Everything relating to backups on web hosting services.

Backup is a crucial aspect of web hosting. It's either provided by the web host themselves, or by a 3rd party service. But you often need contingency systems even if your hosting provider has automatic backups - and not all of them do.

Bluehost CodeGuard Not Worth it: Alternatives

The in-built Bluehost backup is pretty pathetic. Even worse than Hostgator's. So obviously you need something to help protect your website when something goes wrong. The Bluehost CodeGuard add-on starts at $2.74/m. But in my opinion, it's just not worth it. Too little disk space, and the basic plan … [Read more...]

Monitor Website Error Logs via Backups

Many website applications generate error logs sprinkled throughout their directory structure. For example, WordPress has hidden error logs even though you might not have enabled them via the "WP_DEBUG" directive in wp-config.php. It's hard to keep track of all these logs on a daily basis. A … [Read more...]

UpdraftPlus + Shared Hosting = Boom!

It's understandable if you want to backup your site on shared hosting. After all, many web hosting services like Hostgator have terrible backup policies. However, you must absolutely avoid plugins like UpdraftPlus on any kind of shared hosting platform. These plugins will eat up your server's … [Read more...]

The Best Alternative to Jetpack Backup and CodeGuard

DropMySite is hands down, the best alternative to Jetpack Backup and CodeGuard. It's cheap and does what it says. I was looking for an automatic backup solution for my website for some time. I gave up on plugins like UpdraftPlus because they place a huge load on your site, and during that time your … [Read more...]

The Hostgator Backup Service Sucks: Alternatives

Hostgator does a terrible job at backing up your site. Even compared to the generally poor standards of shared hosting, the service is sucks. Most web hosts automatically take at least a daily backup as well as once a week. The Hostgator backup service only takes weekly backups - and that too on a … [Read more...]

The NameHero Backups Are Super Awesome!

A short while ago, NameHero backups in cPanel switched from CPRemote to JetBackup, and the new system is amazing! Most other web hosts either: Charge you for backups ORCharge you to restore backups ORLimit the number of times you can restore ORRequire you to contact support to restore your … [Read more...]

No Need for 3rd Party Backup Solutions with SiteGround!

In March 2019, SiteGround upgraded its hosting plans to included advanced backup and restore functionality for all of its plans instead of just a few of them. I'd already mentioned in my post on CodeGuard backup solutions, that you mostly didn't need it with SiteGround. Even the basic hosting plan … [Read more...]

Hostgator CodeGuard Basic – Worth it? Free Alternatives

Hostgator CodeGuard is a backup solution for websites. Unfortunately, it's not worth it. True, the basic option is quite cheap, but it offers too little in exchange. It's an additional paid add-on to the regular Hostgator hosting plans - click here for the page. CodeGuard comes in 4 … [Read more...]