Best SiteGround Alternative: NameHero

After the massive SiteGround price increase, I decided it was time to switch web hosts even though I loved the features. I'd been using SiteGround's GoGeek hosting plan for seven years, so this wasn't an easy decision. After doing a lot of research, I finally settled on NameHero hosting. At first, … [Read more...]

NameHero WHMCS: Reseller Availability

NameHero provides WHMCS access to its resellers for free on its Gold, Platinum, and Diamond packages. For the Silver plan, it's available with an additional purchase of $9.95. I've often said that NameHero has the best reseller hosting, thanks to all the features they provide to their … [Read more...]

The 7 Best LiteSpeed Hosting Providers

Here are the best LiteSpeed hosting providers. My favorite is NameHero. Here's why: NameHero 9.9 NameHero offers LiteSpeed on ALL their web hosting plans instead of just a few like the others in this list. In addition provide offsite backups and free malware scanning. … [Read more...]

NameHero vs SiteGround: A Difficult Choice

While SiteGround has impressive features, NameHero has far lower prices, a unique architecture, and excellent functionality. These web hosts are not easy to compare because they're both fantastic and try different things. However, the choice has gotten a lot easier recently, and I think NameHero is … [Read more...]

NameHero vs Hostgator – NameHero is Better

The most significant difference between NameHero and Hostgator is that NameHero uses fast LiteSpeed servers, whereas Hostgator uses ordinary Apache servers. As a result, NameHero has advanced features like server-side caching, free backups, and malware scanning, whereas Hostgator is just regular … [Read more...]

NameHero vs A2 Hosting: The Key Differences

The biggest difference between NameHero and A2 Hosting is that NameHero offers LiteSpeed server caching for all its plans, whereas A2 hosting restricts this to its "Turbo" plans only. There are other differences as well that I'll go into below, but to me, this is what separates the two web … [Read more...]

NameHero Black Friday 2023 Deals

Note: The NameHero Black Friday deals for 2023 haven't been released yet. Till then, these are the details for last year: The NameHero Black Friday deals schedule for 2021 is OUT on the following days: Black Friday on November 26th, 2021 (9:00 am to Midnight CST) Cyber Monday on … [Read more...]

Is NameHero Hosting Good or Bad?

NameHero is a unique web host. The most significant difference is the LiteSpeed webserver on all their plans. Not the cheapest, but it's very competitive. NameHero's value-added features set it apart. Here's what makes NameHero good and what makes it bad. NameHero Pros: LiteSpeed webserver - … [Read more...]

Why NameHero Reseller Hosting is So Good

NameHero isn't a big-name brand like Hostgator or Bluehost. But they've carved out a niche for themselves in the crowded web hosting space thanks to their customer service and specialized cloud architecture. Here's a detailed review of NameHero's hosting services. However, they got their start in … [Read more...]

NameHero Coupon 2024, Review + Features

Here is the highest NameHero coupon for (60% off): For the Plus, Turbo, and Business plans, here's a 55% off coupon: Special NameHero Coupon for For a short time, get % off on NameHero hosting: The above is a seasonal coupon with a limited duration. So use it … [Read more...]