Hostgator Raises its 12-Month Hosting Price

I’ve seen this coming for a while now. Earlier, I’d written a prediction of the web hosting pricing changes in 2020, and had noted that Hostgator was headed for a price increase. All the signs pointed to it. The earlier affiliate e-mail, and the recent licensing changes by cPanel, have all contributed. The most concrete example of this price change has been the change to their 12-month hosting bundle – which included a page builder, domain, and hosting.

Here’s what the pricing used to look like:

Old 12-month Pricing for Hostgator
Old 12-month Pricing for Hostgator

And here’s what the new one is:

Increased price for 12-months Hostgator Hosting
Increased price for 12-months Hostgator Hosting

This means that the SAVINGSBUNDLE coupon code is longer the most affordable one when it comes to Hostgator pricing plans.

The Latest Best Hostgator Coupon

With this change, my recommendation for the best discount has changed as you can see in this updated Hostgator coupon code list.

Duration: 36-months
Coupon code (click to copy):

This new Hostgator coupon code, gives you a discount of 62%, for a monthly price of $2.64/m. You can see the new pricing in this screenshot:

New "Best" Hostgator Discount for 36-months
New “Best” Hostgator Discount for 36-months

Right now, this is the very best deal you can get on Hostgator shared hosting, despite what they show you on their home page.

Higher Hostgator Savings Overall Compared to the Previous Coupon

While it’s true that 12-month hosting is now more expensive by a large margin (gone from $2.58/m to $3/m), the overall savings on hosting are far higher, when you sign up for a longer time period.

Under the old scheme, you would have had to start paying the full price for hosting after 12-months. With the new deal, you can maintain the pricing of $2.64/m for the full 3-years. That’s quite a bit more in absolute savings compared to the previous deal!

Hostgator is Now Cheaper than Bluehost with Free Domains

For a long time, Bluehost was my “go-to” recommendation for long term cheap hosting with a domain name included. I used to recommend Hostgator for short term hosting only. This was mainly because Bluehost included a free domain name with the price and allowed users to apply that discount to long term hosting of between 3 to 5 years, allowing them to “lock-in” their savings.

Hostgator on the other hand, used to reserve their highest discounts for shorter term hosting, like the aforementioned 12-months plans. And for a long time, this dynamic existed. In fact, Bluehost became even more attractive if you managed to snag one of their $2.95/m deals, which dramatically increased the savings. But getting this offer to appear was difficult.

With the new free domains offer extended by Hostgator, it takes over the throne from Bluehost even for long-term plans. With the coupon code giving us a reliable $2.64/m for a period of three years, you don’t even need to get lucky. The coupon is reliable, always available, and will give you consistent discounts whenever you load the page. Try it and see!

Changes Likely Precipitated cPanel’s Licensing Model

cPanel really changed the dynamics of the web hosting pricing model when it upped its license fees on a “per website” basis, instead of on a “per server” basis. Different web hosts have responded to the challenge in different ways. SiteGround for example, simply went ahead and designed a custom control panel of their own, rather than suck up the higher costs.

Others like Bluehost and Hostgator have changed their pricing plans, as you can see above. Yet some like NameHero are thinking of offering a choice of control panel to newer users – like InterWorx for example. One thing is for sure – no one is unaffected. Even humble hosting comparison providers like myself are feeling the brunt as the industry readjusts itself.

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