4 Most Secure Web Hosting Providers

Here are the top 4 most secure web hosting providers. Most web hosts don't include free security. Disclaimer: I get a commission when you buy through my site, and your clicks let me buy solid gold thrones :) A2 Hosting … [Continue reading]

KnownHost Backups: The 2nd Best in the Industry

Most web hosts don't provide backups and restorations for free, and they either make you upgrade or purchase a separate add-on. But KnownHost backups are both free and comprehensive. You can access two days of daily backups and a weekly backup on … [Continue reading]

SiteGround Data Center Locations

SiteGround has data centers all around the world. Since they switched to the Google Cloud Compute network, they've rapidly expanded their list of data centers and CDNs. The most recent is the location in Madrid, which they added in June 2022, and … [Continue reading]

Web Hosting Market Share Report: 2022

Here's a pie chart showing the market share of the major players in the web hosting industry as of July : Web Hosting Market Share in 2022 Here are the percentage numbers in tabular form: Web HostMarket Share … [Continue reading]

Hostgator Security: It’s Not Enough

Even though it provides basic security for its servers, Hostgator doesn't protect individual accounts from hacking attempts and malware. You must either purchase the SiteLock add-on or subscribe to a 3rd party security solution. These add to your … [Continue reading]

HostGator India Ends its Affiliate Program

This morning, I got the following e-mail from HostGator India: Hi Bhagwad, We are reaching out to let you know that we will be ending the HostGator-India Affiliate Program on 31/07/2022. Final commission payments for all qualified … [Continue reading]

Free HostArmada Backup: Best in Shared Hosting

Finding a good and free backup service in shared hosting is hard. Many web hosts don't have free backups, and when they do, they only provide one or two days of daily backups. The HostArmada backup service is the best of all the web hosting … [Continue reading]

HostArmada vs SiteGround: Not Worth the Extra Cost

Because of the extremely high prices, HostArmada is better than SiteGround for shared hosting. SiteGround's main benefit comes from its excellent backup systems and NGINX reverse-proxy architecture. However, HostArmada backups are almost as good with … [Continue reading]

HostGator India vs HostArmada: India’s Choice

For India-based hosting, HostArmada is far superior to HostGator India. HostArmada has free backups, malware scanning, NGINX servers, and built-in caching. HostGator India, on the other hand, makes you buy add-ons for backups and security, which … [Continue reading]

6 Web Hosting Providers with Free Backups

Here are the shared web hosting providers that have free backups. HostArmada 9.9 HostArmada is #1 on this list because it keeps free offsite backups for 7-days on the basic shared hosting plan and for up to 21-days on the … [Continue reading]