3 Reasons Why HostGator WordPress is SLOW

Many people choose HostGator as their first web host thanks to high discounts and a large number of HostGator coupons. Unfortunately, HostGator WordPress is slow by default. Here's why. Related to HostGator WordPress: HostGator Managed WordPress ReviewBest LiteSpeed HostingNGINX … [Read more...]

How to Access HostGator with SSH: Tutorial

SSH is a valuable tool to quickly run commands on your HostGator server without logging into cPanel. Here's how to enable and access the HostGator SSH service. Prerequisites to Access HostGator SSH Before you connect to HostGator SSH, you need to have the following in place: Get Your … [Read more...]

How to Upload your Website to HostGator (AVOID This)

The following tutorial will show you how to quickly upload your website to HostGator using the cPanel file manager. This works for uploading WordPress sites to HostGator as well. HostGator Website Upload: Preparations Before you can upload your website to HostGator, make sure you have the … [Read more...]

HostGator cPanel Login: 4 Methods [Screenshots]

Here are four ways to login to the HostGator cPanel area. Method 1: HostGator cPanel Login via Hostname URL When you sign up for a HostGator package, the system assigns you a server hostname. To get the hostname, login to your HostGator dashboard and click "Hosting" as shown here, then … [Read more...]

HostGator Provisioning: No Choice but to Wait!

It's frustrating to sign up for a new HostGator account only to see this message: "Your hosting package is currently being provisioned and cannot be managed" The system displays this message on the dashboard of your HostGator account after you've purchased a new plan, as shown in this … [Read more...]

Hostgator Security: It’s Not Enough

Even though it provides basic security for its servers, Hostgator doesn't protect individual accounts from hacking attempts and malware. You must either purchase the SiteLock add-on or subscribe to a 3rd party security solution. These add to your hosting costs, cutting into the deep discounts … [Read more...]

Liquid Web vs Hostgator: Avoid the Crocodile

Thanks to free Acronis backups and a 100% uptime SLA, Liquid Web is far superior to Hostgator. Liquid Web doesn't offer shared hosting, so this comparison is for VPS systems. The Hostgator VPS is a terrible deal because it costs more than Liquid Web, has fewer features, and has lackluster … [Read more...]

8 Web Hosting Providers with Unlimited Storage

These hosting providers have unlimited storage and disk space. Some offer unlimited space on all their plans, while others only offer it on select packages. Disclaimer: I get a commission when you buy through my site. Your clicks help me by my very own iron throne … [Read more...]

Hostgator VPS Review: A Terrible Choice

Compared to the competition, the Hostgator VPS is just bad. Other providers justify their prices with extra features or excellent customer support, but Hostgator doesn't bother. There's no sound backup system, no reasonable compensation for SLA uptime violations, and it doesn't even have cPanel. … [Read more...]

KnownHost vs Hostgator: A Better Web Host

The most significant difference between KnownHost and Hostgator is the pricing and resource limitations. But when it comes to performance and features, there's no debate - KnownHost is better. So if you're looking for the cheapest web hosting, Hostgator is the better choice. But if you want superior … [Read more...]