow down to a crawl and your backups can take hours to complete.

With NVMe drives, however, the backups are much faster. These drives have half the latency over ordinary SSDs and allow for 10 times more input/output operations per second. The impact on backup performance is immediate and noticeable. Not to mention that the data transfer rates can be over 25 times faster.

So if you like to take local backups regularly, then NVMe web hosting is a good choice for you!

NVMe Hosting Improves Disk Caching

Ideally, we would like to cache everything we can in the RAM of the server – the database, all the objects that Redis or Memcached stores, and more. Unfortunately, RAM is a much more limited resource than disk space. So whatever can’t be stored on RAM, must go to the disk.

NVMe drives improve disk based caching when you can’t use RAM, or when the RAM isn’t enough.

When you cache to the disk, NVMe drives dramatically improve caching performance. This means that the larger your site, the more you benefit from NVMe drives over SSDs. If you’re using a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache, for example, you see an option for enhanced disk caching in the options screen. If your web host doesn’t have in-built object caching like Memcached or Redis, and you can’t install these on your own, then disk-based caching is the only option. And NVMe drives are devised precisely for these situations.

Even if your web host has in-built server caching as with LiteSpeed, NVMe drives can help to cache any overflow that your RAM can’t handle.

NVMe Drives are Greener than SSDs

NVMe drives have advanced options for power savings. For example, Microsoft has detailed NVMe documentation about its support for power savings.

Data centers in particular can use the NVMe thermal management features to reduce power consumption. SSD drives continue to draw power even when idle. This isn’t just a waste of energy, it can also damage the drives. NVMe disks can enter a low power state that preserves both them, as well as the environment.

Bottom Line: NVMe WordPress Hosting is a Huge Boost

Web hosts with NVMe drives have a massive advantage compared to their competitors. This might change in the future as NVMe web hosting becomes more common, but right now, the above web hosts stand above the rest.

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  1. Do any of these features like NVMe SSD Drives and Litespeed server matter if your website’s audience is located on the other side of the world, not in the US or Europe where NameHero’s servers are located? If I host with NameHero and my website’s market is in New Zealand, won’t my site’s loading speed be only as good as the speed of my CDN connection from a local CDN point-of-presence? Thank you.


    • With traditional CDNs, yes. However, NameHero supports QUIC.cloud integration, which means your visitors across the world can be served from servers right next to them – even dynamic HTML. See here: https://www.wp-tweaks.com/cheap-web-hosting-is-sufficient-with-new-cloud-caching/


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