NameHero Pricing Tiers + Free Domain

NameHero pricing for its cloud hosting is broken up into several tiers. Here’s the complete chart for plans that come with a free domain:

Basic Plan
(Yearly Renwal)
Advanced Plan
(Yearly Renwal)
Premium Plan
(Yearly Renwal)
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NameHero Shared Hosting
Discount 70% off
With coupon code WPTWEAKSSTARTER
Discount 60% off
With coupon code WPTWEAKSSTARTER
Discount 60% off
With coupon code WPTWEAKSSTARTER
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NameHero Reseller
Discount 45% off
Discount 45% off
Discount 45% off
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NameHero VPS
Discount 45% off
Discount 45% off
Discount 45% off
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NameHero Dedicated
Discount 45% off
Discount 45% off
Discount 45% off

These are all the special NameHero coupons with discounts starting at 60% with the following promo code:

The above code is for the “Starter” plan. But you can get up to 55% off on the other packages with this coupon:

So there are two levels of NameHero pricing plans – for the “Starter” package, and all the others.

Free Domain with Turbo and Business Plans Only

The NameHero pricing includes a free domain only for the plans at the highest tier – Turbo and Business. And that too only for billing cycles of 2 or 3 years. The “Starter” and “Plus” cloud hosting plans don’t offer free domains.

Its true that a lot of cheap web hosting plans give domains for free. But NameHero’s impressive list of features means they’re not just about low-cost hosting. They’re still a lot cheaper than SiteGround, and offer comparable features – often even better! Unlike NameHero, SiteGround offers no free domains whatsoever.

NameHero Pricing for 1, 2 & 3 Years

NameHero offers different pricing tiers depending on the length of the billing cycle as shown here:

NameHero Pricing Tiers for Different Billing Cycles
NameHero Pricing Tiers for Different Billing Cycles

As you can see, you get an additional 20% off just by signing up for 3 years instead of one. And unlike the NameHero promo codes that expire at the end of the cycle, these are recurring discounts year after year. So you have an incentive to host for the maximum period of 36-months.

The pricing difference between the length of the hosting is most stark when looking at the “Business” cloud plan, where you get a whopping 25% discount by choosing to host for 3 years instead of just one!

What Does NameHero Pricing Include?

Regardless of your plan, the following features are available to everyone, and are included in the price:

In addition to these features, the “Turbo” and “Business” plans also come with NVMe drives, a free domain, and lots more space and RAM compared to the lower tier plans. However, with the LiteSpeed web server and the free caching, even the cheap plans can pack a serious punch!

Trial Periods and Money Back Guarantee

NameHero has a 30-day money-back guarantee minus an $8.95 set up fee for all its basic cloud hosting plans. This doesn’t include fees paid for additional software services like DropMySite. This is pretty standard fare in the web hosting industry.

Normally, web hosts don’t offer any kind of trial period. However, NameHero has a 7-day trial period on its Hero Builder package, during which you can test out the service and build your site with no restrictions. This is a pretty unique offering, since its the only service of its kind in web hosting.

Free Migration Included in the Pricing

Changing web hosting providers is a major pain. It’s one of the reasons why customers tend to stay with their web hosts for forever, and put up with all kinds of inconveniences. To alleviate this problem, NameHero will perform your website migration for you. Just give them the account details of your old web host, and they’ll make the transfer quickly and easily.

A typical migration takes just a few hours from start to finish, so you can be up and running in no time at all!

Free SSL is Part of the Deal

NameHero was offering free SSL for web hosting even before it became fashionable in 2018, when Google decided to make HTTPS a soft ranking factor. The pricing for NameHero includes free SSL that renews on its own – you don’t need to do anything.

When you compare this to hosts like GoDaddy that still charge for SSL, it’s absurd how many features NameHero manages to pack into its pricing. And they’re always coming up with new improvements!

Bottom Line

NameHero pricing varies depending on how long you host, and what coupon you apply at checkout. It includes a whole bunch of features, including the amazing LiteSpeed web server. And if you purchase for a long billing cycle, the pricing discount continues on a renewable basis. This makes NameHero one of the most attractive web hosts in the industry.

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