Hostgator Baby Plan Coupon, Review, and Features

The Hostgator Baby plan is the upgraded version of the Hostgator Hatchling plan. It’s slightly more expensive, and in return you get the luxury of multiple domains and the ability to purchase a dedicated IP address.

Best Hostgator Baby Plan Coupon Code: 1-year

Duration: 12 Months
Baby Coupon Code (Click to copy):

This is a discount of 60% which is pretty impressive – even more than the discount for the Hatchling plan!

Keep in mind that this coupon is only valid for the first billing cycle, which is one year. It’s a unique coupon code that’s only valid when you purchase for 12 months. You can’t use it for longer than that. If you try, you won’t get the benefits as shown here:

12 Months Coupon for Hostgator Baby
12 Months Coupon for Hostgator Baby

As you can see, the special price of $3.95/month is only available for one year. Any longer than that, and you have to pay a higher price!

What if I Want More than 1-Year Hosting?

If you want to purchase hosting for a longer period, you should use another coupon code. Here’s a complete list of Hostgator coupon codes to choose from. The highest you can get right now is this one:

Discount: 60% for 3-years (click below to copy)

Hostgator Baby vs Hatchling

Hostgator Baby only has a couple of advantages. Here’s a complete Hostgator Hatchling vs Baby comparison.

Really, the only difference between the Hostgator Baby plan and the Hatchling plan is that you can host unlimited websites on Baby, and only one on Hatchling. Also, you can attach a dedicated IP. This means that if you have a business website, and a personal blog, you can keep both on the same account. It’s not an insignificant upgrade if you need the functionality! Price wise, it’s only a couple of bucks difference.

This also applies to parked domains. The Hatchling plan doesn’t allow any parked domains, whereas the Baby plan has an unlimited number of them.

What is a Parked Domain?

A parked domain is one which redirects to your main site. It’s typically used when you want to get traffic from misspelled domains, or ones with a different TLD extension like .net. On the Hostgator Hatchling plan, you can’t have parked domains in addition to existing ones. With the Baby plan, you can have as many as you want.

This can be useful if your business relies on buying and reselling domain names. With Hostgator Baby, you can keep the additional domains and put your contact details on them so that visitors will know how to contact you. Something like this for example:

Domain Name for Sale
Domain Name for Sale

Other than this, there’s no difference between the Baby and Hatchling plan. What’s more, you can always upgrade from one to the other. So if you’re just starting out, go with Hatchling. If you find you need to add an additional website later, that option is always open to you!

Option to Attach a Dedicated IP Address

Normally websites on shared hosting have dynamic IP addresses. While they don’t change very often, they can change. This means you always have to refer to it by its name and can never use the IP address by itself.

For most situations, this is perfectly fine. Unless you’re running a server that requires a connection via an IP address for performance reasons, there’s no benefit to having a dedicated IP. There are no search or security benefits.

Hostgator Baby Plan vs WordPress Plan

The Hostgator Baby plan differs from their WordPress plan in the following ways:

Pros of Baby Plan vs WordPress:

  1. cPanel and all regular server features
  2. Cheaper
  3. Can run any normal application

Cons of Hostgator Baby Plan vs WordPress:

  1. No CDN
  2. No dynamic caching
  3. No automatic updates to plugins, themes, and core
  4. No security checking and features
  5. No dedicated panel for managing WordPress websites

These benefits might be worth it to some. If you’re willing to manage your WordPress installation by yourself, you can implement caching on your own. As for CDNs, I think Cloudflare is the best CDN of them all!

But if you prefer a more “managed” approach and want Hostgator to take care of keeping your website up to date, then the WordPress plan is likely to be a better fit for you.

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