Wix Holds Your Website Hostage – a Bad Idea

If you're starting a website for the first time, you might be considering Wix - a website builder that allows you to create a new site in just a few clicks. The main features are ease of use, as you can start building website components without any coding knowledge and can implement … [Read more...]

Web Hosting Price Changes in 2020

2019 saw a lot of developments in the web hosting space. Free SSL became widespread, continuing the trend from 2018, cPanel announced its new license pricing, and more companies gave up their "cloud hosting" plans and choose to focus on VPS instead. But web hosting price changes are going to be the … [Read more...]

3 Warning Signs of a Poor Web Hosting Plan

Web hosting plans are full of gimmicks. In an attempt to entice you with lower prices, companies will compromise on all kinds of features, that should be a staple on any package. Here are 3 signs that you're looking at a poor web hosting plan - and if you spot them, make sure you run away! 1. … [Read more...]

Want Free Domain Hosting? Here’s What You Lose!

You want the cheapest web hosting. Who doesn't? So you look at which web host has the lowest total cost - namely the cost of hosting + the cost of domain registration. There are many, many hosts that give you a free domain on signup. But there's no such thing as a free lunch. Free domain hosting … [Read more...]

SiteGround Applies the QUIC Protocol: Beats Cloudflare!

SiteGround recently announced last month, that they officially support QUIC - the improvement to HTTP/2. This allows faster simultaneous connections for multiple resources that don't suffer from what is called "Head of Line Blocking" or HOLB. This makes SiteGround one of the first web hosts to offer … [Read more...]

Amazon AWS is Bad for Your Website: Here’s Why

Imagine this scenario: You've set up your site with AWS. Properly configured all the moving parts, created the connections between them, optimized your buckets, protocols, SSL certificates and CDN. It's been running fine for months. Then one morning you wake up blurry-eyed, only to find your site … [Read more...]

Shared Hosting Cache: Hosts that Offer Server Caching

You can have caching on shared hosting in two ways - via a plugin, or through the server itself. Server caching is faster. With WordPress for instance, examples of cache plugins are W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, and WP Rocket Cache. Server-based caching however, is implemented directly on the … [Read more...]