How to Add a Cloudflare noindex X-Robots-Tag

Here's how to add a Cloudflare "noindex" tag to your pages using the X-Robots-Tag response header. This solution works for all sites, including those on WordPress. Related to Cloudflare: Cloudflare Rule to Block WordPress SpamHow to Fix Cloudflare Blocking REST API RequestsCloudflare … [Read more...]

ONE Cloudflare Rule to Block All WordPress Comment Spam

Here's an easy way to block all WordPress comment spam using a single Cloudflare firewall rule. Related to Cloudflare and WordPress Comments: How to Implement Infinite Threaded Replies in WordPressHow to Disable Links in WordPress CommentsHow to Fix Cloudflare Blocking REST API Requests … [Read more...]

How Cloudflare Makes Money

Cloudflare makes money in three ways - subscriptions, "pay as you go" services and enterprise partnerships. People have difficulty understanding how it makes money because the Cloudflare free tier is so generous, and they wonder how a company can provide so many services without charging anything. … [Read more...]

[Fix] Cloudflare Blocking REST API Requests

Sometimes, Cloudflare blocks REST API requests and prevents WordPress from working correctly. I most commonly encounter this problem when the WordPress Gutenberg editor throws the following message: Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response. Cloudflare Blocking REST API … [Read more...]

Cloudflare Analytics vs Google Analytics

Now that Google Analytics is reaching its end of life, we're all being asked to transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). But I think GA4 is a step backward, mainly because of the hours-long delay in reporting data. Finding an alternative to Google Analytics is hard. There are so many features in … [Read more...]

Cloudflare cPanel will Stop Working on Nov 1st 2022

The Cloudflare cPanel plugin so many of us use to connect our domains to Cloudflare will officially stop working on the 1st of November, 2022. Here's a screenshot of the e-mail that Cloudflare sent out to all its hosting and reseller partners: Cloudflare cPanel Plugin End-of-Life … [Read more...]

How to Fix cPanel AutoSSL Errors Under a Cloudflare Proxy

One day, I woke up to find that all my Let's Encrypt SSL certificates had expired. How was this possible? I had been using AutoSSL or Let's Encrypt for years and they were renewing without any issues. So I went into my web hosting panel and tried to renew them manually, but they all failed. … [Read more...]

Cheap CDN Hosting: and Cloudflare

A CDN traditionally hosted only static files like images, JavaScript and CSS. But new technologies from and Cloudflare, allow for full site hosting on POPs around the world. Finally, cheap CDN hosting is within reach, and it'll change web hosting forever. Welcome to a new world, where … [Read more...]

Cloudflare’s “Cache Everything” + Cheap Hosting? Nope!

Update: This opinion piece is outdated. Since I wrote it, Cloudflare has introduced dynamic caching, and with the WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache plugin, you can achieve amazing performance by caching everything. Here's an updated article on how dynamic CDN caching can compensate for cheap … [Read more...]

Enabling Cloudflare Server Push with .htaccess

In mid-2016, Cloudflare announced that they were adding support for "Server Push". This is a very cool technology that can dramatically reduce the time a browser spends downloading resources. Basically it means that the server can send some files to the browser even before the browser actively … [Read more...]