8 Web Hosting Providers with Unlimited Storage

These hosting providers have unlimited storage and disk space. Some offer unlimited space on all their plans, while others only offer it on select packages. Disclaimer: I get a commission when you buy through my site. Your clicks help me by my very own iron throne … [Read more...]

Bluehost CodeGuard Not Worth it: Alternatives

The in-built Bluehost backup is pretty pathetic. Even worse than Hostgator's. So obviously you need something to help protect your website when something goes wrong. The Bluehost CodeGuard add-on starts at $2.74/m. But in my opinion, it's just not worth it. Too little disk space, and the basic plan … [Read more...]

Bluehost WordPress Hosting vs Managed WordPress

The ordinary Bluehost WordPress plan is just regular shared hosting with a few WordPress-specific features like automatic installation and updates, whereas the Bluehost managed WordPress package is a lot more powerful. Here are the pros and cons of each: Bluehost Regular WordPress: The … [Read more...]

Bluehost Price Increase to $4.95/m: A Warning?

Big news coming out of Bluehost - they've increased the pricing on all their shared hosting plans by $1/m. Here's a screenshot of the price increase even for the full 36-month duration: New Pricing of $4.95/m with Bluehost This affects all the Bluehost discounts, including the pricing on their … [Read more...]

How to Point a Domain to a VPS IP Address

When you buy a VPS server, you can access it with an IP address. This tutorial will show you how to access the server with a domain name instead. While this example uses Bluehost as a registrar, you can adapt the instructions to any registrar like GoDaddy or Namecheap. Setup: Domain Points … [Read more...]

How to Transfer Your Bluehost Domain to Another Registrar

In this article, I'll show you how to transfer a domain from Bluehost - both to another registrar, as well as to another person. The latter scenario might occur when you sell your domain and need to transfer ownership to a 3rd party. In both these situations, the process is the same with only one … [Read more...]

Bluehost Limits: Disk, Bandwidth, and CPU Restrictions

There was a time when Bluehost used to give detailed information about CPU resource usage and throttling. Sadly, that information is no longer available. However, you can still check your other resource usage stats. This is a tutorial on how to do that with the new interface. The resource usage … [Read more...]

How to Get The Bluehost Special Offer $2.95 Deal

Sometimes when you visit their page, there's a Bluehost┬áspecial offer at $2.95/month. Here's a screenshot: Here's the Bluehost discount page where you can see all their latest deals. However, it isn't always available. Most of the time, you see the $3.95/month pricing … [Read more...]

Bluehost Free SSL Finally Arrives – Will GoDaddy Follow?

I woke up this morning to the good news that Bluehost free SSL is now available with Let's Encrypt for ALL its hosting plans - not just WordPress. This is great. I went over to check their website, and it's true: Bluehost Free SSL is now available with Let's Encrypt Going through Twitter, I … [Read more...]

Bluehost Review: Price Comparison, and Features

Bluehost is slightly more high-end than Hostgator but also has higher prices. Here's the complete Bluehost discount list. Bluehost powers more than 2 million websites. That's a lot. And with that size, comes a lack of personalization that other hosts can provide - for example NameHero. Here's … [Read more...]