How to Make Cloudflare Serve Stale Content Using Cache Rules

Thanks to Cache Rules, we can easily configure Cloudflare to serve stale content while updating resources from the server. This bypasses the speed penalty of serving outdated content by dipping into the Cloudflare cache one last time for static assets that most likely haven't changed … [Read more...]

Add a Cache-Control Header with Cloudflare Instead of Expires

The Cache-Control header controls how Cloudflare treats cached assets, along with others like"Vary" and "Expires". But with cache-control, you don't need to add an expires header with Cloudflare since the latter overrides the former. Here's how to modify the cache-control response header using … [Read more...]

Super Page Cache for Cloudflare for Full WordPress Caching

Instead of just caching static assets like images, CSS, and JavaScript files, you can use Cloudflare to cache your entire WordPress site. So if you have mainly static content that doesn't change very often, you can get Cloudflare to host your website! When combined with Cloudflare Cache Reserve, … [Read more...]

Cloudflare Cache Reserve Eliminates Caching Plugins!

Cloudflare's Cache Reserve will let you completely eliminate WordPress caching plugins when it rolls out. Now you can have true CDN hosting in the cloud with your content stored globally for a fraction of your hosting costs. With the Cloudflare cache reserve, the performance of cheap web hosting … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why HostGator WordPress is SLOW

Many people choose HostGator as their first web host thanks to high discounts and a large number of HostGator coupons. Unfortunately, HostGator WordPress is slow by default. Here's why. Related to HostGator WordPress: HostGator Managed WordPress ReviewBest LiteSpeed HostingNGINX … [Read more...]

Ezoic Slowed My Site by 400%

After integration, Ezoic slowed my website to a crawl. It increased the number of requests from 26 to 612, my Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) from 1.5s to 4.6s, and my first-byte time from 0.8s to 3.38s. This was an unacceptable price in terms of speed, and I ended up giving up, even after … [Read more...]

How to Inline Above the Fold CSS

Inlining your CSS is especially important if you have low-cost web hosting, like Hostgator for example. Here are the steps to identify and inline above-the-fold CSS for your WordPress site. Related to Inlining CSS: Best TTFB HostingCDN Web Hosting for Low-Cost ProvidersServer-Side Caching: … [Read more...]

Cheap CDN Hosting: and Cloudflare

A CDN traditionally hosted only static files like images, JavaScript and CSS. But new technologies from and Cloudflare, allow for full site hosting on POPs around the world. Finally, cheap CDN hosting is within reach, and it'll change web hosting forever. Welcome to a new world, where … [Read more...]

Cloudflare’s “Cache Everything” + Cheap Hosting? Nope!

Update: This opinion piece is outdated. Since I wrote it, Cloudflare has introduced dynamic caching, and with the WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache plugin, you can achieve amazing performance by caching everything. Here's an updated article on how dynamic CDN caching can compensate for cheap … [Read more...]

5 Web Hosts with Great TTFB and LCP Metrics

Low TTFB times are a good judge of hosting. Towards May 2020, Google updated one of its metrics to judge page speed. This new metric called Largest Contentful Paint or LCP is the time it takes for the page to render the most prominent visible element. According to Google, optimizing LCP is crucial … [Read more...]