The Sad State of Web Hosting in India

There's a weird imbalance between India's reputation as an IT hub, and the lack of native web hosting options. On the one hand, we have corporate behemoths like TCS and Infosys, and on the other hand, the local Bluehost and Hostgator India branches languish in service and infrastructure. So why is … [Read more...]

One Cent Hosting: Why it’s a Bad Idea

"One cent hosting" is a popular offer promoted by Hostgator for new customers who want to try out the service. The deal is simple - get started for just 1c for the first month. Basically free! And if you like the service, you can continue using it. Here's the coupon you can use for one cent … [Read more...]

Best Web Hosting to Buy for Blogging?

If you're thinking of starting a blog, you have the choice between a free blogging service like, Blogger, Medium, or one of the many other platforms out there that will happily host your content for free. However, if you want to create a long-term property that's attached to your brand … [Read more...]

File Hosting with Hostgator: WebDAV or FTP?

Hostgator is ideal for file hosting because of the "unlimited" storage it provides with its plans. Though they monitor the disk usage as mentioned in the Terms of Service, they won't question you as long as you don't abuse the system and overload their server! You can use either WebDAV (web disk), … [Read more...]

NameHero vs Hostgator – LiteSpeed Makes the Difference

The most important difference between NameHero and Hostgator is that Hostgator is standard "vanilla" hosting, whereas NameHero's setup is customized for speed. NameHero uses the LiteSpeed web server and MariaDB databases, instead of the standard LAMP architecture. NameHero vs Hostgator: … [Read more...]

Hostgator $17 Birthday Sale: The Lowest Discount EVER

In October 2019, the Hostgator $17 sale celebrated 17 years in business. For a web host, that's a long time! Of course since 2002, they've since been acquired by EIG and are no longer a small web host :) . Despite that, I use it as the benchmark for low-cost web hosting. All things considered, … [Read more...]

How Does Cloudflare Benefit a Shared Hostgator Server?

Hostgator offers Cloudflare as a free service along with all of its hosted plans. Normally to use Cloudflare, you need to manually redirect your DNS servers which can be a bit of a pain. But Hostgator allows you to turn on Cloudflare with the click of a button. This brings a host of benefits for … [Read more...]

Hostgator Raises its 12-Month Hosting Price

I've seen this coming for a while now. Earlier, I'd written a prediction of the web hosting pricing changes in 2020, and had noted that Hostgator was headed for a price increase. All the signs pointed to it. The earlier affiliate e-mail, and the recent licensing changes by cPanel, have all … [Read more...]

Hostgator Hosting vs Website Builder – How to Choose

Hostgator has two options for a starter website. The first is the standard shared hosting like all other web hosts, and the other is a "website builder plan". The latter brings together all the things you might need to start creating websites out of the box. For example: A free domain nameDrag 'n … [Read more...]

Is Anything Cheaper than Hostgator Web Hosting?

I've often said that Hostgator has the cheapest web hosting, all things considered. If you see the complete Hostgator coupon code list, you can see that the highest discount starts at 78% for 12-months at a price of $/m. But is this the best deal you can get? Is there anything cheaper than … [Read more...]