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Coupon Codes
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Web Host Highest Discount (%) Description
Hostgator 78% FREE DOMAIN+
Shared Hosting: 67% - 78% off (12-months ONLY)
Hostgator 62% @ $2.64/m FREE DOMAIN+
Shared Hosting: 40% - 62% off (Up to 36 months)
NameHero (Fast LiteSpeed Web Hosting)
What is LiteSpeed Web Hosting?
NameHero 55% Shared Hosting: 55% off
What Makes NameHero So Special?
RoseHosting (Pure VPS Hosting)
RoseHosting 50% 50% Discount on First Month Billing
RoseHosting 50% 50% Discount on First Month Billing
Activate Hosting Bluehost 63% Shared Hosting: 46% - 63% off
Activate WordPress Pro Coupon Bluehost 33% Managed WordPress: 17% - 33% off
Activate WooCommerce Coupon Bluehost 60% WooCommerce Hosting: 50% - 60% off
Activate VPS Coupon Bluehost 50% VPS Hosting: 37% - 50% off
Activate Dedicated Coupon Bluehost 43% Dedicated Hosting: 33% - 43% off
Exabytes 60% Shared Hosting: 44% โ€“ 60% off
WordPress Hosting: 50% off 12-months ONLY
Exabytes 50% Website Builder: 50% off
Exabytes 50% VPS Hosting: 50% off
GoDaddy 50% 50% off GoDaddy Hosting plans
GoDaddy 35% 35% off on everything
GoDaddy 30% 30% off on everything
A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting 51% Shared Hosting: 51% off
A2 Hosting 51% Managed WordPress: 51% off
A2 Hosting 34% Managed VPS: 34%
Liquid Web
Liquid Web 50% WordPress Hosting: 50% off for 2 months
Liquid Web 33% WordPress Hosting: 33% off for 3 months
Liquid Web 35% WooCommerce Hosting: 35% off first 3-months
Liquid Web 33% VPS Hosting: 33% off for 3 months
Liquid Web 38% Cloud Hosting: 38% off for 4 months
Liquid Web 66% Cloud Hosting: 66% off for 3 months
Liquid Web 66% Cloud Hosting: 66% off for 3 months
Liquid Web 50% Cloud VPS: 50% off for 3 months
Activate Hosting Discount SiteGround 70% Shared Hosting: 66% - 70%
Activate WordPress Discount SiteGround 70% WordPress Hosting: 66% - 70%
Activate WordPress Coupon InMotion 30% WordPress Hosting: 30% - 10% off
Activate VPS Coupon InMotion 55% VPS Hosting: 43% - 55% off
Activate Cloud Coupon InMotion 55% Cloud Hosting: 43% - 55% off

I’ve been self-hosting for over 10 years with multiple providers, and this site reflects everything I’ve learned. Searching for a good website hosting discount code can be confusing, so this is a complete guide for all you need to know.

But before I get into details, here’s my personal opinion of the current best hosting deal.

The “Best” Web Hosting Discount Code

All things considered, I think Hostgator has the best hosting promo on the market right now. Here it is:

Discount amount: 78%
Duration: 12-months
Discount code:

Hostgator even has a 1 cent hosting, but only for the first month. After that, you pay the full amount. Hostgator is actually unique in this department, with a HUGE number of coupon codes.

And now, onto the main guide!

Table of Contents:

Website Hosting Discount Code Types

There are three different types of web hosting deals – and only the first one is a traditional “coupon” in the sense that we understand it.

REAL Web Hosting Coupons

These are what you expect when you hear the word “coupon”. At the billing section, you have space at the bottom to enter a promo code, which applies a discount to your purchase. Like this:

Enter the website hosting discount code

You typically have to hunt for these coupons, and you have a wide variety of them.

The following website hosting providers have a discount coupon code as we understand them traditionally:

  1. Hostgator – here’s a list of Hostgator coupons
  2. GoDaddy – these are the best GoDaddy promo codes
  3. Liquid Web – premium hosting. This is the Liquid Web coupon code list
  4. RoseHosting – great for VPS. See all RoseHosting coupons

Honorable Mention: DreamHost

DreamHost also has a couple of what we might call coupon codes. There are only two of them, and you need to look kind of hard. They also only apply to shared hosting, and nothing else. Here are the DreamHost promos, with the two coupon codes included.

The next type of web hosting coupon code is the “dummy”.

“Dummy” Web Hosting Discount Codes

“Dummy” coupons are when a hosting provider gives you the illusion of applying a coupon, but it’s really just a discount. The characteristics are:

  1. No choice of coupon codes
  2. Promos are openly displayed on the hosting page itself
  3. Codes are automatically applied on checkout
  4. No option to change the code

The biggest example of this kind of strategy is A2 Hosting. They have a staggeringly large number of packages with a coupon attached to each. But it really just has discounts. Here’s what it looks like:

A2 Hosting Coupon Codes

This A2 Hosting coupon list will show you the discounts you get when each “code” is applied.

To an extent this applies to Liquid Web as well, even though I put them in the first category. The reason for this double nature is that the code may be automatically applied depending on the link you used to get there.

Website Hosting Discount without a Code

Finally, these are the “pure discount” web hosts. They have no coupon codes, and don’t pretend to offer you one either. The end result is often the same as if you had applied a code – namely a discount for the first billing cycle, and the full price afterward.

The difference however, is that you typically can’t choose just how big those discounts are, and you have no flexibility over the time periods over which the discounts apply.

Here are examples of “pure discounts” on web hosting rates:

  1. SiteGround – a complete list of SiteGround discounts
  2. Bluehost – here’s a full comparison chart with Bluehost pricing
  3. Kinsta – premium managed WordPress. These are all the Kinsta discounts
  4. InMotion Hosting – here are the InMotion discounts for all their plans

Web Hosting Renewal Coupons

I know the feeling – you forget that the initial website hosting discount code with which you signed up is only for the first billing cycle. When that first cycle expires, you’re hit with sticker shock. For the first time you realize just how much it actually costs! And then you inevitably start hunting for a web hosting renewal coupon, so you can keep paying less.

Unfortunately, I have bad news for you. There are no web hosting renewal coupons. To a small extent, you may be able to lock in some savings on web hosting if you choose a longer initial billing cycle like with Bluehost. But it’s never close to as much as you saved at the beginning. When the time comes due, you will end up paying a lot more.

There’s no way around this – short of migrating away to another web hosting. And if you’re willing to do that every few years, great! But most people don’t like the hassle of moving their entire infrastructure (especially for a large site) and tend to stay put. Indeed, this is what most web hosts are counting on ๐Ÿ™‚

Web Hosting “Per Year” Coupons

Most of the best discounts for web hosting come in billing cycles of 3-years or more. But for some reason, we humans like to think in terms of yearly costs. Which is why I’ve compiled a page with “per year” web hosting coupons.

If you’re looking at hosting only for one year (and not more), then GoDaddy is your cheapest bet with $1/m hosting. If you need hosting for longer than that, then look at the comparison tables and find out which one is right for you!

Web Hosting Specials on Holidays

Many web hosts offer special deals on occasions like Black Friday, Labor Day, and the other holidays.

Web Hosting Deals: Black Friday & Cyber Monday

This is the big one. Black Friday after Thanksgiving, followed by “Small Business Saturday” the day after, and then Cyber Monday two days later.

Most providers have their biggest discounts of the year during this time. Here’s a page where I maintain a list of all the Cyber Monday and Black Friday hosting deals.

SiteGround for example, has its biggest 75% off discount during this time:

SiteGround Black Friday Sale

Hostgator really goes all out with not just full day deals, but also per hour offers. The list is so large, I have a separate page for Hostgator Black Friday offers.

Web Hosting Deals: Labor Day

This is a lesser discount period, but many providers give special offers on Labor Day. SiteGround offers 70% off:

Labor Day Coupons for SiteGround

Free Domain Coupon Offers

There are just a handful of providers who offer a free domain with the initial sign up of hosting. Here they are:

  1. Bluehost
  2. GoDaddy
  3. DreamHost

On my hosting coupons for GoDaddy page, you’ll see that it also has domain coupons – one of the only ones around. Apart from these, all web hosts give you the option to purchase a domain upon hosting. But none of them will give you a discount other than the three listed above.

Free Web Hosting with WordPress

It would be remiss of me not to mention this if you’re willing to compromise. And I mean compromise a lot. It’s too detailed a topic to go into quickly, so I’ll just point you to my guide on free web hosting. Suffice to say that it’s not useful for any kind of genuine business purpose, but it does have its uses.


Hopefully, this has been a useful guide for you to learn about the various types of web hosting coupons. As you can see, there’s a lot to unpack in a competitive industry. With this information, you should be able to find a deal that’s just right for you. Happy hunting!

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